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seems like you would technically need their consent before recording/ streaming their voice, as in the ToS it states you can’t “infringe, violate, or misappropriate any third-party right, including any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, privacy right, right of publicity, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right”- I guess this would include 2 party consent laws

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As many people have already chimed in that no you do not need consent in this situation...

However I am trying to follow your logic here.... someone is streaming on a PUBLIC VIDEO platform where they willingly broadcast themselves to anyone and everyone willing to watch. They do this of their own accord for money and exposure and you think that somehow you need consent to record what they do?

Now if someone was recording their entire stream and reposting them for profit on another site THEN she might have some recourse since they are profiting from her likeness and her "product" but no as many have said you do not need permission to record and make clips... ESPECIALLY since the platform has a built in mechanism to do exactly that!

I guess a lot of people miss the meaning of the "whole truth" part of the oath.

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These days "the whole truth" has been completely redefined... it now means the truth you can prove or that I was actively caught doing. And even that I plan to lie about!

A lot of them may just be assholes, and some may be mentally ill. Working in healthcare, I've also seen some people lose their shit after getting some of the worst news of their lives (like that they, their child, or a spouse is dying, or things along those lines). Those people then go out into the world and have to do things, because the world doesn't stop turning because they got bad news. So, sometimes, when I see people losing their shit over the dumbest things, I think that it could also be because something in their life that they can't control is going really, really wrong, and they're not coping with it very well.

It doesn't make it better exactly, especially when they're being a real jerk... But it makes it easier for me to tolerate their shit and be empathetic.

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This is it exactly! Sure there are assholes who just want to be assholes to everyone. But so often that person who snaps like that has something going on that put them on the edge and so often it is a little thing that pushes them overboard.

I once went to a BÖC concert and during this song I was hit by a laser during the guitar solo and I saw a huge gnarly eyeball staring right at me. It was life-altering

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"Hey these are talls mannn!"

Dipping french fries into your frosty from Wendy's

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We are in the endgame now...

Mahone and Poke are intended to represent the old guard who are over the whole gung ho being a cop thing and instead have their eyes on retirement and just doing as little as possible.

If you have ever seen the movie Brooklyn's Finest Richard Gere's character is very much in the same mode. He barely cares and can think of nothing else getting to retirement.

There are people like this at factory and company. The ppl who stop working and hour before quitting time, come in on saturdays for overtime then do nothing... Mahone and Poke are just the police version of those ppl.

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Agreed! But then again, she looks stunning in pretty much any outfit...or no outfit

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If only we got to see the no outfit look!

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r/amiuglyPosted byu/[deleted]
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People are calling me ugly, so I'm not sure how it's fishing?

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It is the internet, ppl call supermodels ugly...

Original Poster78 points · 13 days ago

Packers fans and not reading, name a more iconic duo

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To be honest that faceless is trash... And the OD is discutable trash. But deffinitely go with a rainbow set up(one od each fraction) and with mihm at 6th spot. Proceed to get that iceblink (or ormus) at the spot of OD. Don't push anything in light and dark heroes and as soon as you can make any good 6*s just replace mihm and michelle. For comp now run Lutz Michelle Queen OD faceless mihm

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

That is the lineup I am running :) just wanted some confirmation. What about leveling my karim?

I love the whole “nobody really considers the Cardinals to be a playoff team” part. He even says we didn’t have DJ and Carson was out 9 games. Why does 1+1 not equal 2 to these mother fuckers?

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I think part of it is them looking at the schedule and playing in our division. Playing the resurgent Rams, the 49ers with their new savior and the Seahawks are always tough. I think we will contend but it will be tight. We need to win the close games.

Is karim any good? I have him sitting at lvl 1 havent lvld him.

He's fairly good at high stars, not the best but for f2p or low p2p players, he's a solid choice

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I am a f2p player and I am beginning to face some tough choices. I finally got Mihm and have him at 5 stars, Michelle at 5 stars Blink the fort ranger that freezes at 5 stars, faceless at 7stars, mother at 7 stars, Lutz at 7 stars and that mage robot 0d-007 or something at 7 stars.

I have norma at 5 but will be 6 stars soon, and I can 6 star Mirage as well. I know I wont be able to 6 star michelle OR Mihm for awhile but they are too good not to use. I also have a 5 star Karim and a 5 star ormus.

No clue what 6 I should be using going forward. been rocking Lutz, mother, faceless and OD-002 all at 7 stars with mihm and michelle at 5.

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Bourdain isn't a renowned chef or anything. Yes, he worked in a kitchen, but he got famous for writing about his experience, not for his food. He was primarily known as a food writer and commentator, not a chef.

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He was head chef at a major restaurant in NY Lay Hale or however it is spelled. So he more than just worked at a restaurant. Yes he became widely known for writing kitchen confidential and the traveling/cooking shows. But he was absolutely a chef!

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They all promise to end corruption.

Don't talk about it, let's see some fucking arrests.

Start with the town that buried those 40 uni kids. The police of Iguala and Cocula got their orders from someone.

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Here is the scary part, if he legit rounds up or outs all the corrupt politicians, police and any other federal employees he will be killed within 6 months. The real power in Mexico is not the politicians but the cartels and money and power always corupts. Put some pl in jail and the replacements will be on the payroll in no time.

Brad Ausmus..... well do jerseys burn? Could I use it to start a bonfire?

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Ausmus was one of my favorite tigers when he played. I have always been a fan of tiger catchers like Mickey Tettleton and Pudge. I was disappointed when ausmus went to houston.

Plastic movie cup collection from 7-11, fast food places and movie theaters. Also along the same idea the plastic butter containers used as bowls!

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Big surprise the reddit hivemind didnt bother to read the original thread and see the facts.

edit: I get it that the magic community kind of hates rudy and such but when you look at the facts surrounding this as well as the emails that the OP and rudy exchanged they buy was shady as fuck and rudy seemed pretty transparent.

22 points · 18 days ago

Rudy wasn't transparent at all. He knew the history of the lotus and didn't say anything. Then he didn't explain why he was rescinding the offer, especially since he claimed the signature was real. Then he lied about getting the card authenticated.

How could you have ever come to conclusion that RUDY was the one being transparent and that I was doing something shady? I mean seriously, how?

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I came to that conclusion based on FACTS... as in the actual emails that you and him sent to each other. He doesnt have to give a reason why he rescinded the offer.... but he actually did. The reason was because you you acted shady and dealing with you was not worth the effort.

The card has a PROVEN history and the signature means nothing. The price was for the lotus was fair for one without a signature. A signature in MANY peoples eyes adds NO VALUE. Hence the price he was selling it for.

MANY MANY people with established reputations as collectors agree the card and sig are legit... you are the one who says otherwise, and have no proof other than your opinion.

I am going to side with rudy on this one.

If by rich you mean money is no obstacle then I would pay them all a yearly salary, and their job would be to do whatever they wanted. The salary would be more than enough so that they would have no real financial concerns... Say 250k a year. Let them truly enjoy life and explore all their whims and have fun.

1.0k points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

Question though: Even if that were true, who fucking cares if someone saves themselves for their spouse?

I have no idea how that type of shit spreads. It's boring as hell. "I hear GatorGladiator makes PB&Js by putting peanut butter on one side and the jelly on the other!" levels of boring.

Read the DAMNED EDIT: Fuck's sake, peanut butter on one slice of bread and jelly on the other slice of bread is the normal way.

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Can you believe this person.... Fucking peanut butter in one side and jelly on the other. What are you some kind of savage? A fascist? I mean wtf who does that shit!

2.2k points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

I had a thing with a guy from school once which went bad. On one weekend at that time, I burned my hand pretty badly trying to make some tea and had to wear a bandage at school. People spread the rumor that I smashed a window because of that guy. Guess that's why they call it window pane

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Did you need a Dr. ??

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