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I started doing mythics with prot, it’s so stressful. Can’t hold threat, can’t stay alive, but my blood DK feels like a superhero.

Edit: to clear things up, it’s threat on trash at the beginning of the pull when dps goes nuts with aoe. I get 3 that immediately go for 3 diff dps but I have one taunt and can’t get all three in aoe range when it’s pulled by range. Damage is great and single target no issues. I get that it’s more of a bad dps issue not giving me a second to get the trash grouped (at least in Wrath it would have been) but my DK seems to have larger aoe range and like three ways to deal with stragglers

Edit: my issue with threat sounds like it’s because I’m not using avatar as an opener before TC. I’ll give that a go today.

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I don't really know anything about tanks but as a healer I feel that prot warriors have the best mitigation? And dks have the worst?

He is a priest he also has an offensive dispell.

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Yeah but that costs allot of mana

Question, if the mount didn't drop for you, will you be unable to get it?

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There’s tons of calm, constructive feedback all around this subreddit from people who just like the game and want it o be better.

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But mostly it's what op said

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Yeah but then you get to experience the zones more. Whereas before once you hit max you'd never return to those leveling zones again

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Different NPC ID I'd imagine.

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Which npc id was it again? Idr, ctrl f azshara, just set them all to 123

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missed a bun in the oven reference right there

Access points don't report mac addresses to google; the mac is only useable witin a broadcast domain. Once you hit a router (the ap or any hop along the internet) the mac is replaced by the mac of the port the packet is leaving. Only an IP will stay the same.

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WiFi discovery exchanges Mac addresses for sure. Every AP you drive by saw your MAC. If Google can figure out the macs you use well they know where you're at.

Unless the APs are owned or designed by Google they have no software on the AP to listen to google's requests for a list of MACs, or to report the MAC back to Google. The AP certainly sees and knows your MAC, but Google can't get it. Lots of mobile devices change MAC regularly.

OTOH, if you're talking about public IP address, then google will only see traffic from that public IP address if you've connected to it.

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What exactly is effected by the scaling? Just world quest mobs? All zone mobs? Instances too?

It seems Bevin is making room for more charter schools.

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2 points · 29 days ago

Did the masters rule apply to teachers at charter schools?


I've had new CIOs several times and usually shortly upon their entrance they ask for some kind of documentation like this but in the past I've had good managers that try to shield us from that - Instead ask the CIO spesefic questions on what kind of information they want about what we're working on instead of a blanketed 'fill in this spreadsheet documenting what you're doing all day.'

I'm a t3 network engineer for a medium sized company - My day varies from break/fix like helping t2 with occasional outages/troubles, sometimes proactively working with outages, or researching new softwares, tweaking monitoring, and other projects. They're expecting me to create tickets for every possible incident no matter how small that I may touch.

In the past I've been guarded from having to do stuff like this by having decent managers that would try to defend us but we recently just got all new management from a buyout. They aren't even looking for us to fill this info out for them temporarily they want it to be a permanent process.

Am I just whining or is this something more common than I thought? I tried just suggesting to them that I just be more diligent about creating tickets for every small issue but they want both tickets and that I fill in a spreadsheet.


Someone link where we can buy them all on the interwebs

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Figure 8 between your thumb and index finger is much better


My friends were really vague telling me to do the silithus questline, but my google searches have falted me.. Can anyone give me some advice on the quickest way to gear up a little before BFA?

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Yeah sounded like it came from the north side of diorios, it shook my windows

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Naw you don't automatically become stupid. You had to be stupid already, or so selfish that you would look past all of the red flags in order to benefit yourself.

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12 points · 1 month ago

How are they benefiting themselves?

But this way it has 10 health and stealth!

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and costs 12 mana

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I love the direction of this redesign, gives the animations a sense of weight. Hope to see more of this throughout the roster

So it’s been two hour already, great

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6 wow

It's back up but some still have issues with twc dns. If you're having trouble still set your dns to or

I mean they've had the new channel for a while and the fact that the channel got removed 2 days after it getting attention seems like it was good that it got attention to me. It's not like people were talking about them before this new channel thing came up. The new channel drama came up, people gave it attention, it gets banned in 2 days. Pretty good outcome.

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yeah that's what i'm saying, glad they got some attention again. who are these 200k fans they have? damn cmon people.

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