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It's only for tailoring, leatherworking and blacksmithing I think.

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Which is absolute bullshit, if one profession has a crafted items like that they all should have at least one.

Hey I want to see Rosen play also but anyone else think it is kind of fucked up to actively root for another human being to get injured? I mean come on i know we are all fans and want the best for the time but wanting and memeing about someone getting hurt might be crossing the line.... Idk.

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We fired our intern for 2 reasons:

  1. Eating the 2 day old pizza out of the trash. ( We provided lunch each day and it was a paid internship so she wasn't starving)
  2. Forcibly sitting on a coworkers lap and farting on her.

She was 24 and this is an accounting firm.

Edit: This is now my top comment. Lol

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What is this country coming to when an intern cant sit on someones lap and fart on them! Dammit I tell you freedom is dead!

Lots of good ones on thingiverse

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This stuff happens when the team blows. Winning makes people content/happy. Losing brings contempt.

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nah these two have hated each other for a LOOOOONG time!

Did the tension in their relationship spill over on the broadcasts? Was this well known amongst Tigers fans? Jesus Christ, Im used to genteel senior citizen Vin Scully broadcasting games guys got WWE going on.

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Had a friend who used to go to those tiger fantasy camps and such and it was a well known thing that they hated each other. Might not have been something the average fan knew but it was definitely out there.

There’s way more to this story than what’s being told.

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It has always been a local thing that those two hated each other and only acted like they were buds on the air. Still two grown up professionals should be able to not get in a fight. Never was a Rod Allen fan honestly.

Diggs and Slay will anchor our defense for a long time hopefully!

Yeah that is definitely a Halloween decoration

I am guessing this post is designed to promote your youtube channel and the video attached?

Should still finish above Denver.

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Broncos D is still a beast and they got a decent QB now. I actually think the Broncos will challenge the chargers for division.

Agreed. The Bills just made the playoffs.. until the Browns do that they are the failure of the league lol

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I feel bad for the bills. Went from a qb who rarely turned the ball over to choosing between two who will def turn the ball over a lot.

more competition also

I remember when the Lions last acquired a reigning defensive player of the year Pat Swilling and he got how many sacks for us? I think Mack will be a beast since he is so young but fuck that was a huge contract... I dont think I would have paid him that much if I was a GM.

I thought the rumors were that it wasn't a cap problem as much as a cash flow problem because of the amount Mack wanted guaranteed. In the NFL all guaranteed money, even if it's for 2 or 3 seasons down the road, has to be placed in escrow at the time of the contract signing and they didn't have that available right now.

Or that was just another bullshit rumor. Idk, I'm just looking for a way that this makes sense from the Raider's perspective. (Obviously I'm happy that the Bears had the opportunity to trade for an A+ player, in any case)

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I am pretty sure an NFL team could get a loan if it had to for something like that. I am going to go with the the ego bs being the reason.

I think it's fair to say Raider Nation lost a lot of fans today.

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Its okay they are going to lose even more when they finish the move to Vegas.

They also shouldnt be gated behind rep grinds and long ass questlines just to unlock them. Any new players will not have access to any of them and lets be honest they are some of the coolest races in the game!

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It still makes me nervous that this says ‘new Diablo game’ and not ‘Diablo 4’. I hope it’s not a weird spin off...

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Id totally be down for an mmo set in the Diablo world! Of course to go along with a D4. It seems with the mobile game, the possible netflix series and the unannounced games that Blizzard is making a real effort to push the Diablo IP beyond the arpg genre. Maybe the real WoW killer comes from Blizzard itself!

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Sent Loki to Earth

You mean Banner?

Otherwise, good read, thanks

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Well there was a theory that loki is actually banner as far fetched as it is.

[during sex]

Aaron Rodgers: I want you to hurt me

her: Bears traded for Kahlil Mack

Rodgers: wait

her: you’re gonna have to deal with him for 6 years straight

Rodgers: stop

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Stafford just had another kid so he is prolly already losing sleep, this trade doesnt help!

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thank god someone else said it. People are acting like they're future legends.... pump the brakes a bit

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Even worse ppl acting like mahomes and trubisky belong in the hall already as well.... Lots of kool aid drinking in the pre season!

This sounds really juicy but I think I’m gonna need a diagram.

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Gonna be lots of overlapping on that diagram!

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The cafeteria, which is used for parent meetings, has tables with fixed bench seating. You have to swing a leg over to sit down.

Parent wore a short skirt and was commando. She also got up several times.

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Just be glad there wasnt a string hanging....

Reddit I apologize for this comment but I couldnt resist.

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My friends mom wouldn't let you have a drink at the dinner table because she didn't want you to fill up on water and not finish your food. It didn't matter what it was or if you choked, no liquid until after dinner. She would also make you eat everything or she would save it for you to finish later or just wouldn't let you leave the table until you were done.

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Plus you dont want your teeth cracking from eating warm food then drinking something cold!!

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To be honest, GoT from season 5 onwards is just glorified fanfiction, book Stannis would never do that, so yea, I was pissed off aswell, at the showwriters tho...

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I wonder how you will react when in the book he does the exact same thing...

Being required to clock out for a bathroom break is also illegal, being retaliated for it doubly so.

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This always gets me... Yes it is illegal but at so many jobs whether it is illegal or not it still happens. I once had a customer ask me why I couldnt stand still so I told her! I said that I had to piss and was tying to hold it and my manager was telling me I couldnt take a break. Luckily this customer was awesome she went to the manager reamed him then wrote to the district manager about what happened which got the manager fired. I did get to pee lol.

Make me a millionaire, or a hundredaire....hell a dollaraire would be nice these days!

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I'd rather have someone who can do both plus be a good KR like AA....especially when contracts are considered as well

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He does have an issue with fumbling though

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