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Nurses and techs and anesthesia staff come in and out of cases a lot. Getting supplies we didn’t know we needed, taking brakes etc. most of the time the nurses will do a quick check out overview of what’s the surgery is, what been given (as far as meds/blood products/implants) but they don’t need to know as much. Some orthopedic spine procedures go this long but if you need to take a break as a surgeon you just cover the field with a sterile towel and take your break but you try to make it minimum. But as the surgeon, you’re there as long as the patient is so you try to minimize breaks. You just kinda get used to it.

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I was having dinner at a fancy restaurant when a guest at the next table had a seizure and collapsed to the floor. As it happens, I was having dinner with two orthopaedic surgeons, who both got up to help. They were soon relieved by a neurologist and an emergency medicine specialist who took care of the poor guy. He seemed to recover quickly and was probably fine.

LPT: if you’re going to have a seizure in a restaurant, try to do it close to a national medical association conference.

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As an orthopedist, thank god for the neurologist and em docs. I’m not clueless in that situation but there are definitely better people.

You don’t have to be friends with the people you meet in the first 5 minutes. You can be more selective and make friends with people who want the best for you!

Man, wreck it Ralph, the bad guy montra at the end... got me

Well this is cool, a video I took and posted is top of r/all and someone else reposted it. That’s neat.

Where is this scene taking place? It has basically everything I want in life: a secluded-looking house surrounded by forest, and a solid crop of doggos.

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Deep East Texas my friend

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But being a CDL holder I do totally agree a manual gives you more control over power applied to the wheels

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Fdewr dezrrr

I take people who are hurt and make them better. I take people who are crooked and make them straight, like Forrest Gump.

When I was in school, if I submitted a paper with one reference and it was yahoo news, I’m pretty sure I’d have failed spectacularly.

Not entirely true. As long as your paper supported a liberal narrative, you can make up any source you want and you'd get an A. College has become a breeding ground for liberalism, and it needs to be stopped.

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Yeah that’s what I was meaning about colleges being ridiculous politically. Cite the right source for the right purpose... get offered a job.

Hey! I’m in Longview!

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It used to matter if it was south or north of the loop. I guess they’ve relaxed the liquor laws since then.

Near Lubbock

I’m from west Texas but in New York city for an interview. I’m about 75% sure I was on the other end of the street during the time this photo was taken. Pretty cool.

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Neveah. Ugh.

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I've worked in some pediatrics hospitals and this name has some strange associations with... problems

I know it's late and this comment might not get seen. I was a pizza delivery boy for a mom and pop shop in my local small town. I never knew the old lady who worked there's real name but everyone just called her mommy. All day long phone calls for mommy in thick Italian accents. Anyway, one day after I had worked there for a year and a half, was a good employee and had the full trust of my boss/owner, he handed me a package (not a pizza) and told me to go to the back northwest corner of the cemetery and wait. I waited for 15 minutes and a backwoods fella on a four wheeler came up with his dog and asked if was half_burrito. He took the package and drove back of in the woods and when I got back my boss gave me 30$ and said thanks, get back to the dishes.

Orthopaedic surgery resident - taking care of the hurting, mangled and fractured masses

It's broken, it's fractured, it's whatever you wanna call it. The main question is "is it operative or nonoperative"

As a bone doctor - there is no difference between it being fractured and it being broken. There's not a spectrum that uses different words. Your bone cortex is discontinuous, I don't care if the other doctor say it was 'just fractured.' It's the same thing.

My sister got knocked up by my friend. I guess it was deflection, misappropriated anger, or whatever but I ended up being the one getting yelled at. I was only even there for moral support for my sister and friend.

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