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i_am_half_burrito commented on a post in r/gifs
i_am_half_burrito 395 points

Well this is cool, a video I took and posted is top of r/all and someone else reposted it. That’s neat.

queppu 1 point

Where is this scene taking place? It has basically everything I want in life: a secluded-looking house surrounded by forest, and a solid crop of doggos.

i_am_half_burrito 2 points

Deep East Texas my friend

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midgetpornrocks 2 points

When I was in school, if I submitted a paper with one reference and it was yahoo news, I’m pretty sure I’d have failed spectacularly.

Not entirely true. As long as your paper supported a liberal narrative, you can make up any source you want and you'd get an A. College has become a breeding ground for liberalism, and it needs to be stopped.

i_am_half_burrito 2 points

Yeah that’s what I was meaning about colleges being ridiculous politically. Cite the right source for the right purpose... get offered a job.

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i_am_half_burrito 6 points

I know it's late and this comment might not get seen. I was a pizza delivery boy for a mom and pop shop in my local small town. I never knew the old lady who worked there's real name but everyone just called her mommy. All day long phone calls for mommy in thick Italian accents. Anyway, one day after I had worked there for a year and a half, was a good employee and had the full trust of my boss/owner, he handed me a package (not a pizza) and told me to go to the back northwest corner of the cemetery and wait. I waited for 15 minutes and a backwoods fella on a four wheeler came up with his dog and asked if was half_burrito. He took the package and drove back of in the woods and when I got back my boss gave me 30$ and said thanks, get back to the dishes.

i_am_half_burrito commented on a post in r/AskReddit
i_am_half_burrito 1 point

It's broken, it's fractured, it's whatever you wanna call it. The main question is "is it operative or nonoperative"

i_am_half_burrito 37 points

As a bone doctor - there is no difference between it being fractured and it being broken. There's not a spectrum that uses different words. Your bone cortex is discontinuous, I don't care if the other doctor say it was 'just fractured.' It's the same thing.

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