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Yerlydave 31 points

I honestly don't think he will leave. I think at most he might miss the first few episodes and then everyone will lose their shit that he has left, but then he'll come back from his little second life adventure.

I hope so anyway. I can't see him killing it and doing that to the fans and the rest of the gang. Because let's face It, if he left, or any of them left, it just wouldn't work that well. They are all needed. It's only two more seasons.

hero0fwar 15 points

They really are all needed, I mean that's what the Ghostbusters did

hero0fwar 57 points

I love the whole cast, but the character Dennis is what drew me to the show, and the whole reason I originally made this sub reddit was to have a place to post Dennis quotes. I don't know if there is anything the internet can do to encourage Glenn to finish out the series, but in my opinion they should finish the final two seasons and wrap the series up. It's better to burn out than fade away.

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ThePeoplesBard 138 points

Why's everyone into /u/hero0fwar? Does he have beer flavored nipples?

hero0fwar 176 points

You can give them a suckle if you'd like

hero0fwar 46 points
hero0fwar commented on a post in r/SuperSaiyanGifs
RunninRebs90 3 points
hero0fwar 5 points

I wish I still had this project file saved

anIrishBelgian 2 points

That's amazing

hero0fwar 6 points


corano500 1 point

Just curious. Who pays for the shirt?

hero0fwar 4 points

I do

EmileKhadaji 2 points

will there be threads for the other categories and their winners?

hero0fwar 3 points

Yeah, this one was held outside of the standard reddit best of

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hero0fwar commented on a post in r/HighQualityGifs
dating_derp 175 points

I think this is the first HQG thread I've ever been in where Hero made several responses and none of them were gifs. Is he ok?

hero0fwar 100 points

It's been a strange winter

ThePinkPeptoBismol 16 points

You're a girl?

hero0fwar 24 points

yeah, and?

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hero0fwar commented on a post in r/KingOfTheHill
Hello_Miguel_Sanchez -3 points

So if you don’t have the time why bother modding all these subs? Just seems weird

hero0fwar 4 points

Seems weird you don't know how to separate css help with sub moderation

Hello_Miguel_Sanchez 0 points

But you’re not even doing that.. it’s been months. So why even bother? You seem to be effective in avoiding that question

hero0fwar 2 points

Clearly you just want to argue. I just made a css change to this sub today, um... Check out the thread we are in, that's a css change son.

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