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I think that's the main problem here.

They have 2, hour long, demos ready that they're showing to the press and theyre tweeting stuff out that makes it sound like they're releasing new info when they're not. I can understand people being a bit upset when they get nothing. Especially when the press watching the demos are like "OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE SEEN" and the fans have to kind of sit there like "OK great wish I could see it". I'm sure they could get 20 seconds of relatively polished gameplay out of the 2 hours of demos they have and put those out to tide people over for a while. Just add a little disclaimer at the start saying it's prealpha.

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People won't care and will rag on the game anyway even when it's clear its alpha footage.

Despite the condition of the gaming press, they're still far more likely to be balanced as they will have to take time writing things up, when compared to your average punter.

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They could just do what every single other company has already figured out:

  • Announce whenever you want that the game is being created, just to get people hyped about your brand. This can be done for a ton of strategic reasons

  • When you're very close to shipping (T-12 months or so), show a teaser trailer. This is typically done at some point that will allow people to get hyped and ensure they mark off time in their schedule to check out the dev's next presentation at a conference

  • Give major reveal with lots of details, but leave some small important stuff out

  • Continue to give important details in the 3-6 months leading up to the release

  • Do another major event when the game is about to be released, possibly coinciding with a beta or something like that

The fact that they fucked their reveal so bad that like a third of the comments are "Oh, so nothing useful again" is evidence that they're doing this wrong. The hype train rolls the same way every time because it works. They're doing something different and it's pissing off a large (or at least vocal) subsection of their audience, and why would you ever want them to be upset?

Like, literally nobody can be upset about something if it's not on their minds (aside from the small number of insanely dedicated followers, but they'll buy it pretty much no matter what), so there's zero benefit to starting the hype train this early. There are tons of potentially negative trade-offs, too.

As far as everyone has been told, we're years off from the game. This would be a great time to tease the fact that they're working on it, not start a steady, 36-month+ campaign of trickling out art assets.

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Well they announced the game in 2012 to recruit for it, whilst everyone knew they were primarily working on TW3 and DLC. That game was "complete" in its DLC cycle in May 2016. Then the trailer dropped at E3 this year, two years later. A two year release cycle assuming a 2020 release is fairly normal. You're projecting weird expectations onto them about marketing that certainly isn't the norm for most games like a "beta". This kinda thing is a formula for games with yearly releases like COD or Far Cry or Assassin's Creed but for studios who release games less regularly it's certainly not as clean cut.

See: the latest Zelda game which was 3 years from first trailer to release and didn't hurt the game, and reveals for Starfield and TES6.

Basically you're talking out of your arse.

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Original Poster1 point · 8 hours ago

My understanding is that the 8 hour working day was introduced to give workers time to go and spend their wages boosting the failing economy at the time

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We need more time off then because there is simply not enough time to go and spend money after work in the week, and Sunday hours are stupid.

While living in the same house and having a close emotional involvement? That's unrealistic, sorry. Also, eventually she is going to start bringing over dates and having sex in the room next to his. Does he have to go through this sort of torture for the sake of toughening up? And last but not least, how will his future girlfriends feel when he discloses that he lives with a woman he had strong feelings for in the past?

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It's not the end of the world, and you can get around it. My current best female friend is someone I used to be head over heels for. She didn't like me back, and eventually started dating my male best friend. 8 years on and even though they've broken up I still maintain strong friendships with both of them. What OP has will fade and go away when he finds a new crush.

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This is probably my favorite one of his, most likely because I for once actually understood all the references.

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Once an emo kid, always an emo kid.

So far as I can tell by googling people seem to listen to this guy simply because he talks? Anyone care to elaborate on who he is and why I should care?

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Yeah I'm in a lot of sub groups where people take his opinion so seriously. People were freaking out over him giving new Mom Jeans a bad review and it's like....his opinion doesn't matter, if you enjoy the music that's all that is important.

Because people still rag on them for 'downgrading' Witcher 3.

They learned that if they show anything, the internet is going to tear them apart about it forever. It's safer to show nothing. We had our chance and we blew it

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You had people zooming into background cracks on walls and comparing polygon counts for items pre and post release. Don't really blame them for not showing us shit.

Since I've been listening:

2009 - Set Your Goals (This Will Be The Death Of Us)

2010 - Four Year Strong (Enemy of the World)

2011 - The Wonder Years (Suburbia)

2012 - Real Friends (Everyone That Dragged You Here)

2013 - A Day To Remember (Common Courtesy)

2014 - Moose Blood (I'll Keep You In Mind)

2015 - State Champs (All You Are Is History)

2016 - Knuckle Puck (Copacetic)

2017 - Sorority Noise (YNA_AYT)

2018 - Tiny Moving Parts (Swell)

And I predict Boston Manor for 2019.

Chucky. It's catchy, technical, got riffs and harsh vocals aplenty but is also super melodic.

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Oh man, those Newgrounds hentai "dress up" games were my gateway to porn.

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I think some of the stuff I saw in those games shaped my sexual fetishes.

I think most people have a basic "uniform" they go to even they don't wanna admit it because most people will gravitate to clothes that look good on them and they feel comfortable with and then build their wardrobe around those things.

Boil your style down to its basics - what fits you go for, typical, colours that work for you, anything else like accessories, socks, jackets worn etc. - and then stock up with enough basics that will get you through a laundry cycle.

Once you have your basics sorted then you can pick a statement piece of your ebay or grailed buys to mix it up every now and again.

It's all fairly easy really, especially with mens clothes imo.

At the moment it's all smoke and no fire. Pillar 2 might not have been as successful as they wanted but the hyperbole around the company seems to come from Avellone fanboys who are anticipating the collapse of the company because they allegedly did not treat Avellone very well.

And you know, the Microsoft acquisition rumor.

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It'd be great if they got acquired by Microsoft.

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I had a similar experience. I would not say I regret buying it, since it was still reasonably cheap when I got it and it is a classic, so I don't mind having it as a collector, but I just sort of stopped playing about 15 hours in, too. The only Zelda game I finished was Link Between Worlds. I also played Windwaker HD, but didn't finish either.

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The top down Zeldas and the 3D Zeldas are almost two entirely different genres of games. I've always loved the top down ones, they are stimulating to play and easy to understand with a decent level of challenge. The 3D ones are completely hit and miss because I often feel like I'm battling the controls and the difficulty comes from that rather than the game - loved Wind Waker but didn't get on with Ocarina.

I'm going to go against the grain and recommend Origins. It's got the best boss fights, tightest and most thematically interesting story, and is generally just City but with more gameplay options (and luckily has no Batmobile like Knight).

It had issues on release but they're all fixed now.

Audi drivers are the new knobs of the road having beaten down BMW and Subaru

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BMW drivers are still nob ends.

Can anyone point me to a F2P MMO that isn’t just cancerous anti-consumer bullshit? Cause I’ve never actually seen one, as an avid MMO junky.

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Guild Wars 2

-1 points · 5 days ago

It's buy to play.

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The base game is free

That's completely different. Know what was present in Donkey Kong? Jumping.

That's not "early installment weirdness" that's just "not all Zelda games had puzzles". Hell even ALttP, which made the formula the series followed for 2 decades, doesn't have much in the way of puzzles that don't involve "kill everything in the room" or "brute force this thing on top of a button".

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In ALTTP the dungeon design is the puzzle. Because there was a lot less that you could do in a 2D plane, navigating the world to get to different areas was important, and within dungeons, navigating the rooms in the correct order was the challenge. This was particularly important in places like the Tower of Hera which had (in concept) a 3D design.

2 points · 6 days ago

In my opinion Link's Awakening the installment after ALTTP was the true inventor of the classic formula, it was the first one which added the typical zelda puzzle design convoluted with the layout of the dungeons.

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I'm guessing the standard narrative/world structure/dungeon design of Zelda games is set out in ALTTP, and Links Awakening introduced individual room puzzles, and then they both comes together in Ocarina?

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The way the narrative structure of the film mirrors the aliens language is amazing and mind blowing.

Lol such a victim

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You ever actually moved in your life? Or did you just inherit somewhere you rent out and fuck people about?

0 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

Lol Ive rented in the UK and abroad plus own property in UK

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Oh of course youre gonna be against any rent controls

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Ellie being playable was a good surprise because you got something more than you expected. The problem with rocksteady lying about arkham knight was that you expected a new villain with a new story but got jason todd and a worse red hood story line, which was really disappointing. Same thing happened for mgs2, a lot people were mad about raiden.

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The problem with the Arkham games storyline is definitely their handling of stuff pre-release. I remember being disappointed in Arkham City because pre-release stuff implied it was going to be a Hugo Strange story which I was excited for - in actuality it turned out to be Spoiler, but it was still disappointing if you wanted Strange as he is a great villain in his own right.

Arkham Origins handled it a lot better I think because it threw all the villains out on the table from the beginning - whilst the villain switcheroo the first time was a bit annoying because I genuinely wanted a Black Mask storyline, the two characters the game does end up focusing on, Spoiler, led to a really compelling story being told.

Knight leaned on this "IT'S A NEW VILLAIN" angle when promoting the game when it was incredibly obvious from the first trailer that it was Jason Todd. They also promoted Scarecrow quite a lot when he was woefully underused in the game, and obviously Spoiler takes the focus of the game over once again, which was great but the same issue with Hugo Strange. I wanted a game with Scarecrow as the focus.

12 points · 6 days ago

Also in the last movie Odin made it clear that Thor doesn't really need weapons, then in this movie he needs weapons

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I get why they needed to give Thor something o do and some sort of arc but immediately resetting everything from Ragnarok (his lightning powers, losing his eye in a parallel to Odin for greater wisdom but immediately getting it back) got on my nerves a bit.

Living with parents means that you don't develop key life skills. What needs to stop is the culture of short term materialism. I know a few people in their late 20s who still live with their parents who claim they can't afford to move out but drive expensive cars, wear expensive clothes and refuse to live in less affluent areas. Changing their priorities would have such a benefit to their future lives.

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Tbh if you can afford to live well with your parents, vs scraping by to live in a shit part of town elsewhere, why would you bother moving out?

It's true that you don't get as much "life experience" if you live at home, especially with bills, fixing stuff etc. but that stuff can be limited depending on where you're renting. In single room house shares I would never start messing about with shelves or the boiler.

2 points · 7 days ago

I wouldn't be satisfied with it if I were you. I know a lot of people can't avoid it but you should be supporting politicians who campaign to do something about wages and house prices. Once you're an adult there's an awful lot to be said for independence.

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I've moved out and bought my own car so am personally fine. However I'm entering the second half of my twenties and still am sharing a house with others instead of being able to afford my own flat. The government should definitely try to raise wages and make good places to live affordable for all, but if you want to sacrifice your independence for a nicer standard of living that's fair enough.

Why would you want to warm your torso but not your arms

2 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

Well some would say that such large distortions in the economy between young and old should be prevented by redistributing wealth from one to the other.

Ok. And is that what you would say?

That somebody should work their whole lives and then you take it off them to give to somebody "young", who hasn't worked for it?

Another question, would you say the same thing to let's say a relatively young Asian family, who have bought every terraced house in a street and rented them all out? Would you redistribute their wealth too?

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It's not as simple as taking is from those who've worked hard and giving it to those who haven't.

It's more that 10 works for someone born in 1950 could buy them a house and over time several properties, but 10 works for someone born in 1990 couldn't buy them anything.

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