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iKobo commented on a post in r/nier
TheTyGoss 6 points

Where can you listen to this?? I searched Spotify high and low and I couldn't find it?

iKobo 5 points

Unless you have the physical CD soundtrack, you're gonna have to listen on youtube. I'm still holding out for a spotify release too.

iKobo 4 points

This ins't the original soundtrack and though its not terrible for a remix/cover, it doesn't compare to the official OST at all.

DDrift 3 points

Congrats ! It is really a nice pic .... something cool and beautiful for you home deco :D

BTW.... looks like it is the "FFXV Windows Edition Technical Director & Lead Programmer, Takeshi ARAMAKI" instead:

For Japanese names, surnames always comes before names. It is customarily for people move the surname after the name when it comes to communication in western languages (think of Nomura - on Japanese websites, he is referred to as "NOMURA Tetsuya" whilst on English websites, the featured name becomes "Tetsuya NOMURA"), so it can be confusing for non-Japanese speakers sometimes.

iKobo 2 points

Thanks for the detailed reply and translation. You're right, if he is indeed one of the leads on the Windows Edition then it would make a lot more sense for his to be the other signature. I'll throw it onto twitter too.

DDrift 2 points

No prob !

It's very nice of you to acknowledge them :D

You should really be proud of your snapshot ! Congrats again !

iKobo 3 points

Of course, the least I can do for the people that brought this game to life. Thank you!

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iKobo commented on a post in r/pcgaming
ongoingwhy 121 points

I think we're safe. Capcom has been releasing their games on Steam after all. They should know that some of us only buy games on Steam.

iKobo 39 points

I really hope you're right, but just the fact that they stated "Distribution Platform" without automatically assuming its Steam is scary.

vivaldindahood 2 points

Persona 5. i7-3930k and GTX 1080. 2560x1600 60fps.

Where the fuck do I sign up for this

iKobo 1 point

Im glad that you agree, because it seems most other people on this subreddit have a hatred for PC for whatever reason. Do they not want to see P5 succeed even more and play even better in the process?

AyushYash 3 points

We'll get a PC release. I am still very much confident about this.

Edit:- Why this post getting downvoted? What does it say to offend this subreddit?

iKobo 6 points

Im asking myself that question too. Do people love exclusivity THAT much?

iKobo commented on a post in r/KingdomHearts
KrzyItachi 19 points

Does that mean all the games are packaged together? I’m confused what they meant by that

iKobo 2 points

It could be, but it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to have a full collection on KH3’s launch. Only because Square pushed hard with all of the PS4 ports last year in order to get everyone prepared for KH3 by the time its released.

When it finally does they’re gonna want everyone playing KH3 over the previous games.

iKobo commented on a post in r/KingdomHearts
_infavol -10 points

Optimistic, but it is an e3 trailer so take it with a grain of salt.

Edit: Y'all I'm excited for this game and think it looks amazing, but you can't deny past examples of games not looking at release like they do at e3.

iKobo 22 points

The “downgrade” is usually exclusive to ubisoft’s e3 demo’s.

Theres no evidence that KH3 will be downgraded at all. It looked goddamn beautiful, the character models in particular, but its not as if the PS4 cant render this level of detail. Look at God of War or Uncharted 4 just for example.

iKobo commented on a post in r/h3h3productions
fistacorpse 3 points

Do you know where / when he talked about that?

iKobo 3 points

I remember that he admitted to leaving his doctor’s checkup until it was too late during his very first diagnosis announcement back in 2013. I believe he also said the same thing on the H3 podcast last year.

KCHONEYBADGER1982 308 points

I will forever call it South Park Der Stab.

iKobo 173 points

Im quite surprised that The Stick of Truth is even allowed on German shelves. With how many Nazi jokes there are throughout the game.

Koslans 35 points

As a casual, the series seem to be pretty decent.

iKobo 35 points

My post may be satire, but that's what makes Dark Souls great. You may start out as a casual player but once you learn enough about the game mechanics and enemy placements then the game becomes pure joy to play through.

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iKobo commented on a post in r/lifeisstrange
iKobo 92 points

Hey Ashley, as a writer for LiS im curious to know your opinion on if someone new to the series should play through the games in chronological order (Farewell, BtS, Season 1) or in reverse (Order of release).

I ask this because im sure that if a new player were to playthrough the series starting from Chloe's perspective then they might have a completely different take on the story and characters than someone starting as Max, years later.

Anyway thanks for the AMA, big fan of Chloe, Aloy and Tina!

OmegaX123 4 points

Did you just come from watching Jesse Cox and Dodger's playthrough of Farewell to ask that? Because they talked about exactly that at the end.

iKobo 2 points

Wow.. You got me. But yeah that finale did get me thinking.

iKobo commented on a post in r/KingdomHearts
iKobo 1 point

I find it hard to take this list seriously when they list goddamn Tetris as the 3rd greatest game of all time. Like i'm not saying Tetris is a bad game but c'mon, you have games that achieve so much more (KH2 for example) that are ranked waaay lower than that.

iKobo commented on a post in r/SugarPine7
iKobo 1 point

Should've caught this post earlier but I did get to watch the video before it was removed. It wasn't a copyright claim, it was actually because the entire 2nd half of the video was completely broken (video stuttering, only the subtitles appearing and video cutting in and out constantly). Im not sure how the video was uploaded in that state, i guess the video file wasn't checked before it was uploaded.

I think i caught the video about 3 minutes after it was uploaded, refreshed the video when it got to the weird and broken part and it had been removed from the SP7 channel.

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