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"You guys turned my Prius into a nightmare!"

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It looks like Scarface sneezed on your car!

53 points · 3 days ago

Agreed. That's what I loved about the console version. It was relaxing. It was a slow and steady game, not this frantic rush or spend money clone.

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Is this what the app has turned into? I kinda figured that it was going to start pushing the pay wall more after the second week, so I stopped using it. Haven't been back in a while.

I'm interested in learning more about heroine and the relation users get to the drug, have you used/do you use and if so, would you mind explaining how it affects you? I myself work with opiate addicts trying to get clean so I want to learn as much as possible, I would appreciate it a lot :)

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I remember a quote that always stuck with me: “Heroin is like letting go of a 40 pound suitcase that you had no idea you were carrying."

I’ve narrowed it down to my warrior or paladin. I better hurry up and decide.

That’s not 100% true to be fair. Every once in a while you will see a woman pause ever so slightly, and you instantly know

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I remember back in high school, I said a joke that made a girl laugh sitting across the table from me. All of a sudden, her smile went away, and her eyes went really wide as she paused for a few seconds. She quickly got up and walked out of the classroom. She told me later she had just started her period at that moment.

Eat then breathe. Separately.

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This is what America is about, okay, being able to eat at any rate we want to.

Well, every year is the same, the dry season is ending soon

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My birthday is in late September, which usually means the new seasons of tv shows premiere and the huge franchises like Call of Duty release a new game.

108 points · 13 days ago

I was thinking the same thing....I've seen bears in the wild before, out hunting during deer season here in Vermont. They've been solitude males, but I holy fuck, if I ever see a mama bear and cubs I'll take a single look and GTFO of there.

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42 points · 13 days ago · edited 13 days ago

Black bears live around here. Saw one last week when I went fishing with my buddy at a secluded pond. He was tearing at a dead log, trying to find bug grubs I think. We walked further down the trail. When we were leaving, we saw the bear at the path entrance and stopped. He stared at us, then just casually dipped into the pond 50 ft away. It was hot, so I don't blame him/her. He/she started scrubbing itself. Kinda adorable.

59 points · 15 days ago

Food Lion. Coupons and MVP card. I would buy more bulk items at Sam's Club or Costco. But they are just too far away from where I live.

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Never heard of Food Lion. Is it like Grocery Outlet?

My 2012's hard-drive just shit the bed. You know those rubber pieces on the bottom? Don't let those fall off. They allow dust to get inside and clog it up so then your fans have to work even harder which will cause then to burn out and critical parts of your laptop to over heat :(

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Yeah, my 2013's fan will start blowing really hard if I play a game on it.

I actually jumped on my horde 110 Warrior I haven't played since the start of Legion, to do their pre-patch quest right after seeing it.

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I took my shoulders off my troll priest main, and orc mage. For what are we without honor? I stand with Saurfang.

I think the wanting to get caught part is true. I don’t think he knew they could catch him like that, though. I think he wanted to keep playing his cryptic games.

There’s someone who wrote a book about him and corresponded with her, and he forced her to figure out puzzles to determine if she was worthy enough to talk to.

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Solving puzzles for him? That felt creepy to read. I would watch a movie about that.

I love that show. One of my favorite parts of the new season was pointing to the fact that white girls love to cover rap songs on the acoustic guitar. That’s the low-key sign that Paper Boi is becoming famous.

Idk honestly that cover sounds really cool. Kind of enchanting.

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Oh yeah, definitely. Story is, they asked her to make it as just a joke for the episode. [She ended up impressing the crew with her version by making it her own and they decided to put her whole song in the episode for the credits.

Nice, season 1 was a pleasant surprise. Think I’ll rewatch it.

Yeah, its instrumental. should warned you lol

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I’m planning to just have a chill weekend in air conditioning. I think I found a album to vibe with, thanks.

Man, I loved this game. I would play this and No One Lives Forever on the family computer. Good times.

94 points · 26 days ago

I have a bottle of Liquid Ass I bought years ago. It's too awful to use, even as a prank. It's just like the worst pile of hot, wet shit you've ever smelled. His reaction is perfectly justified.

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My brother had a group of his friends over and I was upstairs. My buddy and I decided to prank them by spraying liquid ass down the open wall perch that looks down into the living room. We did one spray, nothing happened. We did 2 sprays, nothing. The third spray, (I was gagging at this point) they started coughing lightly. They were so polite, they weren’t saying anything. Finally, one of the friends asked if anyone else smelled something like a dead animal. That’s when I laughed and they heard.

The smell is really not worth it unless you get someone like this to get a reaction. I just felt bad cause they were being polite. After I revealed it was the spray, one of them talked about how he was a hospice worker and some of the rooms smelled like that.

Time to bust out the DVD’s and do a marathon of the series.

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