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inpleted commented on a post in r/thathapp
drizzy_06 30 points

if spider-man shot the web out his dick n was called Sperm-man .. i’d watch the film .. i’m not sayin it’s a bad movie but it’s jus unrealistic that the web come out his wrists n i’m horny as a mf

inpleted 9 points


inpleted commented on a post in r/unpopularopinion
Frescoraibo 142 points

THIS. ABSOLUTELY THIS. As a Bi guy, some LGBT people need to stop boasting about their sexuality. That is one of the many reasons why I don't want to associate myself with that group.

inpleted 4 points

I’m bi too and reckon it should just be LGB. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

inpleted commented on a post in r/technews
Despitefuldick -7 points

You obviously don’t understand how parties work?

Edit: sorry this is mean lol; nowadays most parties the host doesn’t know you well enough to call you personally and ask, intact most people are too scared to call people who they should call, anxiety and all that.

Parties now are someone creates an event and a location and then they invite them all on Facebook, no one RSVPs anymore or thinks that just because they say they will go that they have to go.

Not to mention now that I’ve left school half my friends have moved away and I barely see them, it’s literally the reason I didn’t delete facebook, parties.

inpleted 6 points

Snapchat’s aight 🤷‍♀️

inpleted commented on a post in r/unpopularopinion
AcePhoenixGamer 11 points

Since when do the mods do things around here?

inpleted -2 points

Now for the users to do their jobs and downvote opinions like these.

inpleted commented on a post in r/gatekeeping
willkaiser 3,309 points

Vice makes bold sweeping statements and they’re always wrong!

inpleted 998 points

I saw Vice made an article in snapchats news section that said “How my heroin addiction almost killed me.”

TheMontyJohnson 496 points

Big if true

inpleted 62 points
inpleted commented on a post in r/Birates
inpleted 9 points

This is the environment I hope to live in.

Is the sky real?

guitarmanEG140 4 points

That is emerald vista in the winding stair national recreation area in the Oauchita Mountains in Oklahoma near the Arkansas state line. I have been there many times and have similar pictures it’s one of my favorite places. I have pictures near there where the sky is actually that purple at sunset.

inpleted 1 point

How often is it purple?

inpleted commented on a post in r/blackmirror
Automaton120 367 points

Not directly related but just an idea I had when thinking about this post: imagine a whole group of people blocked by everyone but each other, essentially creating a cult-like microcosm. I'd like to see that explored if the blocking technology is ever revisted.

inpleted 143 points

Great rating! Wanna be friends?

inpleted commented on a post in r/CompanyBattles
DonMcLongJon 46 points

Pretty funny to some people but I'm sure most people would be mad at dbrand for calling someone an asshole on Twitter

inpleted 128 points

shut up asshole

DonMcLongJon 63 points

That's it I'm never buying /u/inpleted merch again.

inpleted 16 points
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