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i_love_wake commented on a post in r/CFB
StealthyGooch 8 points

Sit him the rest of the game. His future is too bright to risk in a meaningless bowl game.

i_love_wake 4 points

Quietly Agrees

Digitaldude555 3 points

I heard something like wake forest has one of the best redzone offenses is that true? No sarcasm.

i_love_wake 3 points


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tjstanley 16 points

I love me some Akins, but I can't stop thinking we are going to get embarrassed. I have enjoyed this season but it's crazy how quickly UCF fans expectations have grown. Before the season started I was hoping for 9 wins and maybe beating USF. Winning the division was the ceiling. Now some of us are calling for top 10 or playoffs.

i_love_wake 3 points

You are living in my 2006 but yours is like better man.

nuttreturns 11 points

per ACC Bowl selection process, Florida State can only jump a team with seven wins. So, with that theory and only two make the CFP (and the Citrus doesn't get an ACC team to replace a B1G squad), and Wake, NC State and Louisville all end up with eight wins, FSU could only leap to the Pinstripe Bowl.

i_love_wake 3 points

Alright Duke....

NoleJawn 4 points

So then why are you so wrapped up whether we go bowling or where our placement is if we do go?

i_love_wake 7 points

Because it affects Wake Forest

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i_love_wake commented on a post in r/CFB
i_love_wake 8 points

Wake 7 NCSU 0

i_love_wake 3 points


i_love_wake 4 points

Leggo Johnny Football Lite

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i_love_wake commented on a post in r/CFB
i_love_wake 1 point

Alright NCSU fans, who wants a flair bet? You know the deal, sign below, one week.

GarretQuillin 1 point

I'm in. Want to add a signature to the bet too?

i_love_wake 1 point


i_love_wake commented on a post in r/CFB
i_love_wake 23 points

If you don't pick Wake Forest vs. Kentucky you're dead to me /u/belkbowl

BelkBowl 88 points

As an inanimate object we really can't die (or live).

i_love_wake 55 points

That's what club penguin use to say

SuckMyDeac 40 points

Dear u/i_love_wake ,

Wanna be best friends?



i_love_wake 12 points

🎵We must hold /u/SuckMyDeac and /u/i_love_wake to the HIGHEST HONOR🎵

Kstate913 5 points

I just read the headline and thought "I have so much work to do right now that I can't even see straight. But you know what, someone wants to talk about Wake Forest - who I know nothing about - but I need to see what is going on".

i_love_wake 5 points

Wake Forest and Kstate would be an awesome OOC series

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i_love_wake commented on a post in r/CFB
i_love_wake 3 points

Wake Forest? :)

purduefan11 1 point

Nope, you are in the ACC, there are no Power 5 small schools

i_love_wake 4 points

We are pretty small :)

i_love_wake commented on a post in r/CFB
i_love_wake -15 points

Wake Forest would rule the G5

bsukappasig 13 points

WF beat a 4 loss G5 team by 1 point...You'd probably do well, but rule? Nah.

i_love_wake -1 points

To be fair it was an instate rivalry game... Anything can happen..

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