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Belk Bowl = Best Bowl

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Can anyone see this message?

Thank you /u/belkbowl for our opportunity

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Battered Aggie Syndrome is real

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Can you see this message?


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Wake Forest BallTexas A&M BallBelk Bowl

So I am flipping through my ESPN fantasy app, to easily continue my streak by picking Wake Forest, and I see that they give us a 12% chance of winning. I guess we now know why ESPN is struggling.

Three Reasons why you should pick Wake Forest to win

  1. Texas A&M has not stopped a dual threat QB from a P5 team that was not on probation. (Losses to Alabama, Auburn, and Mississippi State) I cannot imagine them stopping Johnny Manziel Wolford from doing basically whatever he likes. For instance athletically Wolford and MSU's Fitzgerald are similar, and he rushed for 105 yards.

  2. Texas A&M is 1-5 against bowl teams, while mighty Wake Forest is 5-4

  3. Wake Forest is majorly pissed off that they lost to Duke and is looking for blood. While Texas A&M has had low energy Jimbo Fisher on campus, while he isn't coaching the game, his low energy spreads. The Aggie players will not even want to be there tomorrow.

Bonus: Demon Deacons are a better mascot than an Aggie

Seriously Aggies, good luck today, and good luck with your future after the bowl game. /u/belkbowl thank you for making it easy for my school to travel and the opportunity to play in the best bowl game. 8 wins here we come!

P.S.: Do not correct me on grammar, I am on mobile and it is 2:30 AM and RIP to that one turf expert Texas A&M fan

Wake Forest BallTexas A&M BallBelk Bowl


The fling toss is what won Army the game a couple days ago on their two point conversion. This play is all about getting to the outside, and being faster than the defense. The philosophy for this play is the same for the pitch, the sweep, the jet sweep, etc. This play is used when a team knows they have outside leverage. When you see the play below, you will be able to tell by San Diego State’s defensive front that they were so worried about the inside run game. So let us break down Army and their fling.

Understanding Abbreviations

WB: Wing Back

FB: Fullback

TE: Tightend

PST: Playside offensive tackle (towards the play side)

PSG: Playside offensive guard (towards the play side)

C: Center

BSG: Backside offensive guard (away from the play side)

BST: Backside offensive tackle (away from the play side)

ArmyArmy Blocking Scheme for the FlingArmy

Click to enlarge

Formation: Balanced Double Wing (T)

This play is by far the easiest to execute, and can be successful if you know you have outside leverage. As you see in the picture above, and the gif below SDSU packed the defense inside. It was a great offensive call from Army, as no one was even close on the outside. With fling, it is a race to the sideline.


BST: Reach and Run Play Side

BSG: Reach and Run Play Side

C: Reach and Run Play Side

PSG: Reach and Run Play Side

PST: Reach and Run Play Side

FB: Block backside

PSWB: Reach and Run Play Side

BSWB: Orbital motion to the play side, this player receives the toss, and is in red above.

ArmyFling ran against San Diego State to win the gameArmy


I have a blog that I don't use anymore, but the hosting cost is covered the next three years. Anyway the profit off a blog without much work?


Advice needed guys: I want to do something with a college football domain/blog I really don't use anymore but would like to salvage something out of it.

I'd love to maybe write one high quality cfb article a week for it, put an Amazon affiliate link at the end of each article, and market it in the specific niche.

Or I could try to find a way to do automated content and maybe profit 100$ worth of adsense each year but doing no effort. _________________


I love me some Akins, but I can't stop thinking we are going to get embarrassed. I have enjoyed this season but it's crazy how quickly UCF fans expectations have grown. Before the season started I was hoping for 9 wins and maybe beating USF. Winning the division was the ceiling. Now some of us are calling for top 10 or playoffs.

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Original Poster3 points · 8 months ago

You are living in my 2006 but yours is like better man.

Or he could come vacation for a year or two in Winston Salem?

Hopefully Coach Clawson can't see this

Clanga! I want a rematch from the 2011 Music City Bowl!


I think I'm going to go with Florida State. They have two main ones that would have terrified most programs the past four decades knowing they had to play both. Then also you put Clemson in and I think it's the most interesting combination of Rivals.

I know a lot of people would consider Notre Dame but I feel like there's not a lot of hate in most of theirs. But that's my uneducated opinion.

What do you think?


Georgia Tech tried to be the Notre Dame of the south, and it did not work for them. The football schools from the Metro (FSU, South Carolina) were pretty cool as independents with unique schedules.

Is there a program in this modern Era that could succeed as an independent?


These are from the Jerry Palm Bowl Projections, ACC fans where do you think your team ends up?

  • CFP: Clemson
  • Orange: Miami (FL)
  • Gator: NCSU
  • Sun: Wake Forest
  • Belk: Virginia
  • Camping: Virginia Tech
  • Military: Boston College
  • Pinstripe: Louisville

Disclaimer: How pissed are you going to be if FSU does reach 6-6 and jumps a lot of deserving teams just because of namesake? They deserve no better than Shreveport if so...


per ACC Bowl selection process, Florida State can only jump a team with seven wins. So, with that theory and only two make the CFP (and the Citrus doesn't get an ACC team to replace a B1G squad), and Wake, NC State and Louisville all end up with eight wins, FSU could only leap to the Pinstripe Bowl.

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Original Poster3 points · 8 months ago

Alright Duke....

So then why are you so wrapped up whether we go bowling or where our placement is if we do go?

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Original Poster9 points · 8 months ago

Because it affects Wake Forest

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The kids I teach in my classroom are around 11-12 years old. They have witnessed more conference championships won by Wake Forest than Michigan.

1 point · 9 months ago · edited 9 months ago


edit: Win WF! I've been banned for a day for pulling a Baker Mayfield and responding to a instigator NCSU fan in appropriately :/

Wake 7 NCSU 0


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Alright NCSU fans, who wants a flair bet? You know the deal, sign below, one week.

I'm in. Want to add a signature to the bet too?

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If you don't pick Wake Forest vs. Kentucky you're dead to me /u/belkbowl

Original Poster88 points · 9 months ago

As an inanimate object we really can't die (or live).

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That's what club penguin use to say

No one has put the JK Scott rubix cube video up yet?

Great Reminder

Wake Forest has more ACC titles than Miami since they joined the conference in 04...

  • We have a great chance of finishing 8-4, which would be the best season since 2008

  • We could make a ultra rare bowl appearance in Orlando!

  • If we upset NCSU there should be more of a future spotlight on Clawson than Doren. Also it was pretty rash for NCSU to extend him so early.

  • I guarantee we will score lots of points on NCSU and Duke. John Wolford is basically "Johnny Football" lite.

Any opinions?


Dear u/i_love_wake ,

Wanna be best friends?



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Original Poster14 points · 9 months ago

🎵We must hold /u/SuckMyDeac and /u/i_love_wake to the HIGHEST HONOR🎵

I just read the headline and thought "I have so much work to do right now that I can't even see straight. But you know what, someone wants to talk about Wake Forest - who I know nothing about - but I need to see what is going on".

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Original Poster4 points · 9 months ago

Wake Forest and Kstate would be an awesome OOC series

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Wake Forest? :)

Original Poster1 point · 9 months ago

Nope, you are in the ACC, there are no Power 5 small schools

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We are pretty small :)

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