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_Sunny-- 0 points
  1. Studios don't own the licensing rights to most of their works, the production committee does.

  2. Anime is, by definition, produced in or with Japan, so anything otherwise cannot be considered anime.

  3. Most people outside of Japan, at least, believe that Yugioh, Pokemon, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, among others, have dubs superior to the original Japanese.

  4. If anime is broadcast outside of Japan, usually it was licensed and granted permission by the production committee, and is thus mostly a business decision. With that in mind, most production committees and others involved in the anime's production will not care about how well something does overseas or if it will be licensed overseas to begin with: After all, most anime commissioned by production committees are made with the primary intent to sell copies of the source material, be it manga, LN, or VN; Original anime productions make money primarily from blu-ray sales, which is a secondary source of revenue for adapted anime.

  5. Interestingly, Tsuki ga Kirei was meant to be rather Disney-like.

heimdal77 1 point

Wait how was Tsuki suppose be Disney like?

If anything I'd say Snowwhite with the Red hair was the closest to being anime version of a Disney movie. Not saying it was meant to be just that it is.

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AmyCee20 19,231 points

20 years experience. I find the biggest difference is the inability to self regulate. Some kids struggle with the word “wait.” Some kids struggle when their emotions get too big- they don’t have coping mechanisms. Some kids aren’t able to interpret the emotions of others. However many kids are just fine.

I think it is related to changes in parenting and technology. The instant gratification of technology combined with parents who don’t create boundaries create kids who can’t self regulate.

However I also think that kids spend less time outside unsupervised. The natural processes of learning and social interactions is not happening for most kids.

Most kids are really pretty good. Every year I have kids that prove my faith in humanity. But that 10% who trash classroom, scream, and freak out are getting worse. The difference between the top and the bottom is only getting larger.

heimdal77 2 points

Some kids aren’t able to interpret the emotions of others.

Can't learn to read emotional and social cues when a large part if not most your interactions with others are through a video screen and text.

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MyLittlePronAccount 59 points

Lol. In the smaller towns in my area I loved going to the Mom and pop grocers, hardware stores, improvement stores.. Walmart opened up closed down every local store, then they realized well shit these people are poor and we are losing money. So they left. Now lots of towns have no local market and they either drive an hour or more.... or they buy off amazon for most stuff.

heimdal77 1 point

I was of the understanding that is their business model. They open satellite stores in areas kill off all local businesses then shut down the satellites as they open a mega store that people are now forced to go to and cost less for them to run than keeping those satellites open. It was never about them not knowing a area couldn't be profitable it is they want make sure it isn't profitable for anyone else to try and own a store in that area either.

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Gaporigo 154 points

Ohhhhh, we are getting all serious now with a life threatening two-parter for the finale, I like it! As long as everything is fine by the end of it.

I am actually kinda scared one of the RBCs is gonna die, though .-.

heimdal77 32 points

Goodbye Sempai. If you look at what she was saying at the start of the episode to our rbc she was raising all kinds of flags.

heimdal77 4 points

Car accident maybe?

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Abedeus 2 points

Incredibly enough, Polish license was a bit faster, yay! Incredibly because for some reason I thought for sure English publishers already had this series.

And first volume comes out in two weeks, on a 6 week schedule! Already pre-ordered mine, can't wait to read it.

heimdal77 1 point

What's the price on it?

Abedeus 1 point

About 23 PLN per volume, I got the #1-6 pre-order for 106 PLN total so about 18 PLN per volume with free shipping. That's about... I dunno, $5 per volume, so pretty good.

heimdal77 2 points

Ah very good price. Hopefully it stays the same range for the english release.

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heimdal77 0 points

I just want the Initial D car and not the lesser version.

moffattron9000 1 point

Sorry, Toyota has decided to stop licensing their cars for games because reasons.

heimdal77 1 point

Well that sucks. The 85 was in horizon 3 but not the 86 what is the main car from the anime.

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iwantmynickffs 5 points

What's that thing on the back of Tsukasa's head?

heimdal77 14 points


Vene21 93 points

What if she wants to take a bunch of photos because she's going to outlive Nasa?

I'm sorry.

heimdal77 11 points

I thought that was a given.

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JesusSquid 5 points

i'm with /u/januse88 this dude is a god damn crack pot I don't understand who would vote for him. Like good lord I hope this guy loses and I lean right. (it's almost a foregone conclusion really)

heimdal77 4 points

So much of politics has come down to what letter people have next to their name. They don't care who the person is or what they say as long they have the right letter they want.

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heimdal77 33 points

Has more strength in her little finger than he does in his whole body and is worried about him attacking her. Ah the heart of a maiden.

Annepackrat 23 points

She may be literally afraid he’ll turn into a beast, like a werewolf or something.

heimdal77 19 points

Pretty sure she beats those to.

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Hanzojapa 57 points

She deserve this, her victory was completely overshadow. I hope great things for her.

heimdal77 47 points

In a odd way Serena's melt down has helped her. How many people wouldn't know who she was or that she won a tennis tournament if Serena's bad behavior didn't bring so much attention to tennis or the win. Her markability is so much bigger now because people who don't even follow tennis now know about her in some degree because what happened.

kalenurse 8 points

I’m glad I read your comment because I’ve been so upset over how I hadn’t seen enough press for Osaka but you’re definitely right!!

heimdal77 7 points

Ya I don't follow tennis at all and would not known any this. But because it being all over the place because of Serena's behavior I know she is of mixed heritage and first japanese women to win. I know she moved to the US when was young. I know her name (and I'm awful at remembering names). Among a various mix of other things. Also that she was apparently more or less dominating in the game even without the accusations made by Serena.

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OverDrive_Libs 440 points

Our developers are working on this now! We don't have a timeline yet but it's on our roadmap. For now you can use your library's overdrive website to recommend. Not PERFECT I know... but it's coming! :)

heimdal77 26 points

How about a sleep timer for the audio books people can set who like to go to sleep listening to something? Like be able to set it to cut off in a half hour, hour, or whenever so people can easily find where they were at when they fell asleep.

heimdal77 2 points

Why does Libby not support older versions of Android from around the 4.1 versions give or take. I got a new library card after decades to use it only to find it won't run on my tablet. Also tried the old Overdrive app and from what it looks liek that is no longer supported or functions.

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chiddie 348 points

This is the original FB post the article refers to (this sub automatically deletes links, but it can be found in the first sentence of OP's link):


Update: the library board voted unanimously to leave the display as it is. The turn out was amazing. Congratulations to the whole community.

Three men (local church leaders) are petitioning the Rumford Library board to have all books with homosexuals removed from a banned book display the library has up for Banned Books Week. They began this crusade because of the cover art and titles of a few books, but throughout this week the situation has escalated and their list of grievances has grown.

They have written a letter asking for the removal of the display, and one of the men has verbally expressed that he would like to pursue the destruction of all books regarding homosexuality in the library. They plan to attend the library board meeting Monday September 17th at 2:30 in the library public room.

Banned books week is an annual event that celebrates our freedom to read. It was launched in 1982 in response to just such challenges to literature. The books in this display represent centuries of silenced voices. The voices of LGBT+ authors are chief among those in this display at a time when we, the LGBT+ community, are seeing an increase in hate crimes against us.

Silencing the voices of LGBT+ community members can only serve to intensify the violence our community sees. This is a dangerous step we can’t afford to take.

Any attempts at censorship should be taken very seriously, especially in our public libraries. Libraries should be a location of free and open exchanges of ideas. In the words of John F. Kennedy, “Public libraries should be open to all - except the censor.”

I am very proud of the fact that I came out at 15 years old in the Rumford-Mexico community to largely open and welcoming arms. I am very proud to have so many gay, bi, lesbian and trans friends in that beautiful community. We can not allow the voices of the homophobic to silence the voices of LGBT+ people.

Please, let the Rumford Public Library know you support this display, you support your LGBT+ community members, and consider attending the meeting on Monday to make our voices heard.

We will not be censored. We will not be silenced.

Now, go read a banned book!

Edit: I just realized that under their “destroy the homosexual books” request they would be destroying MY BOOK! I wrote a book that is on the shelves of that library and has gay characters! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that when I wrote this earlier.

Also, if you want to email your support please do so to

Edit #2: I’ve finally received the go ahead to make the letters public! Also, I’ve added a photo of the book they are claiming shows nudity.

heimdal77 45 points

Should probably get a cop stationed outside the library to watch for anyone trying burn it down unfortunately...

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