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turkeyfox 7 points

People getting rickets from eating only rice was a huge problem in the... 1700s? 1800s? Some time in the past.

hummus12345 7 points
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aintnufincleverhere 4 points

Even weirder, why would the government tell us its bad to smoke, and also give tobacco farmers subsidies? Its inconsistent. Pick one.

hummus12345 1 point

Green Peace protesting oil drilling by driving a gas powered boat made of rubber while wearing rain coats.

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youneednewshoes 5 points

It's a Ziggle!! My kids have one and love it. If Radio Flyer made one for adults I'd definitely buy it!

I tried to copy the link but I'm on mobile and can't find the right one. We got ours at Wal-Mart but Target and Amazon also carry them.

hummus12345 7 points

I found one but it linked me to the Social Services website, hold on, there's a knock on the door...

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