My 15-year old brother killed himself by tofuhamster in AsianParentStories

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Seconding this. Iceland is absolutely amazing.

Do things when you have the chance because that chance may never come around again.

This airport has a therapy dog for people to pet before they fly by CPOx in papillon

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Which is a stressed pap face. There's a treat that someone isn't giving up! So stressful!

Smiles for days on the Beach! Say hello to Indie. by Wonderbubblez in papillon

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Ruby got one this past week. They look like such little rats when they're wet!

"The Untouchables" by imnohankhill in pics

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Dude you were an English teacher. Aka, scum of the earth. it's memerific to ask English teachers if they're sleeping with their students

"The Untouchables" by imnohankhill in pics

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It sure as fuck is taboo there, which is why a lot of it has moved to Cambodia or Laos.

Tai migration routes from Guangxi by kansallisromantiikka in Thailand

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Chinese is still very vague as there are many many ethnicities underneath the umbrella of China.

[Help] When did you bond with your puppy/dog? by puppy_life in dogs

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Serious question. what do you expect out of the relationship between you and the dog? Maybe you're approaching this from the wrong direction. Does she do weird dog things that make you laugh? Are the two of you happy to see each other when you get home?

Plus, your pup is still a baby. They're still figuring out what's going on at 6 months.

Like moths to a fire, Hugo Boss wankers show up to an AskReddit thread about ruined trends. by KerbonautCyka in ShitWehraboosSay

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Cost and a lot of people get itchy with wool.

Plus, peasants (lower enlisted) ruin everything.