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HumanWiki 7,929 points

Choosing not to go to work that day.

hungry_lobster 1 point

Speak for yourself. My life is made up of things I’d really rather not do but keep my day smooth and a controlled storyline. If I didn’t have a job, i’d have offed myself by now.

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hungry_lobster 1 point

I honestly don’t think about what happens after death because it doesn’t matter. Just as long as my death is quick and as painless as possible, I’m okay with that but. I had a brother pass away a few months ago and while it made me look at mortality differently, my view on death itself hasn’t changes. Why would I be worried about something whom noone I know can attest to? I’ve seen body parts spewed on trains. I’ve seen ISIS videos. I’ve seen a lot of stuff and what bothers me is the stuff that happens while you’re still alive. It just doesn’t matter. My thoughts are with those who are left behind when they lose a loved one. For the departed, I feel no pity because their being is gone. There is nothing there left to feel or know or wish for. Like a baby who hasn’t even been conceived yet. Do you feel bad for someone who hasn’t existed? So why would I feel bad for someone who, like that baby, doesn’t exist either. It’s the number “0”. It’s nothing. It’s the lack of a value. Gone... no actually, was never here.

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ImAGeekNotANerd 3,418 points

I go to this coffee shop very frequently and buy a drink not because I'm thirsty, but because the staff are friendly and I don't have friends.

hungry_lobster 4 points

Sounds like me and the gym. I have a close group of friends I see every day. Yet I haven’t said a single word to any of them.

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MortWellian 3,675 points

Was watching a doc about how Japan was handling things after the earthquake, and it appears that some people were getting sick because they didn't feel comfortable enough with the normal noises to go to the bathroom in the emergency shelters.

hungry_lobster 2 points

Sounds like air force guys having to stay in Marine Corps barracks. Can’t hang with the dogs.

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FCoDxDart 11,974 points

Divide the US in half an put all the conservatives on one side and the liberals on the other and see the results after 50 years of that.

hungry_lobster 2 points

The conservatives will split into two groups and same for the other side. Then you’ll just have four groups of jackasses fighting each other.

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Phukkitt 1,126 points

OP is probably a bot. 6 year old account with only 2 comments and 9 posts, all made within the last 2 days.

This exact same post has been made before with the exact same title including the spelling error:

The same goes for OP's other threads as well, all word for word reposts.

hungry_lobster 1 point


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CrimsonBolt33 206 points

Full elbow with all his weight on the kids stomach...hope to god they went to the hospital.

I love this subreddit but vids like this aren't great to much concern involved.

hungry_lobster 3 points

Yeah you’re right. The videos are terrible to watch. Luckily most people post gifs.

INTP36 141 points

Guys is the kid alright

hungry_lobster 1 point

Yeah he’s fine. He’s fighting CM Punk in a couple weeks.

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Jeezbag -6 points

"I just had an idea". Yeah you're claiming ownership of it. As if you are the one who thought of it

hungry_lobster 5 points

Why in the fuck does it matter? I didn’t claim to have been the first. Your negative ass must have a lot of friends.

Jeezbag -4 points

You tried to plagiarise a hacky idea and make it like your own in an attempt to be the cool guy in the community, because you're a loser who Has no friends because you steal everyone else's jokes

hungry_lobster 3 points

You seem like the type of guy who uses a troll persona as a defense mechanism because nobody really likes him. Probably,(correct me if I’m wrong), especially women. So you talk shit at every opportunity. You actually seem a little intelligent so you think that’s your pass to be a dick. Like everyone else’s ideas and opinions are below yours. The signs are all there: your negativity to strangers. Your willingness to go into a conversation uninvited just to give your opinion. A grown man who watches wrestling almost addictively, it seems like. Subscribed to troll subs. You’re pretty smart man. You should use it as a virtue instead of conveying this “my ideas are better than yours” thing you got going.

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Berry_Mentats 2 points

Might I recommend 5/3/1 NTW, BBS? It's a 4x full body routine with similar format to PHUL (2 intense days followed by 2 hypertrophy days). You won't feel the urge to add extra weightlifting after doing those 2 hypertrophy days (10 sets of each squat, bench, deadlift, press).

hungry_lobster 1 point

I’ll absolutely check it out! But I’m seeing varying formats. Do you have a link to any specific one?

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