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killerdrogo 1 point

You should record your screen and upload it to YouTube

hero0fwar 1 point


killerdrogo 1 point

Record your screen while making the gif and upload it to YouTube after cutting out the part where you watch porn. Freeyoutubemoney

hero0fwar 1 point

Yeah, cutting it is very important. Gonna get real awkward real fast

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hero0fwar commented on a post in r/HighQualityGifs
qawsedrf12 8 points

Im dying at the u/hero0fwar freeze frame

hero0fwar 10 points
yumyumfire 34 points

I only know and am here because of /u/hero0fwar and his kickass IASIP gifs. I don't know where I was going with this comment but there it is.

hero0fwar 26 points
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Butcher_Of_Hope 5 points
hero0fwar 1 point


DothrakiWhored 2 points

Oof. Did you just do it frame by frame? I usually do that because I’m not great at rotoing, but I’d imagine there’s a faster way to do it

hero0fwar 6 points

I typically do every ten frames through the whole thing, then back track five, fix if needed as I go

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Xilith117 6 points

The sub is going strong. Why would it fade away?

hero0fwar 11 points

We define strong much differently

Xilith117 7 points

I, personally, think you are overrreacting to a little bit of drama. What happened sucks but I don't think it is community-shattering. Either way though, it is your sub- do what you must. I'll certainly be sad to see you go.

hero0fwar 11 points

Also, what drama? There isn't any drama that I'm reacting to

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TommyFoolery 6 points

You forgot the flash of light, fucking casual.

hero0fwar 8 points

And the rain. Trust me I'm kicking myself right now

JeEnYos -21 points

So your intent was stealing an art concept, shitting on it, but not intending to steal a concept from someone else?

Press X to doubt.

hero0fwar 18 points

Yeah, pretty much. I'm happy about the skyrim thing, but no it was not intended. Let me know if I'm following you correctly here

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hero0fwar commented on a post in r/HighQualityGifs
Blasterly -8 points

Not as pathetic as an entire subreddit dedicated to jerking off a bunch of mods who think they're special for adding text to movie clips and referencing each other.

hero0fwar 12 points

Omg, we can get jerked off? Wtf why haven't I been getting jerked off? Over here just doing it myself like a God damn barbarian

MakeYouAGif 9 points

I'll jerk you off

hero0fwar 5 points
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