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heckingfrick69 commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
RomjkeR 22 points

You are right and I don't see fortnite being a long standing game like csgo, DotA or LoL. Just look at dayZ, pubg, h1z1, warZ etc. All of these games have a similar formula and no doubt another BR game will take over or sub-genre.

heckingfrick69 6 points

But the amount of players and money is insane. Some colleges are offering fucking scholarships for it.

heckingfrick69 commented on a post in r/tf2
Moura-- 5 points

inb4 someone mentions spy sans loadout.

fuck, wait

heckingfrick69 2 points

Tbh honest it looks good without the skull

Moura-- 1 point

But, like, it's Sans, it isn't Ness /s

heckingfrick69 2 points

game theory tm

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