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this just tried to install, went thru all the steps, rebooted, then took itself off. I'm back to 17686.1003

Update says it'll try again later

with build 17686.1003 my system locks up after the screen saver comes on


had this build up for 5 mins and can already see it's BUGGY !!!

Firefox it not showing pictures like it should be, some sites won't even load

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lots of love, talk to it a lot, don't ever raise your voice at it, love it, hug it, kiss, cuddle with it, give it treats

are we there yet ? are we there yet ? are we there yet ? I gotta pee ma, are we there yet ? I'm hungry

I was root'n for it to make it, maybe next time

I use to have a kitty that sat with me like that. He loved to eat Doritos as I watched TV. I'd eat a chip and give him a corner.

that was a long life, musta had more than 9 lives. I wish you well getting a new kitty

Happy Mothers day and Happy Birthdays little guys !

looks like a pond, but still nice

that'd be sweet ! I got dibs on Space Mountain !

I should have stayed in the Air Force

so if the world is flat, what's on the other side ?

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