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i felt like total shit when i fell off a rock and watched like 30 flies explode out of my case and float down the river.

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Creating your own hatch

Hitching is quite easy between those spots. Couldn’t tell from your note, but if you do try and hitch I’d advise doing it at the start of the trip, so you are walking back towards where you parked if you can. Then you don’t have that lingering ‘will I get a lift’ hanging over the trip.

I think they save 40% of permits for walk ups, available 8am the day before you leave. You may still be able to get your hands on one if you have a spare day to get to the ranger station.

I have a tent that can do both and most of my backpacking is in the sierras. I have NEVER used the treking pole/freestanding option and have been fine using pegs or sometimes rocks.

Which tent is that?

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Tarptent double rainbow

Opinel #6 is a nice light knife with all the blade you’ll need unless you’re batoning wood.

The tiny Victorinox are surprisingly good too, I use scissors more than the blade.

For a bulletproof knife that won’t break the bank, check out some of the options from mora.

Really, you need to work out what you will be using it for while camping and pick a knife that suits. e.g. you likely want to go lighter if you are backpacking vs if you are into your bushcraft.

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Keep em dry apparently

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He’s literally touching the water. Swam off seconds later.

Edit - just in case you, or anyone reading this wasn’t aware of what ‘keepemwet’ actually means, here’s the blurb from the organisations website.


WHAT DOES KEEPEMWET® MEAN? After fish have been caught, they are vulnerable due to the stress they have endured. By keeping fish as wet as possible, anglers can dramatically curb their impact on fish and can release them as healthy as possible. This can be achieved by:




Beauty. I’m a bit bummed, lived in California my whole life and spent the past few years heading up to the Sierra to hike and fish. I never managed to catch a golden. They either wouldn’t bite or circumstances prevented us from getting to the lakes with the Goldens in them. Now I’m in the PNW for various reasons that brought me here and I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to catch them again. Unless there are some up here somewhere 🤔

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I’ve always had more luck with goldens in the streams between lakes that the lakes themselves. That may just be because I haven’t cracked the secrets of Stillwater fishing though. I don’t have any tips for where they may be living in the PNW but check out dfg studies etc, often the research papers can tip you off on potential locations to scout.

Don’t be too bummed about missing out on goldens, I’m jealous of how much great water you guys have up there.

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“Bzzzzz” - seemingly every mosquito on planet earth. Beautiful though

Looks stunning. Currently on fire though right?

Any legit tent will be 2 pieces...

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Unless it’s a tarptent - they are legit

I have 2 of those right in front of me. I found that ‘chair leg socks’ from a $1 store hold the rod pieces well together and cushion them to stop any rattling

Aquaseal is what you are looking for

Plastic fluorescent light tube shield, just cut to length. I also found some ‘chair leg socks’ at a $1 store that work perfectly to hold the rods together at each end and stop them from bouncing around in the tubes.

Not that strong, you wouldn’t want to throw your bag down on the rod tube, but should protect against getting caught on the odd branch and weighs very little.

Another option, try some flies that have cul-de-canard (feathers from duck’s butt) to allow them to float. No need to use Gink etc, just dry (amadou sponge) and re-cast.

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Thanks for the response guys. I'll plan to make as many casts as possible in all areas. What about fast moving water in rocky shallow areas?

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They can be there, especially when sun is low in the sky, less likely when the sun is high. Trout are lazy, want a conveyor belt of food nearby, and have somewhere a flick of a tail away that provides protection from predators. Shallow water in the middle of the day with raptors around =/= safe.

A methodical way - try dividing the river up into squares, say 10’x10’. Then divide that into 10 - 1ft wide strips. Some will look fishy and suit what you have tied on - e.g. streamer vs dry, some won’t. Then send your fly down each path that you think might hold fish. Starting nearer and working away (so you don’t throw your line over a spot you think might be holding fish and spook them). Fish tend to take flies opportunistically, so once they’ve seen your fly in a nice spot and rejected it, it’s unlikely that casting the same presentation again and again will change the outcome. You could rest the spot, try a different fly etc, but for mountain streams these fish are often less picky and just want to eat, so just move on to the next square.

My fly suggestion for streams would be a stimulator or hopper, with a dropper tied to the bend of the hook with about 16 inches of tippet - the ‘hopper-dropper’. You might get takes on the top, which you will see or you get takes on the wet fly/nymph which you see as the hopper getting pulled under.

Other fly options are terrestrials like ants/beetles, they are also often big hits.

You also want to be stealthy, stay low and downstream. A scared fish won’t eat.

Some fish-finding mantras - foam is home, wood is good, rocks rock, made in the shade

Edit - one more thing. Once you catch a fish, don’t forget to look back at the water and ask yourself ‘why did I catch it there, what made that spot special?’

Could look beautiful, could look like you have a skin condition

Carabiner and an elastic magnetic release clip. The carabiner clips to the magnet and either your wader straps behind you, your pack or just hangs off your pocket/belt/waistband if not wearing waders. When you have a fish, pull and the magnetic release unclips and you can net the fish. Clip back to the magnetic bit once you’re done using the net.

Genuine question. Why elastic?

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I’m not actually sure it needs to be elastic, it’s just what came with the magnetic release thingy, some black elastic cord that looks a bit like paracord. One benefit is you have less line hanging off you than you would if it was not elasticated - for the same potential reach with the net.

Edit - just to be clear, the elastic cord connects the net to the carabiner, so if you drop it it doesn’t float off down the river.

Take 4 mile up to glacier point, then take panorama trail to Nevada falls (don’t miss panorama point), then mist trail back down to the valley.

Edit - actually, that might not work for your timings, but either 4 mile (inc sentinel dome) or mist trail would be great

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Does the crinkle noise ever go away with Tyvex?

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Scrunch it up and put it in the tumble dryer (on cold) with some shoes. Crinkle gone

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Gorilla warfare? 🦍

There will be a small green bug (or bugs) in the middle of the foam. Not sure why they produce it. Protection? Attracting the lady bugs?

Is someone bathing with ALL OF THE CAMPSUDS just upstream?

Check out the fiberglass rods at the anglers roost.

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