How my son shovels by Jloconnor88 in funny

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This is how they became extinct.

Fetch isn’t really his strong point by Chewbeckahh in aww

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How can you catch the ball if you fear the ball?


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I'm on a boat!

A doge has no name by dhruveishp in aww

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See no evil, smell no evil, bark no evil.

Beetles by yuergusoknow in pics

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Squeeze them to make some beetlejuice.

For anyone wondering what the actual size of a kiwi is. by TyeKon in pics

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If only it was filled with that tasty green fruit.

Justice....not served. by [deleted] in gifs

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Not my job...oh, wait.

Lil’ Pump is 17 and his concerts are 18+. by euan3704 in Showerthoughts

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When you jerking it and trying to hide it, you use lil' pumps.