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does it work like rogue and feral druid stealth or its easier to detect?


As all things should be “ thanos.

I have tried many video courses: Best one for new ppl is INE they teach you topics throughly then use cbt nuggets for the fun and review After that use chris bryant udemy

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Start with some videos

1- Create an account on udemy

2- Search for CCNA stuff

3- Watch the free stuff first (Kiel Martin)

4- Buy some courses

Udemy - CCNA 2018 200-125 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant and INE - CCNA Routing & Switching v3 Keith Bogart are very good

Move to the books (Lammle and Odom)

Mess around with packet tracer or GNS3

you can arigatou gozaimasu me later

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I have seen most ppl just refer using video courses ine, cbt nuggets, kevin wallace with boson practice exams, dont know about ccnp


u want to just pass the test or actually understand what your doing when your in an interview or at your job when asked to modify something or create a new network?

i bought ccna ocg just to get up to speed at my new job a few years ago, i learned so much from that book that i decided to use it to help with ccna exam, then i bought boson as well to force me to see test in a cisco way.

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I want to understand dont care about job right now

Best food for body builders

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Can't really walko

Instead I scoot


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Tree fiddy

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Thank you for loving it!

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Nice movie director

So now the shooter can lock the door and police wont be able to get to them?


or do you need books also to get missing info from videos?


This. Build it and then break it, then fix it. A lot. Know your protocols and OSI layers with your eyes closed. Learn how things like firewalls, VPNs, and ESXI connect into the network. Read white papers, best practice guides, and absorb as much info as you can.

Bottom line, there’s no such think as luck, only opportunity meets preparation. Be ready for things before you encounter them.

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Learn how things like firewalls, VPNs, and ESXI connect into the network. " this is the biggest issue for ccna and ccnp r/S they dont teach how they interact as whole, do i need to get different courses to learn about ESXI vmware VPN, firewalls checkpoiint palalto and windows servers too?


Afking for long time doesnt kick players


They take alot of dmg hard to heal is blizz planning to fix them ?


I went into a normal dungeon yesterday with my recently dinged feral. I decided I was gonna try tanking till they fix feral. I had a holy pally and I just seemed to take So much Damage all the time my health was always going way down I was using my frenzy regen and iron skin on ever Mob pack but was still taking a beating. Any tips are they a fun tanking spec?

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That's subjective of course, but I find guardian very fun, and there's slightly more than just ironfur and frenzied regen. A few tips from what I've been experiencing so far:

  • Mastery > versatility.
  • Guardian of elune makes managing IF and FR incredibly easier.
  • I find rend and tear superior to pulverize since it applies to all targets around you. Keeping the 3 stacks up is my main priority.
  • Restoration affinity all day. If memory serves combat logs showed something like 4%-8% heals contributed throughout boss fights. Nothing to be ignored imo. Swiftmend has also saved group mates more times than i can remember.
  • Typhoon is by far one of the best things in our toolkit, either as an interrupt or knocking mobs away so your healer have a moment to breath.
  • When it comes to azerite traits, layered mane, crystalline carapace, azerite veins, gemhide and bulwark of the masses are my top choices.
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Pulverized gives 9% dmg reduction to all inc dmg why rend is better

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I second that

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Next thing you know you’ll find out Woody is named after Clint EastWOOD. 🤷‍♂️

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What about kueanu reaves

Ben Stiller doesn't look like himself to me. He looks like someone on the street you thought might be Ben Stiller until you got closer.

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He never went full ben stiller, “you never go full ben stiller”


If you set up your switches with these setting

Aaa new model

Aaa authorization exec default login local

Aaa authentication default login local

And line vty 0 4 Login authenticated default

Ip http secure-server creates default 1024 rsa keys

Then after a while you add ip domain-name And generate rsa key 4048

Which rsa keys will be used when you ssh vis putty? Will you need to change command under line vty to make it login local?

Assuming no aaa server was setup yet


I'm a bit confused as well. Like, USB-> 8 serial, or the async connector to 8 USB?

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Usb to 8 console


Which items do you sell in market

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Not worth it

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