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I put peanut butter on my butt hole and let them lick it

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Original Poster3 points · 9 days ago

My kinda guy

Is that an instructor beside him just allowing him to shoot himself in the fucking hand

WhErEs ThE KeTcHuP ChIpS

The audio was amazing when he dives at the Croc

Bearglove is the shit. It's the most obnoxiously good smelling deodorant I've ever owned.

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Someone else who loves bearglove. Thank you

Hey, IAmMetall, just a quick heads-up:
should of is actually spelled should have. You can remember it by should have sounds like should of, but it just isn't right.
Have a nice day!

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Just like my girlfriend

6.7k points · 2 months ago

Often when I'm closing a door quickly I will hold the edge of the door rather than the door knob. You may be wondering: "isn't your hand in the way of closing said door then?!" The answer is yes, I have slammed my fingers in doors too many times because I refuse to hold the fucking door knob.

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Happy cake day

I feel like some how Doctor Strange is going to be able to reverse time so he can fix what happened.

Before he fades away, he told Tony Stark it was the only way to do it, so I feel like that has some type of deeper meaning. Possibly hinting towards that those who died aren’t really dead. Just in another realm.

I would also like to see if they include the Ravagers (I forget their name, the big group from GOTG). It would be neat to see them avenge the death of Peter Quill.

He said there was only one way that they could win. So when he said 'It was the only way'. Thats what I figured he meant. Hence why he gave up the stone so easily.

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Yeah, because remember on the ship when he tells Tony “If it’s between you, the kid, or the stone, I wont hesitate to let both of you die” (something along those lines). Doctor Strange is most likely going to be a pivotal part in the next film

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Its not often that you hear about this type of incident happening in Canada, and it’s sad. But we have to stand united and know that nothing will knock us down. We stand together and we have each others back... Stay strong, be compassionate, be kind to each other. Stay safe Toronto <3

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Not joking: I get diarrhea as a symptom of social anxiety/nervousness right before I'm about to head out to a social situation or important event. It used to be a lot worse when I was a teenager, but once a blue moon even in my late 20's if something I'm really really nervous about being social at I still get it beforehand. Even if I just had a normal bowel movement minutes before, as soon as I start thinking about what's expected of me and messing up, it's like my insides literally turn to liquid and urgently need to get out.

I have no idea why this happens, does anyone have similar experiences?

Edit: Just wow. I was about to make a joke about how lame it is that I came home to 40+ responses to my diarrhea comment, but then I read some of them. It's actually really wholesome and comforting to know I'm not the only one. Thanks.

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I thought that I was the only person who had this. If I am about to go into a new social situation, or a large event, I get diarrhea before I go

Bags in the front of the room so no one vapes

Been to Greater Niagara General Hospital (GNGH) twice in the past year. Once for chronic headaches and another due to a car accident. First visit took me 2 hours in and out. Second visit took me 3 hours in and out

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