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iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
lohkeytx -1 points

no shit it's a business. what i said still stands. I see less players using Season "rewards" than i do actually using any of them. Even the banners.

iMpThorondor 2 points

That's cause the banners are trash. I still love the blue wheels because it was a huge accomplishment to get to rising star and they look awesome. Most of the rewards since those wheels have been extremely underwhelming because psyonix has realized that they make a ton of money off of keys so they don't want to make the rewards better than the items people pay for. This game is starting to fall into the trap that TF2 did and hate it.

DBroc5 -1 points

I have about 1,800 hours in this game. Skill-wise, getting champ rewards is completely trivial. The ~50 games RL suddenly insists I play to be eligible for rewards I've earned for six consecutive seasons is a chore. RL insists on making this aspect a chore rather than the old system which instantly recognized your highest rank. Either way, the vast majority of time I spend playing is in playlists I actually enjoy.

I don't want to hear you babble about your philosophy of gaming when RL has deliberately changed to enforce the grind.

iMpThorondor 2 points

I think that forcing players to win a certain number of games in a rank before getting the rewards is actually a good idea, but the way they implemented it was horrible. If you start out in champ, you shouldn't have to grind your way through the bronze/silver/gold/etc. wins before getting champ rewards. It should be something like you have to win 10 games in the rank before you get the rewards. If you start out at champ and win 10 games then you get all the rewards. If you win 10 in diamond and then get promoted to champ, now you have to win 10 to prove you're actually champ level.

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iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
bigdefmute 4 points

haha I know swearing is permitted, but to be honest its something I try not to do, especially on a forum that may be primarily younger people.

In regards to the issue, I don't believe it is a local issue as it has happened to just about all the people I play with, East Servers. Now it is usually something that probably happens once a month, but since the tournament update it probably occurs once a week, it was never as bad as yesterday.

But on the chance it may help, how exactly would verify the game cache?

iMpThorondor 1 point

Censoring a word like that doesn't do anything. It's still clear what the intended word is so it's not protecting any young people or anything. If you don't want to swear then just say shoot or any other non swear word. Saying s#it is just pointless.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
ArchdukeAwesomeSauce 7 points

Seriously. I am not much of a Pink Floyd fan and the fucking hero worship they get around here is ridiculous

iMpThorondor -1 points

To be fair though, they did put out four of the greatest albums of all time plus one of the most underrated albums of all time.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/science
[deleted] -5 points


iMpThorondor 1 point

You think someone who can bench 500 pounds can't deadlift 600?

[deleted] 1 point


iMpThorondor 1 point

Yeah obviously...that's the point though. If you can deadlift 600 pounds you have a stronger grip than most rock climbers

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iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
HicksLV426 1 point

Well sperms perhaps aren’t just cells, and they have the ability to the a participator in the creation of life, but they are not human themselves. Unit they mix with eggs, they are only and only sperm.

How is a zygote not human? Is it a potential elephant? Dolphin? No, it’s human and has a n unique individual genetic code.

iMpThorondor 1 point

I don't think I'm going to change your mind on anything and I don't really intend to, but basically the zygote actually doesn't really develop certain human characteristics until later development. Yes, genetically it's homo sapien but the whole basis of this argument is what you consider to be a human being. I'll admit this is a poor example, but if you cut off my hand and put it on ice that hand is a bunch of living human cells. Would you consider it a human being? Probably not. The point is that the abortion argument is a huuuuge grey area and while I don't blame anyone for being against it, I don't think it should be illegal because I think there are situations where it is for the best.

HicksLV426 1 point

Your hand being cut off is YOUR cells. It is YOU. A zygote has its OWN UNIQUE genetic code. It is not YOU. It is THEM.

Not trying to be an ass. But I’ll agree, that was a really poor example.

iMpThorondor 1 point

Oh that wasn't my point. It's more a question of what do you consider a human. Are any collection of living human cells considered a human being? Where do you draw the line?

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iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
joyrida12 13 points

You didn't derank because they disconnected, you lost MMR because you lost the game. Should the other team not rank up because a person on the other team left? Of course they should they won the game.

This will never be a thing because the ranking system is solely based on wins/losses and the difference between the two teams MMR. It doesn't take into account anything else as it should be.

iMpThorondor 5 points

Who upvoted this comment? Clearly we all understand how the ranking system works currently, that's not the point of this person's post. Are you intentionally misunderstanding him? Yes, he lost mmr because he lost the game. Good job pointing that out. His point is that he only lost the game because his teammate disconnected, so why should it count as a loss?

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/todayilearned
runnyyyy 24 points

you kidding me? he was an incredible musician and an amazing guitarist. he played every instrument as well. he might not have been on hendrix level, but sure as fuck was amazing

iMpThorondor -1 points

Prince is absolutely a great musician, but he's really not that amazing of a guitar player.

digitalmofo 2 points

I'm not here to compare him to Jimi or anyone else, but Prince was an amazing guitarist.

iMpThorondor -1 points

In order to call someone an amazing guitarist you have to compare him to people who are amazing guitarists and Prince doesn't really come close

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Unseen_but_heardYYES -9 points

you can buy what you want, buy keys and then trade them for items you want

iMpThorondor 7 points

Don't support the system

Unseen_but_heardYYES -8 points

It’s literally a way to buy things you want

iMpThorondor 6 points

It's literally a way to buy something that you can then trade for the things you want, which is not the system that I will support.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
glovesoff11 33 points

The game has locked up 3 times since the latest update and I keep getting banned from matchmaking for it. BUUUUULLLLLSHIT

iMpThorondor 1 point

stop playing. it's the only way to get psyonix's attention. They won't fix things until it starts affecting their bottom line.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
[deleted] 192 points


iMpThorondor 12 points

Eugenics on reddit is not a new thing at all. I'm surprised you haven't seen it before since your account is 5 years old. Since I started using reddit there has been a pretty constant approval of at least some form of eugenics. It's kinda sad.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/Basketball
NissinNoodles 1 point

What is the set point? Where I catch the ball before I shoot?

iMpThorondor 1 point

Basically where you set the ball before you shoot it, but to be honest it's not a huge deal. Larry Bird basically shot the ball behind his head and he was lights out so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Only thing I noticed is you're leaning back a bit which just from my own personal experience I find I shoot better when I'm actually slightly hunched forward.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/Basketball
iMpThorondor 1 point

In addition to what most people have recommended (squats, deadlifts, box jumps, etc.) something that has helped me is while you are doing those exercises the key is to really focus on exploding. If you're squatting you want to explode out of the hole as fast as possible. Deadlifts you want to rip off the ground. When you go to jump you want to feel the tension build up in your muscles and then release it as quickly as possible. I basically realized that while my legs were very strong, I wasn't actually moving quickly which meant that I wasn't jumping very high.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
FailureToComply0 1 point

It's really not though. 500 calories is already nothing if you're trying to put on muscle, any less and he's going to seriously stunt any beginner gains he could've made.

iMpThorondor -1 points

As someone who was skinny fat and decided to start bulking with a calorie surplus of 500 I can tell you from experience that you end up unnecessarily fat. Beginner gains are largely independent of calorie intake. Beginner lifters will see significant increases in all their lifts even if they're only eating maintenance calories. 500 calorie surplus isn't necessarily bad if you're already pretty ripped and want to maximize your muscular development but for people who are skinny fat putting on additional fat will make you look significantly worse.

FailureToComply0 1 point

Yeah, bulking will add extra fat and you'll end up looking worse temporarially. Losing weight now means he's going to look like shit while he loses weight, end up scrawny, and then have to bulk, continue to look like shit, and then look like shit until he's finished the bulking phase and cut all the excess fat for the second time.

Your body takes time to shift gears. Eating at less than maintenance when you're bulking doesn't mean you're going to lose weight that day, and cut > bulk > cut is going to take longer than a starting bulk and a longer cut. If his goal is to look like a 7th grader, cut now, feel good about yourself, and reach your goals 6 months after than if you have just bulked to begin with.

Edit: my assumption is that, like 90% of the planet, his goal is to look lean and cut, not to have the body of a prepubescent girl, and that skinny fat means negligible muscle mass.

iMpThorondor 1 point

Have you ever worked out before? You sound like the kind of guy who just started lifting and thinks he knows everything. If you bulk properly you will not put on that much excess fat. Sticking with around 300 calorie surplus will allow you to build muscle consistently without adding a lot of fat. If he cuts now, then when he starts bulking at a reasonable rate he will look good for the entirety of his bulk, rather than looking like shit for the entirety of it. Grow up man.

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iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/videos
2147_M 15 points

I live near Quiznos, Subway, Firehouse and Jersey Mike’s. You are correct.

iMpThorondor 0 points

Jersey Mike's is absolute trash and does not deserve to claim that it sells New Jersey style subs.

Johnny_Poppyseed 1 point

Live around the corner from the original jersey mikes. Very rarely go there. Extremely mediocre subs. Cheesesteaks are surprisingly alright though.

iMpThorondor 2 points

Yeah I'm just gonna assume that all these people praising jersey mike's have never lived in an area with actual deli's that make subs because they're not even comparable.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/todayilearned
DesechableMX 6 points

Uh I mean, drinking one every now and then won’t kill you.

iMpThorondor 1 point

Yeah that was kind of my point. Seems like nowadays things are either healthy or so unhealthy you should never consume them ever. There's a huuuuuge middle area. If you live a active lifestyle and work out a lot drinking one vitamin water a day is perfectly ok.

Slaythepuppy 145 points

Taste is going to be subjective. I find them pretty tasty but stopped drinking them when I learned how bad they were for you.

iMpThorondor 34 points

They're not actually that bad for you. No worse than Gatorade and people still drink that.

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/cringe
Saidsker -19 points

The principals office was my house. Sent out at least 3 times a week, suspended multiple times, went to the police office twice and made one teacher cry in front of the class.

Class clowning from beginning to end. The attention crave was real and being funny with a dash on picking on others got me in with the popular kids.

Voted second funniest in the yearbook final yearbook behind this kid i fed jokes to because I retired after getting in too much trouble.

At the height i would come up with jokes that we're tied to the homework and time them perfectly to get the most amount of praise then brush it off like it's nothing to me.

Being like one of 9 colored people in the entire school already made me stand out so I just made use of it.

iMpThorondor 15 points

You sound like the most insufferable type of person

iMpThorondor commented on a post in r/videos
ButtsexEurope 0 points

Well, to prevent knocking, it’s either ethanol or lead. Lead is bad so we’ve decided on ethanol. We need a lot of it for our cars, though.

iMpThorondor 1 point

That's not true at all. We removed lead from gasoline before we added ethanol and you can still buy ethanol free gasoline. Ethanol was added to gasoline for several reasons but primarily as a way to subsidize corn farming. It also serves as an oxygenate for the fuel which reduces the amount of soot and carbon monoxide that is produced from burning the fuel, but it actually reduces the fuel efficiency.

ButtsexEurope 1 point

Ethanol was added to prevent knocking. TEL was cheaper, so we went with that for decades before switching to ethanol. We didn’t use it before because it was expensive.

iMpThorondor 1 point

Just because you make a statement doesn't mean that you are correct. Ethanol was added to gasoline as a replacement for MTBE as an oxygenating agent which reduces the amount of soot and other crap that is formed when you burn hydrocarbons without an oxygenating agent. Ethanol happens to have a relatively high octane number as well which is why we can add it to gasoline without any issues, but that is not the reason it was added. High octane gasoline exists without ethanol and has existed for years without it. TEL was removed from gasoline because we added catalytic converters which burn off any excess hydrocarbons remaining in the exhaust but lead is a poison to the catalyst used so we had to take it out of the gasoline. In order to improve the octane rating of gasoline blends they increased the percentage of branched hydrocarbons and aromatics.

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