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Finished Spider-Man. Absolutely amazing game, and the first game I’ve ever 100%’d. (I’m not much of a completionist)

I see that Sony have announced a PlayStation Classic. 20 PS1 games including Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash and Ridge Racer Type 4.

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How long did it take? I'm considering picking Spider-Man up but I've heard it's a bit short, shame really because I love these open world actiony type games.

It took me about 30-35 hours which is a bit short for an open world game. But there are 3 DLCs coming by the end of the year.

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I might stick to rimworld for now then, obviously a completely different kind of game but i'm like nearly 20 hours in and I still don't entirely know what i'm doing!

Spidey might have to wait 'til next year when the inevitable "ultimate edition" (amazing edition?) or whatever comes out

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At least we could make some killer burgers.

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Killer is probably not the right word there

I got sacked from there twice, hope villa lost!

Mate how do you get sacked twice

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Story time! I worked there via an agency. I used to work up in the corporate boxes on the bar and never had a problem, some nice friendly people up there.

Then my agencies contract changed or something and I ended up in the really big bar in the large carpeted room (i forget the name). So anyway, some lad, not completely sober, comes to the bar and asks for an odd shot and coke, I can't remember what the shot was, but I thought that was weird, confirmed it with the guy and he was just like "it's what the girlfriend wants", so I make it.

I can't remember what this shot was, but when pouring coke over it it was causing the coke to go flat, I said to the guy "it's gone a bit flat, are you sure this is OK?" he says yes and goes back to his table. Comes back a couple of minutes later and says the girlfriend is complaining that it's flat, so I say OK and make it again, this time directly in front of him with a brand new 2 litre bottle of coke (there's no coke pumps on that bar, don't ask me why), same thing happened, he goes back to his table.

I later find out that the girlfriend had come up and complained that I was "forcefully giving her flat coke" or some nonsense, either way, I wasn't allowed back on the roster for the place, which was a shame because I was a pretty good barman (I was often sent to new contracted places first so I could get a handle on the place and help the others) and that was a shift I could rely on getting, oh well!

A few months roll by and I get a phone call from my agency, saying they've a shift for me at Villa, I'm like "are you sure? I'm not allowed to go back as far as I know", the lass from the agency tells me that they've been bought out by some billionaire and i'm not to worry about it, they only want some big lads in to do some lifting and shifting as the whole place was being refurbed, there wouldn't be any customers in.

From the moment I got there the bar manager was giving me dirty looks, would barely talk to me or give me instructions. At one point in the day I was lugging a huge fridge with another lad, not exactly light work, and my shirt had come untucked. The bar manager, instead of being a normal sensible human being and coming up to me directly (as he was supervising us anyway) to ask me to tuck it in, he phoned my agency, who then tried to phone me. I'd left my phone in the car because I wasn't going to take an expensive device into a place where I'm lifting and shifting, I'd break it), so because they couldn't get hold of me, they phoned the guy I was working with to give me that message. He also had a massive go at me for forgetting to wipe a shelf before putting 3 glasses on it, I had to remove the glasses and wipe them, then the shelf, but I don't feel that was cause for the attitude he gave me, or the expression of "you're just making more work for the rest of us" while he sits around and chats to his mates, watching us work.

By the end of the day, I'd had enough of the man and rang my agency to tell them that I wouldn't be working for him again, even if I had been assigned to 3 shifts there, the agency told me that he'd rang up not 2 minutes before me to tell them he didn't want me to go back either.

I was then chatting to one of the locals as I was smoking and waiting for my colleagues to pull the car around and he told me that he wasn't surprised and that if the bar manager or any of his mates had seen me on the street they'd probably have beat me up simply for having long hair. So yeah, fuck that guy and even though I honestly don't care about football at all, fuck Aston Villa too.

I've never had any problems like that anywhere else I worked, apart from Morrisons in Stone who the shelf stocking manager was also a bit of a prick and used to try and order me around even though he wasn't my manager. Oh and one of the old twats on the board who thought it would be a good idea to have cashiers ask everyone if they were over 18 to purchase alcohol, not checking ID, but just asking "are you over 18?" to literally everyone, including the elderly. I of course refused because I thought it was pretty dumb and people might take it as insulting so I didn't do it. Only that bloody board member was local and went through my till one time, I got such a bollocking for that, "making my managers look bad" and all of that. It only lasted until a Lady from the local council went through my till, I asked if she was over 18, and she initially answered with "are you joking?", I said no and explained that new policy is that I have to ask. Managers got more of a bollocking from her that day than they gave me, then made a formal complaint and it came down from the board that we could stop doing that. I never got an apology either, bunch of pricks! I don't really hold a grudge against those guys though because of all of the food I "liberated".

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I have fed my girls a steady diet of metal since they were babies. Now they're 8 and 15 and love Iron Maiden through Iced Earth. Well done, sir.

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No black metal? No grindcore? :(

Plenty of Sabaton. For the history lessons.

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That's just power metal though :(

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Lucky you got a seat, I used to get a train from Midlands to London and would have to stand next to the toilets as they always over booked and would refuse to allow you to sit in first class despite it being almost empty.

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Probably 4 first class carriages too with like 3 people spread across them

Sounds like you have been on that exact train service before.

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Oh yes, been sat in a toilet with 3 other people for an hour before. (it was one of the bigger ones, just lucky no one needed the loo that day)

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Its not just a case of LOL DRUGS WOO 420, its the child slaves in latin america, its the people killed and tortured to keep everyone else in line. Its the brothels, sorry massage parlous with trafficked women used to launder the money.

The fact that this thread is full of people swinging their dicks about casual drug use shows that we really need to get over ourselves and take a long hard look at what it is funding and causing around the world.

I am fully aware that this is going to get downvoted to hell, as that other dissenter's post was. But I hope at least one person reads it.

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It's not the reason I don't touch powders, but it's certainly a reason

They're just having a ball off, I saw Ricky and Randy from Trailer Park Boys have a ball off the other day.

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I think there's something to the neuroscientific and cognitive bias perspective, but this video ends up with an argument that's too skeptic or relativist about judging musical quality. To begin with it says musical taste is not entirely determined by objective musical qualities, but towards the end it's "All music is for 13-year-old morons" and "You may not like pop music, I may not like pop music, but if the music is getting people in touch with their sense of self that is a net good thing." This is a way of evaluating music that completely bypasses any musical qualities and only references a subjective impact that supposedly any music could have if played to an impressionable early teenage brain. This way there's no way we could call, say, Bach superior to Nu Metal, which is actually a sort of claim that this video clearly does want to make, since it evaluates Nu Metal very negatively: "Intellectually I know that the repertoire of Nu Metal consists mainly of serviceable if fairly cringy pieces of music that are a reflection of turn of the millennium suburban teenage angst and not much more." This "intellectual" evaluation unfortunately leaves the door open to exactly the kind of "cultural degeneracy" claims that the video is intended to refute in the first place.

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Yeah I just got the picture that this wasn't about quality at all and it was just that old people don't like new music.

Personally I believe that certain aspects of life stop us wanting to discover and try new things, like jobs and kids and that.

I'd heard that most people won't listen to new music after their mid twenties, when I heard about that in my teens I told myself that that wouldn't be me, and it's not! 3 years ago I wouldn't have been listening to a lot that I am now, getting into grindcore and powerviolence, harsh noise, and even trap has all really happened in the past few years, before that I was mostly listening to psych, stoner and doom, and more dubstep and breakcore on the electronica side, then before that it was old school thrash metal, and house and stuff you know?

What I thought this video was going to be judging from the title would have been more about how the popular music scene picks up influences from genres that gain some popularity, then waters it down to it's most basic, accessible form which tends to leave me uninterested, which is why I tend to dislike a lot of the stuff that I hear on the radio or TV.

Original Poster4 points · 1 day ago

Ah, I’ve heard of Malcom In The Middle but never seen it. Thank you!

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I re-watched it a couple of years ago, it's actually great for it's time.

Somebody has been watching the wire, they created a little Amsterdam.

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1 point · 1 day ago

And it worked (in the show at least) delivering on the promise to law abiding citizens to clean up the streets and gave people somewhere to target their programs for needle exchange, medical response, etc.

I guess that's me binge watching The Wire again.

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have fun with mcnutty!

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Actually saw no bands on last weekend, shocker.

Saw trailer park boys live show last night which included a couple of guitar tunes from Bubbles, which was great.

Going to see Friendship on Thursday though and I can't wait. I really hope they have shirts, a t-shirt with the word friendship on it is a must have.

September is of course usually the time for Liverpool Psych Fest, and would probably have been this weekend, but it's not on this year which gives me a sad.

Anyway, I've been listening to a bit of psych today to combat that, bit of Goat from Sweden and Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation.

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At least you don't piss in the streets like the French. London smelled wonderful after coming from Paris.

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I was in Lewisham the other weekend, smelled like sewage

Where are all these cheap houses? I pay more then that for a room.

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My share of the rent is 200 a month. Nottingham, 3-bed with 2 reception rooms and a basement, 3 of us living there.

So you'd deny rights to someone if they're a Jew? What is it these Jews have done? Which "schizophrenic nutters, etc" are you refering to?

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I will criticise people who choose to live based on the raving of various schizophrenic nutters from thousands of years ago.


So you'd deny rights to someone if they're a Jew?

Are you not reading the same thing as I am? Criticising isn't the same as repressing

Pretty disgusting that because of the actions of some communities this should be banned for everyone

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it's always one that spoils the fun for the rest of us.

I realise this thread is about abortion and "fun" might not be the right word....

British Culture

  • Complaining about the weather, whether it is too hot, too cold, too wet or too snowy.
  • Queuing
  • Self deprecating attitude towards oneself and the country as a whole while simultaneously maintaining a certain pride in that fact and the country regardless
  • Overriding air of doom and gloom
  • Half arsed approach to religion (only relevant for christenings weddings and funerals)
  • Mostly eating foreign food and then having a roast on a sunday
  • Respect for the Police, Fire service and NHS. (i think the police one is a very British thing)
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Respect for the Police, Fire service and NHS. (i think the police one is a very British thing)

Well, they don't go around shooting us so it helps

Jesus I feel like a total grumpy bastard because my answer is pretty much yes to all of those. What's the point of any of it? Harrumph.

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Birthdays I get, I mean, it's nice to have a day!

Christmas? Bunch of rubbish innit, I like the food though (not that I couldn't make the same food at any other time of the year!), and that Jesus fella hasn't done a single thing for like 2000 years!

Marriage I get for some reasons, it's a statement of commitment and I get that some people need that, but does it really need a contract? Does it really need to be legally binding? Should the government be able to treat me differently depending on whether I'm married or not? I'd say no

What's down that alleyway? Went down there once and it was like finding a little secret community

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Forever records too, great little shop

I was at my best friends house a few years ago and was waiting for them to get ready. So I opened reddit on their living room TV.

This was probably a mistake, my friend was still logged into their account and as such I saw their front page and what subs they frequented.

I could have mentioned it but I thought it would be worth waiting for them to be a bit more comfortable with themselves and open up to me before letting them know that I already knew their secret.

Took 6 months for her to tell me she was trans, but I knew it was coming, the transition has been going really well too.

Being gay or trans or whatever is still totally unacceptable in many places, and as such it can be very difficult for people to come out and let even the closest people to you know what they are going through.

Don't dwell on it too much, if they're really your best friend they'll talk about it when they are ready.

I'd just let him know if he has decided that it's not worth working then you've decided it's not worth supporting him, cut him off, get a separate bank account, only buy your own food. If that doesn't give him the kick up the arse he needs then it's probably time to separate.

A dose of spice like the rest of us. Weirdo

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Spice is so last year, you guys not on the monkey dust yet?

The music scene, it's the best. So many blast beats (thanks Leeds!).
The food, it's so easy to get good veggie food now (thanks Hipsters!) the cheese is great too.
The beer, it actually tastes good without need to be practically frozen.
The humour, even if I do get called "pussyhole" almost every day (yeah fuck you too Mike).
The weather, "mild" is good.

Original Poster11 points · 6 days ago

Bristol and Brighton seem similar, but nowhere else 😂

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I dunno, I'm in Bristol quite a lot because your music scene is really good, Nottingham is fairly similar I feel. More blastbeats up north though, not so many in happy hipster Bristol

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Some young lad at work continually parks in the disabled spots at work.Hes been told loads of times bot too but just doesn't give a fuck.Might start putting extra sticky stickers on his windscreen

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Get some English versions of these printed!

5 points · 6 days ago

Tradesmen that never get back to you and / or don’t turn up when they say they will are one of my pet hates.

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Just phone em all and be like "first one here gets the job"

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He has a good argument for number one. He hasn't had a bad year from ECW Lionheart to NJPW invasion. He even managed to gain fans in late WCW

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Possibly, if it wasn't for all the drugs I'd have said Kurt Angle

I find it hilarious that there's some sort of ranking for what is essentially a soap opera, the best is whoever the plot writers decide is going to win.

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5 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

It's not really about who wins, it's about the characters!

Jericho is one of the GOATs because he just gets it, understands how to tell a story in a match without saying anything, knows how to play a good guy or a bad guy and does both well. He's great doing ring work or promos, and he's in a shit band which works really well for his character. I've been watching that man do his thing since I was a kid (probably nearly 20 years now), can't fault him at all.

A lot of wrestlers are good at one thing or another, but almost no one is the total package. Jericho, Angle, Stone Cold and Rick Flair all come to mind, but a lot of guys can't do everything. Look at Brock Lesnar, great in the ring (back in the day when he gave a toss) but he's terrible on a mic which is why he has Paul Heyman with him who is amazing at promo work.

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Imagine if we applied selective breeding to humans.

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Star Trek already covered this. Not the best idea.

5 points · 7 days ago

I’m just going to go in a corner and cry.

I feel sorry for them because all they get is Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa. There's no pop music industry anymore or maybe that's my 40 y.o. impression. Music and the charts meant something to us.

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Dua who?

Yeah, that says it all.

That being said, there’s nothing stopping them discovering music from old. I bloody love stuff from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I’m hoping to educate my kids on it.

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Plenty of great new stuff out there too, just gotta look for it!

the charts meant something to us.

I'm 31 and it never did to me, I'm not really into pop though. If kids are into music they'll likely be able to look for more by themselves, we don't have to wait for some goon to play it on the radio or put it on top of the pops anymore, and for that I'm very glad.

I mean, I got a tape from a Grindcore band from Hawaii the other month, that likely wouldn't have been possible even 15 years go

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