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Im pretty much stuck in a dead end job and I dont have any relevant experience for any thing else. The overtime is good because I work 5 12s a week but thats really the only nice thing about my job. I spend my weekends off sleeping running errands and with my parents. I dont really know what I should be doing outside of my working hours.


What some forget is that not everyone is destined for a 4 year college. take some skills tests online, and do some self-inventory and find out what you like to do. Are you more of a hands-on kind of person instead of a sit-at-a-desk paperwork kind of person? You may find you're more interested in a job in the trades or a not so technical job, if you weren't that "into" school. You might find you like carpentry, or welding, plumbing, cooking, etc, and decide that going to school for one of those is more up your alley than a "traditional" 4 year degree, but you won't know until you do some research and figure out what YOU like to do and what makes you tick. Take the money you make shuttling boxes and bank it, so you have some resources to lean on, should you decide to go back to school. That will help you out immensely.

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Thanks for the advice!

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and the west still tries to enact more gun control on its citizens.

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Plumber Luigi the Wise?

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Its not a story the koopas would tell you.

Was the right click menu and its text hand painted too? If so that is some steady hands there.


First I'll get to the legality part.

The other amendments in the good old constitution that acknowledge your rights just simply do so. The 2nd amendment however not only acknowledges your right to bear arms but specifically mentions that this right SHALL NOT be infringed. Its almost like the founding fathers knew defending this right would be a problem, go figure...

Now on to why I think gun control and gun banning is logically unsound if applied to other rights.

When I argue with people who support more gun control we usually end up getting to the topic of why we shouldn't restrict other constitutionally granted rights. I like to make a comparison with the 1st amendment of free speech and freedom of the press, and here are my proposed free speech controls and the logic behind them:

  1. Control: Any assembly of protest regardless of peacefulness; that consist of more than 20 people are to be considered riots and therefore illegal.
  2. Logic: Why do you NEED more than 20 people to protest? You can reasonably get your message across with 20 people. The 1st amendment doesn't protect people gathering to the point where any angry mob COULD form.
  3. Control: The first amendment only covered the press back then in the form of printed press.
  4. Logic: It is perfectly legal then to regulate, censor, and restrict modern forms of the press such as tv news and social media; which have far more reaching audiences than the founders intended.
  5. Control: If you want to stream on the internet. You need to apply for a tax permit costing 500 dollars, and to include a detailed written description of the content you intend to produce. After a 6 month waiting period if you are approved you will be given a serial number that must be displayed on screen of your stream at all times.
  6. Logic: Anybody shouldn't be able to just start shouting their ideologies online for everyone to see and hear without a justified cause.
  7. Control: Buying professional studio recording equipment requires having a registered media license, and the serial numbers of each piece of equipment must be tied to that license. You need to be at least 21 years of age, and have no prior convictions related to inciting others to obtain this license. You must also take a media course to learn how to be a responsible broadcaster.
  8. Logic: Only trained professionals should be allowed to broadcast media or otherwise publicly spread messages or ideas. Or otherwise any idiot or person with ill intent could be disseminating harmful ideologies out into the world.

I could go on and on but you get the idea of how dumb all this "common sense" gun control really sounds. Now to make my Hitler comparison to fulfill Godwin's law.

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels simply used the free speech they had control of to stir up hatred and cause both the 2nd World War and one of the greatest atrocities of genocide in history. Yet the world (yes I know some nations are really bad about controlling free speech) isn't clamoring to ban social media and confiscate everyone's equipment which enables them to engage in free speech.

So what are your thoughts about my comparisons of gun control to other rights?


People often bring up the "Falsely yelling FIRE in a crowded theater" argument as a reason for restrictions on rights, despite the ruling that was under being about protesting WW1, the protester's being a "clear and present danger" ruling, and also the entire ruling has been overruled.

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Original Poster4 points · 12 days ago

But even then you aren't being punished or censored for yelling fire in a crowded theater technically. You are being punished for needlessly causing a panic where people might get injured in the rush to get out.

Its the whole you have free speech but you aren't free from the consequences of that speech. Should be that way with guns. We have the right to own and use them, but if either through intentional or ignorant actions people get hurt then we rightly so should suffer consequences.

I like those points. Will you them with your permission, unless you copyrighted them /s

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Go ahead lol.

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I've thought about engaging on 2A issues on those subs, but I keep not doing it because it's not worth the effort.

I've taken a few staunch liberals out to the shooting range. They were curious and appreciative and enjoyed themselves. One even asked me not to tell anyone lest she lose her liberal street cred.

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"Liberal street cred."

Can we stop forming cults over our political identities?

But I wanna be a member of the club! I can’t just go around having my own ideas about things.

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Quick get the thought police. This individual almost had his own idea!

Pretty easy to distinguish! Anti vaccination is a trend arising from rumours and false information. The 2nd amendment was part of a written law, by definition put into place to address the needs of the population at a specific time in history. The thing about laws however is that they can be removed( like whistling in a graveyard at midnight) or altered and adjusted to reflect current times. Guns are okay, what we have here are the fundamental issues of people safely storing their firearms, suitably responsible and trained owners and correct screening of potential owners. Once those are addressed and implemented, you will hardly see a change in firearm sales, the people will be better equipped to own firearms and incidents will reduce.

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The whole issue though is screening, waiting periods, and getting the "permission" to exercise your 2nd amendment right. All of these are ineffective when the systems we already have in place fail to stop shooters due to lack of enforcement. What we need is better government, not more pointless layers of "not allowed".

No other amendment in the constitution are people in mass calling for requirements like this. If we get to exercise every other right in the amendments freely the 2nd shouldn't arbitrarily be the odd one out.

Even if you claim well people can use arms to cause harm. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels used their free speech to cause one of the worst atrocities of human killing in history.

So what we need is not arbitrary banning and roadblocks to ownership, but better care of the disenfranchised. Before Automatic weapons were banned we didn't have a crisis of people using them to shoot up public places. So obviously violent acts on the rise are the problem here and not the tools used in them.

Will I have to rebuy all my books or just a couple core rulebooks? Also how much of the game will I have to relearn and will 1st edition content convert easily to 2nd edition?

Been out of the loop for a while

1st edition will not convert to 2nd. The only use your 1e books will have for 2e is the pictures and lore/flavor.

I would imagine all you need to buy is the core rulebook, plus a bestiary if you're the GM. Though, like 1st edition, I assume they will be pumping out optional new books over the coming years.

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Wondering which is more worth it, this or the 1060 6GB.

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Gsync or freesync decides this for you. If your monitor is gsync go Nvidia if it is freesync go amd

Be happy you're not me. I have none of that.

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Yeah well. I worked hard to get better and now I have all that. Don’t come into my post with your pity party.

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I wasn't aware being worse off than others made me ineligible to be active in this sub.

Bowling in a league is the only way I get anyone to spend time with me.

The NRA doesn't come to the defense of people killed by cops, regardless of color. They love their cops.

Perfect example: Daniel Shaver was killed over a pellet gun and could have easily been apprehended without incidident. He was unarmed and complying to the best of his ability to contradictory commands.

NRA said nothing.

Praising cop killers is a good way to get the government to focus on you for harassment and arrest, especially if you're not white and are a gun rights activist.

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Watched the video of that shooting. Made me so upset. Dude was pleading for his life and trying to comply.

Fucking travesty they were not convicted and imprisoned for life.

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Something something thin blue line.

I believe a sprain is a muscular injury and nothing bone related.

Where's lion king

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asking the real questions

Ah the good old "I upgraded. What I actually mean is I literally put a new computer in there and reformatted the hard drive"

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Ssshh don't let the plebs know.

Your a good fucking person mate, a good fucking person.

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Thank you so much!

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My family got into guns the very day a politician tried to tell my grandfather he couldn't.

Best you can do is getting 16 gigs of the fastest (ddr3 I'm assuming) ram you can and a new GPU. That should stretch the life of that 3570k.

Where did you get that pokeball decoration?

Original Poster5 points · 1 month ago

It's actually a DS cartridge holder, I got it free with my copy of XY back when it came out. You can find them online pretty cheap though (I don't know if linking is allowed?)

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Thanks I found some online. Linking is usually allowed if you're not spamming

949 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

This community is pretty safe, so you're among friends here, but here's my advice:

FTFY- Fixed That For You, is used to correct someone, and it's often sarcastic or a joke.

Don't say anything bad about Keanu Reeves. It never ends well.

If you get downvoted, it's okay. It happens to everyone.

People here love to argue about literally anything and everything, and some will go through your post history and insult you just based on that, so be careful and be the bigger person.

If you can think of it and it's legal, there's probably a subreddit for it, so subscribe to whatever gets your interest. Just a google search away.

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Don't say anything bad about Terry Crews either or the Crews Crew will be on your ass.

That is fine. Upgrade to a 1060 6gb when/if you can is the only thing I can recommend.

Welcome aboard.

I used to think no one should own guns except cops.

That was ten years ago and now I am proud to spread the word to other liberals that guns are fun and good.

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I think everyone should own guns EXCEPT cops.

why exactly though? most cops aren't the ones that gun down innocent blacks

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Or how about a probationary period of 6 months where a new cop on the force has to earn this ability to carry a gun and is partnered with an officer who already has earned that ability. Once he has proven to not be a hothead he can carry. That also gives him half a year of experience learning how to handle various situations without the need of drawing a gun.


Ever since the summer sale started I can't find certain games when searching either in the store or in my wishlist both in the desktop app and the website. I either have to manually find them or google them to find their store link.

Anybody else having this issue or know how to fix?

Edit: Also even if I manually find the game doing ctrl+f and typing its name doesn't find it so something weird is definitely going on.


Same problem here. Dunno how to fix it though.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

thankfully my workaround has been just google the game and usually the steam store link pops right up.

Will that light be exploring any flesh?

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