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homelaberator 2 points

This is another reason I dislike (like a lot) roles being described as DevOps. Usually it means something like a sys admin doing IaC maybe some CI/CD or "full stack developer".

But DevOps is much more about the broader culture and interactions across IT and the business. So you still have people with specialist skills but you improve the way people work together, share knowledge, see the big picture etc etc (there's been shed loads written on this).

I think the battle might have been lost and we will end up with DevOps becoming another term that's so abused its use is more a warning than a sign a business has its shed together.

As for your actual problem, there's a thing called a skills based resume where the focus is on what you can do rather than on job titles. So you put down a skill with an example of where you might have used it, like "wrote python code to query an API to pull out log data for analysis, went through several iterations including a rewrite in C# for deployment as a live web app, in close consultation with key stakeholders"

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munkijunk 3 points

As an Irish person I'm wondering if this is a misunderstanding of how R is pronounced in Celtic languages? What I mean is, it's more common to pronounce 'R' as OAR in England, but ARR in Ireland. This does not mean the Irish do not pronounce the R in arm, rather you need to be a native speaker to hear the difference.

homelaberator 1 point


Probably would be better explained with a minimal pair. Like are father and farther pronounced the same? Or pawn/porn, calve/carve, paw/poor. Although some of those might be different for reasons other than /r/.

dkeenaghan 1 point

It seems they got it backwards, I'm Irish, people here pronounce their Rs, the name of the letter is pronounced "or" rather than"are" like most other English speaking areas do.

We don't pronounce those words the same, although father/farther is close, I think pretty much everyone would say further rather than farther anyway.

homelaberator 1 point

Does rather rhyme with farther?

Yeah, my understanding (and the map for that matter) was that Irish English dialects are strongly rhotic (Dublin's being an exception).

But rhotic is a funny thing to think about, since it usually doesn't mean that you pronounce the r after a vowel the same as you would before a vowel (like the t'r in tat is basically the same at the beginning and end), and can be that the vowel itself is "coloured" with r. I think Ulster tends more towards that kind of vowel colouring. But I am not an expert, just an enthusiastic amateur.

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homelaberator 60 points

The fun part is seeing how millennial is defined this time. Born between 83 and 94, so somewhere between 23 and 35. 38% have kids of their own. The current Chancellor of Austria (like the PM) is a millennial (born in 86), but the NZ PM misses out (born 1980).


-_-Edit_Deleted-_- 10 points

Old enough to remember Sydney Olympics but not old enough to remember Azaria Chamberlain.

homelaberator 6 points

Yeah, I think those kind of cultural moments are a better way to divide things up. I don't know whether Gen X should be "can't remember Kennedy assassination" or "can't remember moon landings" or something else.

Probably "can't remember 11 sept" should be the start point for Gen Zed.

Or you could go with something like "first album was vinyls" "first album was LP" "first album was cassette" "first album was CD" "first album was illegally downloaded" "first album was legally downloaded" "first album was streamed" or something. IANAL.

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Ardeet -5 points

Sydney's major universities are languishing at the bottom of the pile for student satisfaction, with smaller private universities maintaining a healthy lead over their larger public rivals.

So what are the private universities getting right?

Maybe the current funding freeze needs to be extended until those universities can justify their worth to the taxpayer?

homelaberator 3 points

I'm not sure what "private" means in this context. There is one private university in Australia: Bond.

EDIT: My sources were misleading. There are at least 3 others which could be considered as private: Torrens, Notre Dame, and Divinity. Apparently, there is also a presence in Australia of Carnegie Mellon and University College London. Who knew?

JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points

There are 3: You forgot Notre Dame and Torrens.

homelaberator 1 point

I didn't forget, I didn't even know that Torrens existed and I thought ND was publicly funded. Live and learn.

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bradenpd 11 points

Why should I? If I’m dropping a family member off and go inside to see them off, why should someone have the right to ask for my ID with no justification?

homelaberator 2 points

Maybe you're a hot chick and they want to know where you live. Will no one think of the poor security forces sexual needs!

bradenpd 2 points

Or a hot guy, don’t be sexist.

homelaberator 1 point

No. That never happens. Hot guys don't go to airports. Source: am hot guy.

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homelaberator 1 point

Huh, I would have thought that bodily autonomy would be a human right, also, so you wouldn't need to treat rape as a special case (although it makes you wonder why rape is objectionable if it's not about bodily autonomy).

homelaberator commented on a post in r/australia
homelaberator 17 points

Yes it is good. It also has a pretty good career progression if you are into that thing. Only downside is the hours, the patients, hospitals, bodily fluids, shift work, internal politics and bitchy hierarchy (within nursing and within health), increased risk of suicide and some cancers, the paperwork, and stress.

homelaberator commented on a post in r/australia
homelaberator 1 point

Peter Dutton probably also thinks it's an absurdity that there isn't a picture of him in every home and everyone pledges a blood oath of fidelity to him personally.

homelaberator commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Mirrormn 1,907 points

I love how directly bad this would be to put on a resume. "I don't value your employment above my own comfort, and I'm really serious about it!"

homelaberator 3 points

I prefer to say "I am not motivated by fear"

Menace117 2,841 points

I'm great for trivia night.

homelaberator 1 point

I, too, have a smart phone.

homelaberator commented on a post in r/iamverysmart
wotanii 6 points

this is content, and not style.

The interesting comparison between the two is the content (as you have observed), and the style plays a very little role in the value of the work of those authors. What she is saying is, that they sound smart, but she has no idea what they were actually saying.

tl:dr: To understand her irony you need an IQ of at least 158, while yours is obviously below 155.

homelaberator 1 point

Dammit, I'm trying to get this copypasta to catch on.

fps916 795 points

the 4/20 1/5 thing is definitely a joke. Tolstoy/Dostoevsky I'm not so sure

homelaberator 5 points

When I look at Dostoevsky's work as a whole, I see a man who conceives of the universe as having an intrinsic moral order, revealed by the Abrahamic god. His writing focuses on aberration from or conformance with that order, rooted in nihilism, isolation, and depravity on the one hand, or faith, community, and generosity on the other. His ideal is a world in which social structures are all informed by Orthodox dogma, and the ideal society a theocracy. I don't know that any of his writing is explicit in this, but I infer it.

Tolstoy came from a clan that were known by the rest of the gentry as 'The Wild Tolstoys': hard-drinking, gambling, womanizing cavalry officers to a man, and Leo was no exception to this. Eventually he had a change of heart, and you can see it in his work. His stories focus less on religion per se, as they do on spirituality as a personal journey of self-discovery. In his mind the ideal society is one of individuals who have each found god in whatever way they will, to avoid spiritual desolation.

Both are masters of observing the human condition, telling stories with unusually compelling accounts of our psychological and behavioral nature that put most modern authors to shame. That said, I think their unflinching examination of what is found in the range of human experience is underpinned by what could be, and in that they are not pure realists, but more realistic idealists.

Ultimately I think they are very similar, the difference is just a question of the end goal.

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super_ag 1,148 points

I'm listening to the audiobook right now. Alex in the book is only 15 years old. The girls he takes home from the music store are only 10 years old. I think that makes it much more disturbing than when he's Malcolm McDowell's age in the film.

homelaberator 135 points

Also the last chapter of the book didn't make it into the film.

homelaberator commented on a post in r/news
P4_Brotagonist 70 points

The police aren't a military force.

homelaberator 1 point

Not so sure about that.

faltryka 27 points

I have asthma and a heart condition. I wouldn’t want to roll the dice on either.

homelaberator 0 points

Are you black? Because they just shoot you then. HAHAHAAAAAAA. :(

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