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I work at their headquarters (actually here right now) and they have a small museum inside that has many of these designs as well as actual cars they made. They really were an amazing company.

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Such a sad statement considering the state of the company...

So... are we all agreed it's going to be all bait plot events right up until Shindou actually takes the final exam and comes into contact with Mcguffin-chan?

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He probably mentions the eraser to her thanking her and she then tells him she wasn't the one who did it and he realizes it was Amano all along. Then we have another 100-200 chapters of him trying to figure out how to confess and acting even more awkward than before.

The author should get a side job as a bikini fashion designer.. They'd be rich.

Dear god the melancholic tone of this series is just suffocating at times.

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With the weird post-apocalyptic vibe being one of the draws of the original, I do wonder how this will work without it. Unless this is the story of the everything going wrong as in a Jurassic Park way.

I'll give it a chance, but I feel it'll miss the points that made the original so enjoyable. I hope they have original VAs back though, especially Kana Motomiya x Saki Ono (Fennec x Racoon) they're just too adorable together.

Also, I wonder if this scientist girl will be in it?

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There is already a manga of what the park was like before things went bad.

The only thing that can save Saotome now is the power of Satoru's lips!

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He might be why she got laid out because she is from the same school as him and cop girl was eyeing her school jacket.

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Remember, girls tend to be smaller than dudes and japanese smaller than westerners. Add that into Olympic weight classes and middleweight is big.

Edit: Olympic middleweights start at 165.3 lb and end at 178.5 lb I don't remember what class satome is in but I remember it being one or two below that.

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If I remember right Japanese weight classes go by a different scaling size.

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4 points · 1 day ago

Tadano whispering into Komi’s ear: Top 10 moment for sure.

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and sniffed her.

Man that actually sounds like a pretty fun party game...

*sob* *sob*

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Just need it in video game version with npc bots.

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You have to doubt that "patient signed a form that they didn't read," is actually considered "informed consent".

Patient needs to know what they're signing, even if they forget about it later. Otherwise their consent is not informed.

(Not fully comprehending the ramifications of what they're agreeing to is a lot trickier, but not knowing that you've signed it at all?)

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3 points · 1 day ago

The doctor could be trying say the forms everyone signs to share information with insurance or other relevant doctors as her giving her ok what obviously totally don't qualify as that.

My mom, kept mortgaging house till couldn't afford to pa for it or liek buy food. Well except for her 10-15 cats. Stole money from the lady who she worked as a care giver for only to be caught by the lady kids who handled the finances. Stole money from me when I was in the hospital. The last one was my own stupid move in thinking I could trust her to pay my rent forme if I gave her access to my bank account.

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Isn't that generally the whole basis of religion in the first place? Trust something or someone with no credentials.

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is there any progress? I felt like the story really died and became boring after it passed the webnovel.

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Uhh if you meant web comic it hasn't passed the webcomic. They just been exclusivly pulling from a large pile of omake made after where the main story chapters ended. They are of stuff that happen during the main story but during the times you don't see in it.

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Why does it seem Trump defends Russia more than he defends his own country...

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Somehow it seems like a big red flag to begin with that a girl with a bf of only 9 months would fly out to spend a week with another guy because he has the week off. Baring that she is just a bad drunk there is a possibility things are not as good in her relationship as she pretends and maybe she isn't being treated the right way where she came to you seeking some validation of her self worth in some form. Like the possibility the bf isn't treating her in a way that makes her feel desirable or in a way that is doing a number on her self confidence. There is also the out there possibility it is the bf kink to have his girl be with another man and he put her up to it. In the end it comes down to you calmly talking to her about it and try find out the real reason of her behavior and not just some excuse she might make up. It could simply be she has had feelings for you and the combination of you being absent from her life and then booze made those feelings come to the surface.

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Symphogear episode 4 and 5 I think

Hajime no Ippo all of it

Baby Steps most of it.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Can you tell me any episodes?

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There is a lot of it actually.

Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

I just watched a few minutes from the pilot and I think I now remember that US Marshal.

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3 points · 1 day ago

Thing about scifi channel shows back then was they were all interconnected. Male US Marshal would by Eureka though. It is currently on netflix or amazon prime in the US.

3 points · 1 day ago

Premise sounds like this one shot but more family focused than romantic Looking forward to catching up with this one

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Wow that is a good one. Though I had fond all the little gems like that.

2 points · 1 day ago

Nice to see it picked back up.

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This series is one step away from becoming a whole Silence of the Lambs deal. Seriously she better not go asleep near him or she might wake up having been skinned.

is someone still TLing this? i miss reading about the adventures of the cute catcat

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25 points · 2 days ago

One the main people in translator group had a death in the family so all the series they were working on are now on hiatus/hold including this one. You could try the web novel.

2 points · 2 days ago

So once again confused about Shirayuki's end game. Shes testing her spells effects to see if it can dispell magic, and apparently its for her one important person? Is that person a member of her family or was she trying to say that the MC is her important person? If shes trying to imply the latter then I'm not buying it because her entire act feels too shallow for that to be true.

On the plus side, at least this chapter helps support the fact that Kuromori is a better person than Shirayuki yet again. I dont understand Shirayuki's mixed signals but it feels like even that kiss she gave him was just to help keep her plan in full swing, and not truly out of affection. Guess the next few chapters will confirm whether or not thats true.

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What if Kuromori s the important person but Shirayuki is blocked/forbidden from telling her the truth and she is trying break a curse on Kuromori.

I mean its possible but she referred to Kuromori as a "Useless Witch" in chp 6 so that made me inclined to believe its one of Shirayuki's family members. All of these mixed signals make it hard to pinpoint though so ill just have to keep waiting.

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Useless witch could be in reference that she doesn't have access to her full power if there is a curse blocking them. It is just feeling more and more like something is off and it isn't a simple case of her just being a evil witch. Maybe like she is panicked but trying to hide it with false bravado and making threats.

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17 points · 3 days ago

Soo she tried being the MC from Baby Steps...

22 points · 3 days ago

So obvious result would be he is either saving up to take her on a surprise trip or buy her a ring.

U.S.: we can no longer rely fully on U.S White House.

{Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume}

{Servant x Service}

{She and her cat everything flows} There two versions. the one you want is 4 episodes long. and is/was on CR.

795 points · 4 days ago · edited 3 days ago

Sounds like she made the right decision cutting them off, because they abused her. I can only imagine how terrified she was throughout this whole thing, wondering what is the next thing they would do to her.

If she ever does reach out to you, I hope you understand why she doesnt want to rekindle a relationship with your parents.

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Considering "Honor killing" is a real thing and not long ago there was a story of parents who killed their daughter because she dared to date a non muslim man in I think Canada on the news.

160 points · 4 days ago

Honestly, I would be at this point. The conversation that led to him saying that there's no misunderstanding paired with his behavior since the middle school flashback arc makes me think this is actually happening. ESPECIALLY with him telling Misuzu to confront things head on for once.

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You saying this though will now automatically cancel it out from happening.

Ya ya been through this set up to many times before....

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