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iKobo commented on a post in r/lifeisstrange
iKobo 88 points

Hey Ashley, as a writer for LiS im curious to know your opinion on if someone new to the series should play through the games in chronological order (Farewell, BtS, Season 1) or in reverse (Order of release).

I ask this because im sure that if a new player were to playthrough the series starting from Chloe's perspective then they might have a completely different take on the story and characters than someone starting as Max, years later.

Anyway thanks for the AMA, big fan of Chloe, Aloy and Tina!

OmegaX123 4 points

Did you just come from watching Jesse Cox and Dodger's playthrough of Farewell to ask that? Because they talked about exactly that at the end.

iKobo 2 points

Wow.. You got me. But yeah that finale did get me thinking.

iKobo commented on a post in r/KingdomHearts
iKobo 1 point

I find it hard to take this list seriously when they list goddamn Tetris as the 3rd greatest game of all time. Like i'm not saying Tetris is a bad game but c'mon, you have games that achieve so much more (KH2 for example) that are ranked waaay lower than that.

iKobo commented on a post in r/SugarPine7
iKobo 1 point

Should've caught this post earlier but I did get to watch the video before it was removed. It wasn't a copyright claim, it was actually because the entire 2nd half of the video was completely broken (video stuttering, only the subtitles appearing and video cutting in and out constantly). Im not sure how the video was uploaded in that state, i guess the video file wasn't checked before it was uploaded.

I think i caught the video about 3 minutes after it was uploaded, refreshed the video when it got to the weird and broken part and it had been removed from the SP7 channel.

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Taylor555212 18 points

No lie, used to work night shift. After about 1100 hours of War Thunder I was getting a little tired of spending my nights off dogfighting.

Started watching Game of Thrones and while working 48 hours per week, I managed to get all the way through seasons 1-5 in about 3 weeks. It was glorious. Just an entire 12-14 hours spent watching GoT.

iKobo 24 points

Literally being paid to watch GoT, you're living the dream

iKobo commented on a post in r/gameofthrones
WestenM 5 points

Oh fuck I forgot about her. Where the fuck is TWOW?

iKobo 16 points

Locked away in GRRM's basement. Only months away, and a few more months, a few more years. It is never coming. Just like winter :(

[deleted] -28 points


iKobo 7 points

Why does every comment thread on reddit always lead to an argument. The blur effect is what is applied when you pause the game. This is just a low res screenshot from a PS4, it doesnt represent the game being rendered at 1080p. I've always played Witcher 3 at ultra on PC and was actually quite happily surprised by how well it holds up graphically on PS4.

[deleted] -20 points


iKobo 7 points

I am sincerely sorry that I have offended you with my harmless reddit post

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Lhaus-Azkaban 16 points

It's discounted so I'm pretty sure it's how a sale works plus it's normally more than the game anyhow

iKobo 24 points

The fact that the season pass is double the price of the base game is a fucking joke in itself

Lhaus-Azkaban 1 point

I would agree but it could be worse $60 for game and then $120 for season pass

iKobo 4 points

eh, sounds like a realistic thing for Bethesda to do nowadays

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