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"Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell”

Always wanted to do the ear thing. I can do the nostril thing. I can do one eyebrow up at a time

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I figured it out while doing a big yawn. Has to be a natural yawn.

Set a Guinness world record by getting ready in under an hour.

You know why when geese fly in a "V" one side is always longer than the other?

There's more geese on that side.

Hiesenberg. He IS the danger

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He is also associated with knocking on peoples doors.

Pro: Don't have to hear any bitching.

Con: No one to bitch to.

Tell Tom Cruise "No more sleepovers."

He is actually around average height in the US. The average is about 5' 8". Cruise is 5' 7". I'd imagine that the bias for tall people in that industry would make him feel shorter.

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Oh, that makes it ok then.

Kim Jong Un. I want to try whatever Chill Pill he's on.

Weird, you usually find them in ovens... buh dum tishh


1 way trip about 7 months. >1 year for a reply.

The Song of Time on the ocarina. Every time you play it on Majora's Mask you have to start over.

Masturbating. I sometimes wish someone would just beat it out of me.


Doesn't matter how important the thing you're doing is, it'll be a stop to it. It can pause a signing of a Peace Treaty.

No internet, they like to keep the doors locked.

2/5 would not stay again.

Sun day. The day I go outside and get some sun.

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