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heathwards commented on a post in r/pics
fiddlenutz 43 points

Calvert Cliffs is a fun place to go.

heathwards 20 points

It is! Just be prepared for the walk. The first time I went I thought I was taking a nice short stroll to the beach. Didn’t bring any water with me, every five minutes for the entire 3 miles I was like...okay, it has to be right around this bend...

RAVENous410 8 points

Ah, but there is a nearby beach you can park right next to! Love both beaches for different reasons, I go to the secluded one for prettier views and secluded fossil hunting, but go to the other for a longer day at the beach with a picnic :) Grew up going there with my folks.

heathwards 1 point

I did too! I lived like 20 minutes away.

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heathwards commented on a post in r/aww
heathwards 1 point

Pet dye and food coloring are both harmless. I’m just bitter because that dog is cute as hell and he’s not mine. Let a bitch be jealous.

brlan10 15 points

Pet dye doesn't contain xzorbitone

heathwards -2 points

Probably because I made it up.

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heathwards commented on a post in r/pics
heathwards 6 points

This looks so much like Annapolis, Maryland, too!

ItsJayO 6 points

I’m a little late but I was just thinking this. Aside from the clock this is Main Street, Annapolis MD. Eerily similar.

heathwards 1 point

There’s a clock like this by the Maryland Inn at the top of the street! I lived on the next street over. Fooled me for sure.

heathwards commented on a post in r/puppy101
heathwards 1 point

I feel you. I have always been a cat person. I love their temperaments and activity level, and it’s actually nice that sometimes they want to be left alone, yeah... so do I cat. After my last cat died, my husband (being a dog person) convinced me that it was time to get a dog instead. Being heart broken and grieving, I couldn’t even think of replacing my cat with another cat, so I gave into the dog idea. Well. I have a dog now. I got him at 8 weeks and he is now 5 months. I knew how much work they were but still wasn’t prepared for it. Since the day I brought him home, I still haven’t slept all the way through the night. He wakes me up at least once to pee now, which is way better than 3 times. He actually sleeps most of the time as well, which he didn’t before. He was always up playing and being mischievous. Not so much anymore. I am still trying to come to grips with my entire daily routine changing. I had no idea that he would be my main focus ALLLLL day long. I mourn my responsibility free life. Training hasn’t been difficult for the most part because his breed is intelligent but he is so stubborn. Sometimes he looks at me like I’m the one who needs training. He wants to be near me and wants to be a part of what I am doing every second of the day, which annoys the fuck out of me. Sometimes I want to punt him like a fuzzy little football. Other times, now more than he used to, he lays his head on my lap and falls asleep, and then I realize that I really do love him despite how much I don’t. Everyone tells me it gets better after his coconuts get chopped. If that’s the case, I think I’ll love him even more. Hang in there. #itgetsbetter

heathwards commented on a post in r/pics
GnomishViking 2 points

What are these guys like in real life? Where I live we don’t have them, so all I have to go off of is tv.

So pretty much I assume they are giant dirty cat rats.

heathwards 1 point

When they are nice and want to come up to you that means they have rabies.

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