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im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/NetflixBestOf
TheZiggurat614 1 point

Michael Bay also did A Quiet Place, which had none of that.

im_a_dr_not_ 1 point

John Krasinski directed that

masasuka 1 point

still a score, just the score is either 1 or 0, much like Siskel and Ebert, thumbs up or thumbs down.

im_a_dr_not_ 3 points

Can't argue with that....I mean I could try but .. You know

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im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/Nicegirls
im_a_dr_not_ 1 point

Guys: what the hell do women want? I'll do whatever they say they want

Girls: ughhhhhhhh all guys want is sex

im_a_dr_not_ 2 points

if anyone reading actually has no clue, go to the gym for starters, it goes a long way

ignore_my_bullshit 1 point

Especially of you have no personality.

Edit : Im not making a dig. Seriously.

im_a_dr_not_ [score hidden]

Charming, funny, talented, or intelligent people need to workout just as much (but yes, in the way that you meant it, I concede definitely no personality people or quiet people) because it makes you look good, healthy, and strong.

You like hot looking chicks? Well those hot chicks find strong ripped men just as much. They might say they don't, but they're just playing games - like when you deny you don't want to leave her for that chick with huge boobs, tiny waste, and big round round ass who smiled with the most adorable and sultry expression. Or they might say they don't like muscley men, but what they're really taking about are those rounded out body builder freaks.

Jared Leto or Fight Club Brad Pitt don't have much in terms of middle mass/size but they're absolutely shredded and that look is a no punch knockout. Chris Evans or Hemsworth are usually considered even more attractive, sure, but just being lean (abs, arm muscle "diamond", and 99% of faces look most attractive at low body fat %) is the #1 physical attraction, not muscle size, that's #2. Having decent muscle mass definitely helps though, but leanness is incredibly attractive.

Exercise, especially cardio, is fantastic for your mind. Helps you think clearer and faster. And boosts your mood, which will help you put your all into any work and you'll be liked people (very important that people like you - not all, but some. And that doesn't mean you have to be nice, being funny or not-a-pushover works).

Just aim to be fit. And set your own goal of how fit you want to be. Want to be somewhat fit and simply walk or run for 10-20 min, then do that and see if you want more or just maintain, because some people won't workout at all even if it's for 5 minutes because they think they have to work up to working out 2 hours every single day. No, just start with something.. It's always better than nothing.

And dress well, nothing over the top, but we'll fitted slim clothes look great on most people and give them an attractive friendly auora. Similarly if you have an unfriendly or asshole air about you (typically no eye contact, or stern look, or focused look, or never smiling) then no one will approach you - but it's better to approach. Shows your not a coward, you take what you want, and your confident. Basically be: The Rock (watch his interviews from the recent years, he's not quiet, he's joking around, cracking a smiling occasionally, while being strong and confident), Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, or Matthew McConaughey. Confident, relaxed, playful, not to be messed with, and talk to everyone as of they've been friends for a long time.

Confident means stand your ground while keeping a light non serious relaxed attitude. But don't be pushy about it or defensive. It's like the saying "be yourself," which really means if you say something (and you really mean it/believe it) and someone says they disagree with that or they don't like that don't be pushed over. Stick with your guns. And people might give you shit (but don't get defensive, just joke and stay relaxed - that's confidence), but then they'll start respecting you more. However, don't overdo it. If you never budge on anything, then your the worst. If they really persuade you on something, then do change sometimes. But don't be a pushover and change with everything. Be a bit stubborn. But at the same time compromise is ok sometimes.. It's all a balancing act as you truly get to know yourself as what really matters to you that you won't frequently budge on, while finding out what doesn't really matter and you're actually fine with changing.

I mean if you say you love transformers (and you actually - very important part of that) and someone says that you have awful taste and can't believe that's your favorite movie, then say haha I know! My taste is great, that's a fun flick...who knows why your movie taste is so odd. You're not in the wrong, even though they're making it look like that at first, it is them who are in the wrong. I mean they have bad taste in movies and are trying to say you do - don't get defensive though. Just push your passion more. Showing your genuine passion for whatever makes that person very attractive, even just as friends, and is a powerful way to persuade someone to see it that way and like it to.

You know how The Rock will get really into talking about something and show how much hes into, like really get into it with: being overcome with joy when talking about it, taking a lot about details of it and their personal stories and favorite parts of it, and using a lot of big body language when talking about it. It's incredible attractive both sexually and non sexually. And a great way to persuade people when someone attacks your passion. Improv classes are really great at bringing this out of anyone. TL;DR for this paragraph: be passionate and show it, be relaxed and laid back but fun in social situations. Lighten up.

And of course, make money, be social (a key to meeting women is always being social by talking to everyone not just talking to when), lighten up (even when someone casually verbal attacks, because when you become serious about it that means they've gotten to and have basically won) and do some manly shit. You don't have to do much these - killing a spider counts. And don't get stuck on one person that you can't get a date with. After a while after move one, this is very important. This will make more women interested because you'll look like you might be the one that's going to get away. Plus if you have many women interested in you then you look more appealing. It's like "if all the people like this thing, then it must be good" vs no one being interested and people wondering why no one else is interesting and thinking there's something wrong they just don't know about. Of course someone might try to throw some shade and say you're slutty or that they don't like Sam liking you and thus being around around you (because they don't like that) but they actually are saying that because they're interested in your/don't want to lose you from them.

Also good: play an instrument or sing, no neckbeard and no hats, have a little beard gruff or short beard, meditation (study after study have shown that meditation actually changed your brain after only 8-12 weeks, it increases grey matter which they can see on fMRIs), travel, diving, DIY home improvement, auto hobby, have a dog(only if you actually want one and can take care of), less porn, less video games, and more being the person who is helping yourself instead of waiting for help - even if you do actually need it

A lot of. This self improvement for attraction is actually really great for work/business too. Being well liked = more slack, more raises, better treatment. Same for being good looking too actually (studies show hot people get raises and promotions waaay easier). So funny enough being the best you in life and someone that being enjoy the company of is what's attractive, not some secret things to do specifically to attract women. Be the guy that everyone wants to be around/work with and respects, and you won't even have to think about women.

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/business
test6554 6 points

My understanding is that if someone robs a convenience store. The police get the video footage from the store's security cameras and they run it through Amazon's facial recognition software to try and identify the robber. They have to physically go to the store that was robbed and get the footage. There is no live feed from stores to police databases. So it's all after-the-fact.

Or they run footage from police body cameras through Amazon's facial recognition software after-the-fact to try and identify a suspect that got away.

What I don't think they are doing or are capable of doing today is running live police body cam footage or live private security camera footage through Amazon's facial recognition software and cross-referencing it with known arrest warrants or persons of interest to notify police where certain people have been last seen in real time.

Even if they could do this last thing, I don't see how it is any different from license plate readers.

im_a_dr_not_ 5 points

They could run all of the live feed footage through the software and just wait for the results on a delayed basis.

getting-smart 3 points

The thought of that AWS bill just made me twitch

im_a_dr_not_ 1 point

Unless they offer it as a free service but have it cost per person found (person of interest, wanted, warrant out on them...)

Or have it as a subscription model.

And just have a cap on the amount of video submitted before additional cost.

The software could even be offered as a downloadable application at some point to reduce cost of broadband.

But I hope it's very limited and it's used as a very specific tool rather than an always used 24/7 tool.

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/funny
Probably_FlatEarther 21 points

Yeah, but you can buy a phone someone else stole, thus buying a stolen phone.

im_a_dr_not_ 29 points

Or steal it from them. If it's stolen twice, it cancels out and it isn't stolen.

Wertsir 1 point

Perhaps I killed a Thief and stole it from him.

im_a_dr_not_ 1 point

So I can't take the phone but someone could kill you and it'd cancel out...or waaaaaait. That would mean you couldn't kill yourself because it would cancel out. No fall damage brah

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im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/mildlyinfuriating
im_a_dr_not_ 6 points

What's up with people who take a picture for you and stand there for fifteen whole seconds, but when you look at the pictures it's ONE picture. One crappy picture. Like your not gonna run out of "film" or space. And what were you doing all that time of you weren't snapping away? The phones locked and you press one button. And shit, you have one of these too, it's not like it's some alien technology I just handed you and said you have to manipulate it's flargorks while thinking thinking happy thoughts to it.

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/gaming
KaizenGamer 5 points

Absolutely this. I can't believe how much they fucked with her face in Halo 5.

im_a_dr_not_ 1 point

I don't remember, did they make her ugly or something? Trying to be PC or something (I've been sitting here trying to figure out how to make that a PC/Xbox joke forever now but I'm just not clever enough)

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/movies
jmsturm 75 points

They didn't have Michael Bay on set for Deadpool 2.

The extra $40M is just for explosions

im_a_dr_not_ 38 points

They didn't have Michael Bay on set for Deadpool 2.

The extra $40M is just for cocaine


korny4u 1,452 points

I don't understand how they are recouping the money on these massive movie budgets.

im_a_dr_not_ 78 points

Netflix is in almost every country in the world. There are 125 million Netflix subscribers.

But they're still racking up debt I believe - because they're building their own library of content they own in order to rely less on licencing content. This will save them a ton of money over time.

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/worldnews
AntiWarr 37 points

I thought computer scientists may have solved the mystery behind Cuban sonic 'attacks'. These China 'attacks' could be more of the same

A team of computer scientists from the University of Michigan may have solved the mystery behind strange sounds heard by American diplomats in Havana, who later suffered a variety of medical disorders.

Professor Kevin Fu and members of the Security and Privacy Research Group at the University of Michigan say they have an explanation for what could have happened in Havana: two sources of ultrasound — such as listening devices — placed too close together could generate interference and provoke the intense sounds described by the victims.

im_a_dr_not_ 2 points

That explains it. Except for the part where the victims experienced changes to their brain or mild brain trauma...

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/aww
defunktpistol 0 points

Ha, this is my boyfriend. He always gives me the cold shoulder for a day or two after a cheating dream. I get them too though and they don't bother me, getting upset at real people for what dream people did is silly.

im_a_dr_not_ 1 point

When you cheat in your boyfriend's dream is it with men or women?

[deleted] 2 points


im_a_dr_not_ 1 point

And nightmares are anti wishes. But nightmares are a type of dream...fuck

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im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/movies
chalkiest_studebaker 108 points

"200 miles off the Chinese coast, a 75-foot-long prehistoric megalodon shark, thought to be long dead, rises from the depths of the ocean and attacks a research submersible, leaving its crew stranded. Diver Jonas Taylor (Statham) is called into action to help rescue the crew and stop "The Meg" before it attacks the mainland."

im_a_dr_not_ 11 points

I just saw the poster as a large thumbnail and it looked like a 3d animated Pixar style movie, so imagine my surprise when I read this

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/netflix
intraspeculator -11 points

We only bloody made the film. Why should we get to watch it on Netflix.

im_a_dr_not_ 2 points

Mickey Mouse is a Brit?

I'm trying to imagine Mickey Mouse with a British accent but just can't

intraspeculator 6 points

Star Wars is made in Britain. The crew are British.

im_a_dr_not_ 0 points

Star Wars is owned and bankrolled Mickey Mouse. The Mouse is American.

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/nottheonion
peligant 5,686 points

I had a marathon coach tell me its harder to walk a marathon than to run it. It takes longer and is harder on the body.

im_a_dr_not_ 2 points

I had a marathon coach tell me its harder to walk a marathon than to run it. It takes longer

Since when does going slower = taking longer.

This breakthrough is going to slingshot us into scientific discoveries we haven't even begun to fathom.

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/worldnews
838h920 312 points

Of course, but you'll have two big issues:

  1. You don't have a place of origin for those 17 tons of silver bars, which means you'll lose a lot of it to create a fake source you got it from.

  2. If you do get caught, then now you have caused a huge amount of damage to the cargo you looted, which means you can't just give them 17 tons of silver bars and then say "here are your coins".

(You'll also have destroyed history, which isn't a nice thing to do)

im_a_dr_not_ 1 point

What about selling the (secret) location of said treasure instead?

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/UpliftingNews
DaRealGeorgeBush 47 points

So if you don't suck the blood out of a tree it will literally explode??? That has to be the most metal thing ever.

im_a_dr_not_ 2 points

Yup, same thing would happen if you quit your chronic life interrupting masturbating. Explode into a million pieces. All sticky, just like a maple tree. When it stops masturbating.

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/gifs
FelixSund -16 points

Why did you take ur time to write this?

im_a_dr_not_ 8 points

He didn't know you were an asshole when he typed it up.

FelixSund -13 points

Wait I was an asshole?

im_a_dr_not_ 10 points

Why did you take ur time to write this?


im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/hmmm
im_a_dr_not_ 2 points

Who sits in the front seat of their Uber? I mean, seriously.

Dhawk_88 7 points

If croc friend likes riding, then why is his mouth banded shut? 🤔

im_a_dr_not_ 5 points

Crocodiles have their teeth on the outside, so they have their braces on the outside too.

im_a_dr_not_ commented on a post in r/politics
dagwood11 13 points

One trope that gets pulled out after every shooting is 'the media is at fault for glorifying the killer. They shouldn't do so much reporting, because it encourages copy cats.'

If you're worried about copy cats, you'd close down gun shops for a few weeks after every killing.

im_a_dr_not_ 2 points

On the flip side this could encourage another shooting once gun store opened back up - if there goal was to keep gun stores closed and they were fucking crazy

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