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It was in a capitalist system that Sweden became one of the richest countries in the world.

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... it's new to me that we are not called out as socialists so I'm kind of at a loss of words here.

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Are you Swedish? Are you saying Sweden is a socialist country?

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I am and we are not, but it's a fairly common thing to call us that because of our welfare systems.

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I have a tangential question. Why is it with South African Jews that the old country is, about 80% of the time, Lithuania and Latvia? You don't find the same in USA or UK.

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They might not mean the country Lithuania if they say they are Lithuanian Jews because it sometimes refers to the branches of Judaism developed in Lithuania back when Lithuania covered most of modern day Eastern Europe.

South Africa had problems

that's certainly one way of describing one of the most shameful institutions of the 20th century.

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Just a slight inconvenience 🤷‍♂️

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most farmers are white because of the "affirmative action" in SA that allows only 8% of each workplace to be white, so they run their own farm

Ummm no

A lot of the farm attacks usually happen a little outside of the big cities (I.E Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban)

Might be yeah I mean the areas you describe has a huge chunk of South Africas population so makes sense.

Farm attacks are not listed as murders in the government's eyes, but robberies

This is false

Majority of farms are in the Western Cape (mostly), Northern Cape, and free State

Might be fuck if I know

What is with Americans and spreading misinformation?


Morning commute - Amsterdam, 2018 (decolorized)

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Was so surprised by that! Thought the brandewyn we had was sort of unique to SA

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I thought it was so weird first time I saw it, mostly because I don't know a lot of bars in Sweden that even carry Brandy, let alone mix it with coke.

Or you know they could work their way up and earn more than their bosses. Or get a different job, or start their own business...

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Why don't poor people not just get more money smh.

I mean they're not enslaved to work the one job, there is such a thing as upward mobility.

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there is such a thing as upward mobility.

And for the 99 percent of the work force that will not get this opportunity?

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What if your wife disrespects YOUR surroundings?

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En till flagga med felaktiga färger...

De bör vara #006AA7 och #FECC00, om man ska gå efter RGB-representationen av färgerna som hittas här.

Edit: nvm, är tydligen blind helt plötsligt.

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Den här snubben flaggar

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Like I said, buy yourself a plane ticket to Zimbabwe, because they are here to stay, whether you like it or not.

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Seeing as the majority of Afrikaans speakers don't even seem to support them I doubt it.

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Indeed they are.

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That's because the best fish and chips you will ever eat is at Kalkies

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Well now I have to go there

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Needs more greenery and trees, maybe build a deck over the railways and build a large open green park with some ponds and water features.

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I don't think I ever seen a nice looking train yard anywhere in the world, it is always an all function zero form deal it seems.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

No idea, hence my posts to link people from one to the other.

Looks like people aren't liking it though as this thread is getting down voted. I'd love to know why, as my intent was simply to bring people together.

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There were about 24 subscribers before racism clamp down, now its 38, imma assume we DON'T wanna bring these ppl (back) in.

Score hidden · 1 month ago

Why though, what is so racist about their posts?

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Auto8 outright said "im racist" on several occasions (also a MGTOW user which should be perma ban immediately on cringe alone) , Mendex just spouted alt-right bs wether it was low or high key racist in content (with more high than low).

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What high key racist things did Mendax post? I went through his history quickly, and didn't see much.

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Cant be assed to stalk him right now but obviously at least one mod shared the sentiment

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One of my friends pointed out that I don't roll my r-sounds as much in English as I do when they over hear me speaking Swedish and now I've been self consciously over rolling my r-sounds all day yesterday.

When are you going home again

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Probably around Christmas

Literally all of these are happening in Gothenburg as we speak, way to hit home man.

You are surprised you're own private speculations are not reported on in the media...?

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They are reported but I don't think majority have picked up on that.

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They are reported

Your title on this posts begs to differ

TIL thanks! Do any other countries have multiple capital cities?

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According to Wikipedia, the following do at the moment:

Benin, Bolivia, Chile, The Ivory Coast, Georgia, Honduras, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tanzania, Western Sahara (declared capital is disputed so a temporary one is used) and Yemen (but that's due to the capital being temporarily moved because of the civil war).

It took me a moment. I can understand why /r/jokes didn't get it thought.

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If you asked me what the capital of South Africa was a few years ago I a) would have thought there was one of them and b) that it was Johannesburg. Shout out to Wikipedia for telling me the real ones.

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