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You didn't see the video, yet you knew the contents of it? And no, not allowed. The person giving clues is allowed a single word per partner guess.

Edit: Guys, he forgot to say 'full video' and said 'video' instead. If you read words and put it all together, he is saying he never saw the video at all. Clearly that isn't the case.

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Work on your reading comprehension

No joke. BSG was a slog through desperation for sure, so they have that in common, but in BSG there was always a something to work towards - always the sense that no matter how bad things got, there was a light at the end of the tunnel if they could only just hold on. In TWD I’m always thinking “why bother doing anything? Nothing ever works or makes anything any better.” Whatever the characters attempt will fail spectacularly, any perceived glimmer of hope is only a cheap attempt by the writers to bait you into emotionally investing so they can milk that investment for drama.

They’re working towards what? Avoiding getting murdered long enough to be dirt farmers? Such plot, much excitement, wow

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BSG was great overall but the last couple seasons were pretty rough in my opinion.

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Not only that. He also voices the second character imitating the first without sounding the same, which is the really difficult part.

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Yeah it's amazing how all these people can watch the same video and not realize what the actual impressive part was.

Doing incline presses on a smith machine feels godly, because the machine is angled, it stretches your chest more and overall it's just a good movement.

I strictly do lunges on the smith machine because it allows me to load up the weight without being scared of the weight falling off my back or my forearms not being able to hold onto 100's while i walk around.

I'm sure you'll find many more, I've seen plenty of big guys doing rows, rack pulls etc all on the smith machine. It has a lot of uses.

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The reason the smith machine is considered trash isn't because you can't do anything on it, it's because all of those movements are better and safer using a regular barbell. Smith machine incline press can be dangerous for your rotator cuffs because you are locked into a specific bar path. Same thing for squats/lunges for your knees. Probably the only movement that's basically the same is power shrugs because it's such a short range of motion. But for real all those things you mentioned are much healthier just using a barbell. If you need a spotter just ask someone at the gym.

I personally disagree. I do pre-hab on my shoulders and I've been doing those movements for years. Watch a video on proper form and you'll be fine. I agree barbell is probably what most people should use, but I'm just arguing that the smith machine isn't useless.

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I'll admit they are useful for some extremely specific cases, but for the vast majority of people they're just tempting them to injure themselves which is why a lot of people suggest not using them.

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the 3.3kg per flight saved by removing an olive from every meal (let's just say 300 meals, 1 11gram olive removed from each) multiplied by every long distance flight the airline does over the course of a year, roughly 2,444,500 flights.

you end up carrying 8,066,850 kilograms less weight per year simply by not having the olives.

every penny adds up. there's a reason they are called bean counters.

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clearly you have never worked in a field where these decisions happen. Nobody makes decisions like that to save such small amounts of money. The cost of implementing something like that would be way more than what you save.

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That is it exactly. Obviously it is all tricks and slight of hand, so obviously they knew it is slight of hand.

What matters is whether they can tell what it is exactly that he did, which usually means using a move they are not familiar with or can't spot.

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Well part of the problem is that they might know how a trick is done even if they couldn't actually see the moves

What can pedals do that an amp can't? Let's go with the Line 6 Spider as an example

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So I owned a Line 6 spider for a while and it's a really great starting amp because you get to experiment with different sounds and figure out what kind of style you like to play and things like that. It's also a great option if you're not super picky about your tone, but guitar tone is one of those things where once you dive into it, it's really hard to go back. Basically people get extremely particular about the tone that they want and different pedals are one way that they choose their tone. So the short answer is that it's less about what it can do, and more about the tone.

It was hyperbole to show how pointless of a statement comparing eating something to a vaccine is.

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I really hope you're only like 15 or something which would excuse your behavior but no, if they're comparing the levels of formaldehyde from metabolites it wouldn't matter whether it was ingested or injected directly into your bloodstream.

You eat pears straight into your blood stream?

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Never comment on reddit again please thanks

Caffiene Free Coke and Caffiene Free Dew? I work for coke so I know the former is a thing in several varieties but Dew is like half caffiene.

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Mountain dew actually doesn't have that much caffeine

Or water?

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Coffee actually decreases appetite but yeah coffee and water is the way to go

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Hello, I know you mean no disrespect, but black Americans aren't typically referenced as "Afro Americans". Black or African-American is appropriate though. :)

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You're probably young. This dude grew up in the 60's at which point Afro-American was the socially correct term. In fact a lot of older black men prefer to be called Negro because that was the correct term for them.

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That doesn't make a lot of sense to me and I'm not sure I can articulate why... my brain doesn't accept new information like it used to. Mind breaking that down for me please? Is it basically dropping the a d and g down two frets? I'm so embarrassed I'm having such a hard time with this.

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I have no idea what your question is. Open E tuning is tuning the A D and G strings up not down. What are you even trying to figure out?

Honestly, some of the jazzier stuff a few have just thrown my way of SRV’s I hadn’t heard. I definitely have more respect for his phrasing and vocab from a jazz aspect than I had before. It was never about technical ability like playing fast because I think the fast and clean as fuck sound is SRV.

I suppose I just enjoy the way I’ve seen MK sit in that particular style where it’s more geared toward the note choice and phrasing. His tedX has a really jazzy opening, but funny enough slips into a tune that is quite pentatonic. Nothing wrong with it of course.

End all, I’m walking back my statement after hearing some stuff because obviously SRV’s vocab runs as deep as anyone’s. I suppose still prefer the way MK stays on the jazzy side of blues more often tho.

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Yeah, I mean this with no disrespect but you need to listen to more SRV if you think he didn't have depth. He is probably the most talented blues/rock guitarist to ever live. This guy is a lot better than I was expecting but swapping through modes and stuff is really not that difficult, people just like to think that jazz is somehow more technically difficult than other styles.

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I personally would say jazz is often more technically difficult than most other styles. I guess the actual technique of hopping modes isn’t technically difficult to a very experienced guitarist, but the forethought and use of specific modes (often while changing keys as jazz does) in an improvisational manner isn’t quite “not difficult”. That doesn’t mean people can’t be really talented within their own style like blues or pop. I just wouldn’t go so far as saying jazz shmazz.

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I guess I wasn't exactly clear. I do think that jazz is it a bit more technically difficult but only to an intermediate player. Switching modes in a tasteful manner is much harder than just sitting in the blues scale but an advanced player does so much more that is WAY more difficult that switching modes. I guess my point is that after a certain level of technical proficiency it doesn't matter WHAT you're playing it's how you play it that will demonstrate your skill.

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Calories in fat are only about 40% efficient though.

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That's complete bullshit. Never repeat that to another person

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It's perception, though. Not just straight content. In nature wouldn't more sugary foods typically have more calories? If that's the case it would make sense that our brains associate sugar with calories even when it's not true. I mean, things like cheese aren't something that exists in nature.

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Fatty foods contain more calories than sugars, so no.

With all due respect to Hobb, whom I totally adore and worship, this is a subjective thing. Liveships, imo, are key, and the op has read them.

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So if I only read Farseer and Tawny man do you recommend I read liveship traders before moving to Fitz and the Fool?

I would. Liveships, their history, etc., are a huge part of the endgame. I think you'd miss a lot without that.

Also, they're really, really, REALLY good.

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Ok thanks. Yeah I've heard they're good but I just love the main characters so much that I'm afraid I won't like Liveships as much. I'll give them a chance though

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Hate to say this but you sound like a high school student who just took an intro physics class and is trying to sound intelligent.

Tons of us fall in the middle. I find it disingenuous to insist we pick the label used by one extreme and not the other. Or a third label.

I am not pro life. I am not pro choice. I’m pro reason.

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Pro-choice just means that you think it should be an option

It usually means you think it should always be an option. Some think it should only sometimes be an option.

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That's fair, but that's a much more productive conversation to have than what we currently have. Right now it's just pro-choice v. pro-life and nobody actually discusses the policy of it.

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It's not even mixing up the songs, it's the fact that you can hear two seconds of guitar of an AC/DC song you've never heard before and immediately know it's AC/DC.

More a recognition of their distinctive style, but I can't think of any band for which you can recognize simply by the sound of the guitar.

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You definitely don't listen closely to the sound of guitar if you can't recognize other bands by guitar. Most guitarists can recognize very small tone differences.

no shit it's a business. what i said still stands. I see less players using Season "rewards" than i do actually using any of them. Even the banners.

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That's cause the banners are trash. I still love the blue wheels because it was a huge accomplishment to get to rising star and they look awesome. Most of the rewards since those wheels have been extremely underwhelming because psyonix has realized that they make a ton of money off of keys so they don't want to make the rewards better than the items people pay for. This game is starting to fall into the trap that TF2 did and hate it.

-1 points · 3 months ago

I have about 1,800 hours in this game. Skill-wise, getting champ rewards is completely trivial. The ~50 games RL suddenly insists I play to be eligible for rewards I've earned for six consecutive seasons is a chore. RL insists on making this aspect a chore rather than the old system which instantly recognized your highest rank. Either way, the vast majority of time I spend playing is in playlists I actually enjoy.

I don't want to hear you babble about your philosophy of gaming when RL has deliberately changed to enforce the grind.

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I think that forcing players to win a certain number of games in a rank before getting the rewards is actually a good idea, but the way they implemented it was horrible. If you start out in champ, you shouldn't have to grind your way through the bronze/silver/gold/etc. wins before getting champ rewards. It should be something like you have to win 10 games in the rank before you get the rewards. If you start out at champ and win 10 games then you get all the rewards. If you win 10 in diamond and then get promoted to champ, now you have to win 10 to prove you're actually champ level.

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Original Poster3 points · 3 months ago

haha I know swearing is permitted, but to be honest its something I try not to do, especially on a forum that may be primarily younger people.

In regards to the issue, I don't believe it is a local issue as it has happened to just about all the people I play with, East Servers. Now it is usually something that probably happens once a month, but since the tournament update it probably occurs once a week, it was never as bad as yesterday.

But on the chance it may help, how exactly would verify the game cache?

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Censoring a word like that doesn't do anything. It's still clear what the intended word is so it's not protecting any young people or anything. If you don't want to swear then just say shoot or any other non swear word. Saying s#it is just pointless.

I’m still mad they killed off Sam 😤

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What? Sam didn't die

Seriously. I am not much of a Pink Floyd fan and the fucking hero worship they get around here is ridiculous

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To be fair though, they did put out four of the greatest albums of all time plus one of the most underrated albums of all time.

In other words, if the hole world switched to Electric for transportation, demand would drop by almost 73%.

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Not gonna happen in our lifetime

Who upvotes this shit?

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You think someone who can bench 500 pounds can't deadlift 600?

1 point · 3 months ago


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Yeah obviously...that's the point though. If you can deadlift 600 pounds you have a stronger grip than most rock climbers

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