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FatBoyStew 54 points

As of this comment we're at 931,705 subs. Which giving you the benefit of the doubt that you can ban one person per one second, you're gonna be streaming for ~129.4 hours, but I doubt you're that good...

Then how do you handle the inevitable influx of new users when they get word of your stream? Does your ban count go up by one for every two new subs?

I've never hoped for a ban more in my entire life.

hero0fwar 1 point

Step one set up twitch account

Step two ban peeps for weeks, gain following

Step three profit

monkey3012 4 points
hero0fwar 2 points

Oh I've been waiting for this day

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hero0fwar commented on a post in r/GifTournament
elpinko 24 points
hero0fwar 11 points
elpinko 22 points
hero0fwar 21 points
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hero0fwar commented on a post in r/GifTournament
buffalochickenwing 8 points

I've only gotten through about 3 of the matchups and have already seen too many gifs referencing who made it or who they're opposing. Does this not defeat the purpose of them being anoymized?

hero0fwar 3 points

It's more for formatting. Because there is no way I was going to be able to get these guys to all submit to the correct battle all on the same evening

zkenpachiz 3 points

I thought everyone's name would be on their respective GIF submissions... I'm having a little trouble figuring out who made some of those entries. xD

hero0fwar 4 points

I wish reddit was more streamlined for these sorts of events. We do the best we can

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diggtrucks1025 2 points

This would be a fun gif to take to the front page. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

hero0fwar 1 point

I don't think it will make it to the front page again from HQG, my original upload did. But you are welcome to cross post this link at your leisure

diggtrucks1025 2 points

I feel like it might work over at r/shestillsucking

hero0fwar 3 points

lol, do it

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hero0fwar commented on a post in r/The_Dennis
simplyshaun 7 points

Is this OC? Because I use this phrase all the time and have never found a decent meme or gif of it. Thank you for sharing.

hero0fwar 18 points

Lol, as soon as I get to a computer I'm banning you for three days

simplyshaun 29 points

I-I-I can go from banned to unbanned at a moment's notice. Hero, you're seeing it. You're all seeing it. Cause I'm doing it right now.

Banned, unbanned.

Banned, unbanned.

Banned, unbanned.

Not too banned, not too unbanned.

hero0fwar 18 points

You just redeemed yourself with that.

Now begone vile man, begone from me

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