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Sealedbaylor 4 points

WAR is finally standing on its own now

WAR has always been able to stand on it's own. It still has the best self-sustain, DPS, and mitigation. Just because Paladin can finally be an actual OT as a Shield-monkey doesn't make it OP.

hordecore80 2 points

Lol shield monkey

hordecore80 -3 points

Not:auto correct changed potency to potato

hordecore80 commented on a post in r/Futurology
Striderrs 266 points

People also underestimate the complexity involved with piloting aircraft. Some people have a natural knack for it, others should never be allowed behind the controls of an airplane.

Source: am flight instructor

hordecore80 1 point

Auto pilot

the-packet-thrower 1 point

To be more accurate you should be setting the domain name and using crypto key generate rsa modulus 2048 to enable SSH, your method is just a hack workaround that really has no practical purpose.

Usually you would use copy certs used for VPNs if it’s a CA router and just regenerate the selfsigned stuff.

hordecore80 1 point

Last question sorry for bothering you , will choosing random ip domain names to each router and switch in real life scenario for ex inside some company , effect anything on devices? Telnet ssh, do i need to use one unique domain name for all devices?

the-packet-thrower 1 point

My example is it working.

R01#ssh -l admin 


What is your thought process here, are you just trying to understand SSH and thinking up weird scenarios?

hordecore80 0 points

Am trying to understand why copying all configs from routers or switch with ssh enabled through ip http secure server doesnt work on other devices, i know the ip domain name method to create keys, and ip http secure server also generate keys, but when you copy all configs from that devices which ssh works on it , to another devices the ssh fails and the ssh isnt enabled, even though you copied all configs and you can see the same keys in the two devices, and both have ip http secure server on, but the one with copied configs have its ssh disabled and since we copied the keys, the ip http secure server doesnt generate another set of keys and ssh stays disabled, so the copying process fails, and there is no point in copying tye keys and like you said just do ip http secure server on each device so they generate keys and enable ssh

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