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11 points · 5 hours ago

You're about 50% right.

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Men and women are generally 49% and 51% of the population, respectively.

At least he ment to spell it right.

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Reply Tyrell, Knight of Roses, of House Tyrell of Highgarden, and sworn allies to House Baratheon.

That and the CG at the end was terrible.

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A lot of the CG was terrible. Even during his first fight at the waterfall. Although, I will say there were a lot of interesting visuals, like the holographic sand.

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T-Rex still exists as U-Haul trailer confirmed

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T-Rexs are horrible for moving. They can't carry boxes. They get stuck in doorways. And they eat your children.

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Who just stares at a swing, thats coming towards your face!

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That's the mom who airways and a bunch of questions during a movie or show when the whole thing is about the question they asked.

"Who's the killer?". We don't know yet, that's what the movie is about.

"Are they a bad guy?" We don't know yet, we haven't gotten there, we're supposed to be deciding for ourselves at this point. Every. Time.

Ticketmaster was good at charging people.

So they added a convenience fee because you might as well charge people if it's what you're good at.

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"Yo dawg I heard you like taking advantage of people"

136 points · 5 hours ago

Exactly. It’s as if OP thinks this sub has never seen exceptional cosplay before.

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Or make cosplay that shows soon.

devs confirmed that your cosmetic choices will be limited by your factions. For example, if you are British, you only get access to brownish clothes while germans get access to black/blue-ish color clothes

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Score hidden · 3 hours ago

If you're a Nazi you can only wear Hugo Boss.

To put things simply, the entire campaign to me is summed up by end of the first mission.

They kill off the most fleshed out antagonist the entire series has ever received to make the new guys seem badass and save Halsey for...honestly did she even do anything in the plot?

I'm genuinely drawing a blank. And that's huge considering I have a near perfect memory of all the series prior plots.

Blue Team is underutilized, with their personalities and relationships with Chief rarely, if at all touches upon. Blue Team as a whole feels like they're just there for marketing...except the marketing kept playing up the supposed rivalry between Chief and Locke.

And their fist fight was...what even was that? The opening move was great, then the rest kinda played out like two clumsy men with a little training. Not a super soldier who accidentally maimed and killed a squad of fully trained ODST's as a teenager, and a fully trained ONI operative.

Sanghelios bummed me out because it didnt actually do anything. Locke went there because the Arbiter was Chiefs pal, and they needed to use the Arbiter at some point in the story so he pops up for a few lines, then they leave.

Arbiter, the second playable character in the series relegated to what amounts to a minor cameo. We didnt get to see a reunion after their badass alliance in Halo 3.

Then the sequel hook kinda speaks for itself. They killed off a really well written and fleshed out villain (granted most of it was in the books, the rest in Spartan ops) to replace him with Cortana. Except not Cortana. Except maybe?

The lamest, cheapest twist in the book.

God Halo 5 was a disappointment.

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Halo 5 could've been their Thanos. Heck, halo 4 almost was.

I leave my shit on the counter and eat it at room temperature the next day.

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Ah, a gentlemen who appreciates find culture I see.

100 points · 19 hours ago

It’s cool to see a failed attempt. Adds to the reality and difficulty of what he’s doing.

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Also, a lot of the makeup has an uncanny valley look to it which a lot of people probably call out. I guess it's mainly Erron's makeup actually.

Little more background about the duel:

Abraham used to actually write in the newspaper, occasionally slandering (talking shit) on individuals on political matters. One of those political opponents, James Shields, became furious that Abraham would write such things for everyone to see. He formally challenged Abraham Lincoln to a death match duel.

Lincoln, being a man of honor had two choices, accept the duel, or give up all his honor and pride, decline, and have his name ruined. So he accepted. Lincoln was not much of a fighter, but per duel protocols the challengee gets to choose the weapon. Lincoln having great height advantage 6'4 vs 5'9" choose the sword as he knew he would be beat with a pistol. Dueling was illegal in their state of Illinois, so the match would be held on an island of Mississippi.

Lincoln actually had a professional fencer come and teach him how to sword fight, since he didn't even know the basics of it. The day came and Lincoln was nervous as could be on the island with his sword, hoping that Shields would not show up. Unfortunately... Shields did show up.

Two friends of Lincoln showed up to the island just before the duel and convinced them to try to talk it out instead. Lincoln admitted he had wrote the letters and offered some tea to Shields, then they rode back on the boat to the shore where everyone was waiting to see who was victorious. (as a prank they actually took a log and put a red shirt on it to look like a bloody body as they returned). The crowd was shocked when they saw they had both come back, and Shields and Lincoln erupted in laughter at how stupid the whole thing was over.

This is super important because this was Lincoln's most embarrassing moment in his life, and the time that he vowed to never lie, nor talk behind someone's back again. From then on, he was as we know it, honest Abe.

Idk why I just spent 25 mins typing all that out on my phone, hopefully someone enjoys it as much as I did.

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It's Lincoln trivia. So it isn't exactly pointless. Quite interesting.

652 points · 1 day ago

If you look at her write up for the post you can tell something is off just by the way she describes her feelings and emotions towards him. All she feels is that he is nice and she feels a bit weird. Otherwise there aren't any other emotions describes about this guy, which is a big red flag. And how emotions about her aren't really described (meaning they aren't really there) but he's spending a lot of money on her.

I can sort of see the money thing since some people are into spending money on someone else, but other stuff like the pushiness, or how he wants to whisk her away to a new life but she doesn't even know his name because he won't tell her is like immensely suspicious. If the guy won't tell you his name, let alone while talking about taking you to other countries, that's like, not just a red flag, but a neon flashing sign that says "this guy isn't trustworthy".

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I didn't even catch that. That would send me running as fast as humanly possible. I'd think he'd be trying to kill me for a gang initiation or just liked hurting people. Or at the very least rob me.

I understand that reference.

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That reference always comes in handy.

What worked for you, if I may ask?

Right now my tactic is if she tries to manipulate me for something I'll go get it, but then insist she asks normally before I hand it over. It's so difficult, it's like she has an automatic brain filter that stops her mouth asking for things in the format "Please can I have X?". So many times she'll like mumble 'pls' while grabbing at the thing, and I have to be like "no, that's not it". Feels like teaching a kid, but I'm sticking with it.

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Don't have her ask after you already did it. Have her ask directly right when she doesn't. This works with other things like improper grammar. Basically because you correct right when they say it you start teaching them an association with a negative feeling or the feeling that they need to correct their own behavior.

It's annoying when it's done to you but you start to learn you want to avoid the annoyance and start doing it correctly. It takes a while though. And definitely be happy when they do it right and make sure they know you appreciate it.

Hmp, never knew that was a law. You could always send it to an American you trust as a gift so they can buy groceries.

Then they have enough extra cash to make a donation!

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6 points · 21 hours ago · edited 20 hours ago

I think what you said is money laundering if there's a secret intent on that money then going to politics. So be careful.

If you were giving to someone on something like patreon and they happen to use that money in politics I'm pretty sure that's ok because you don't know for sure how they're going to use their money and the two of you weren't coordinating anything.

Honestly, they've completely torpedoed the WWII feel with their design choices. They should have gone modern or futuristic instead of shoehorning historically inaccurate customization in to what I thought would be a historically accurate shooter. BF1 took some liberties with the weapons but damn if it didn't feel authentic in every other way.

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I agree. But that's because I think World War themed games aren't as popular with battlefield players as people think. And the last game, a lot of my friends ended up playing it for a short period of time. Wasn't super fun for us. Too dark and serious. Which is a bad fit for battlefield IMO.

515 points · 1 day ago

Whats the deal with this sort of thing. Can we just CRISPR ourselves some more copies of these protective mechanisms?

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The best way to approach that would be to find the human who is most immune to cancer and best at preventing cancer and edit genes in people based off of that humans DNA.

I was confused when he said it could only be 64kb or about a single cycle waveform, but then went on to say Wise put in a ton or samples waveforms. I'm not a programmer. Can someone clarify that bit? Did he program the samples in rather than add them as recorded samples?

This sounds like it leaves the Oculus and Vive headsets in the dust, is it all hype or is it genuinely something superior?

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In addition to costing a lot more, this is the first 2nd generation consumer VR headset. Vive pro is more of a 1.5 generation headset. Neither Vive not Oculus have released any details about their 2nd generation headset. Though Oculus has released details on new hardware features they're working on, I don't think they've said which of those are for the 2nd gen or when it will come out or what price.

But they are working on: wider field of view, higher resolution, eye tracking with foveated rendering, controller free hand tracking and body tracking, and real variable focus (the lenses change so that your eyes have to actually change focus when looking at far objects and near objects).

Eye tracking is a huge deal because it allows for foveated rendering which will allow an increase of graphics quality up to 4x -5x or the same graphics running on a lower powered GPU.

9 points · 1 day ago

It lists it's display resolution as "16 million sub-pixels", which may be a better way to present resolution of a VR headset than the current standard of screen resolutions.

So Vive Pro is 4,608,000 (2,880x1,600) full pixels...yesh, that'll be expensive

--Wait, just looked up what Sub-pixel is and it actually makes StarVR's number misleading to an extent. Sub-pixel just means one color pixel. So that would make StarVR's resolution closer to 5.33 million(16m/3) full pixels. Although the distinction is mostly that sub-pixels can be controlled individually for an extremely good anti-alias effect that in most cases should make the screen look at least 30% better than what the Vive Pro could do if StarVR mathematically had the same full-pixel resolution. (although at the extended FOV... I don't want to mess with that math right now >.>)

While the Vive Pro is OLED and can control each individual pixel's brightness for better anti-alias than LCD, being able to control the brightness of sub-pixels should allow much better anti-alias.

Vive Pro 4.6 million pixels, StarVR 5.33 million pixels but with next-gen hardware anti-alias(higher FOV would negate a noteable chunk of that anti-alias advantage though).

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The eye tracking will allow foveated rendering which will allow for much more processing power for rendering too.

This is definitely an A+ Netflix series. Too few of those unfortunately.

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