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Hey you fucks, I’m getting real tired of the cut gifs. Are you being charged per frame or some shit?

The words I live by are "you can never have enough fresh pairs of socks".

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Yeah, you say that until you have to carry that weight in a pack. Nah, two pairs of socks. One on my feet and one drying/airing out.

Stay away from pastas and breads. Eat more protein and fiber.

Dee really let herself go after Paddy’s Pub closed down.

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Fácil mijo, la concha. Pero si fuera la concha o el marranito. Ahí si ay que pensarle

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Tal vez un yoyo mejor

This past weekend I got to see my friend after more than two years of not seeing her face. And four years of her living abroad. I never thought I’d see her again, and that thought always lingered. But I kept a little bit of hope. Waiting on important people in your life is worth it. Even if you almost lose your marbles doing it.

I am opposed in any real life scenario that ai can see feasible any time soon. Because there are steps that need to be taken that are not going to be taken because our healthcare/health insurance systems are too fucked. here is a clip explaining why I believe it to be out of reach in the US. I would love it if it were free.unfortunately this is real life and things just don’t work that way.

It’s crazy to me to see him on the field when I played with him as a rookie on Madden like ten years ago.

All the episodes where Joey and Rachel didn’t date.

Jesus. That thing will rip you to shreds.

“Híjo de la chíngada. ¿Cuando te vas a cazar?”

You need to put a turbo diesel engine like that one on the front page the other day. That’ll do the trick. But seriously, nice. I wish I could have one. I’d be on that bad boy all summer.

Good to see he’s staying away from the dark arts bruh

Meteor impact. It’s the only thing that is feasible. Solar flares, all that shit is real too but the grid going down in LA isn’t going to kill people in Tokyo. However, if you look into how the last ice age, there is a real possibility that this can end in a cloud of debris blocking the sun and starting a chain reaction in death and suffering.

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Phoebe was always my least favorite character. She is funny some of the time, but mostly she is annoying and bitchy.

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That’s how I feel about Monica. I don’t think she’s ever said or done anything that made me laugh or like her as a character.

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Showing a pile of rocks, which it has roughly the same value as.

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You weren’t kidding btw... this is worth $.40 in USD.

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Those rocks are worth more...even if they weren't balanced.

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What if they were signed by the star of the hit film The Pest, John Leguizamo, in crayon?

A mirror in the room where I may see the flection of them taking picture.

“Y’all got AC?”

There is no amount of words to make me understand refraction.

“Bitch! I’m classier than that! What the fuck are you doing? Now where was I? Oh yeah...” *rubs tits on stranger’s face

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