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I live in Snienton, it's not that bad, especially considering what my rent looks like (really not a lot, less than I was paying as a student in Stafford 10 years ago)

Eyes down when walking around though, especially on Pullman Road, everyone seems to just let their dog shit in the street!

Yeah, plenty of fly tipping, usually opposite my house. Considering the frequency, I'd guess it's the same couple of people.

There are also a bunch of kids that ride motorbikes with no helmet, often with t-shirts over their faces or a balaclava on.

I've never had a problem myself though, my neighbours are lovely, just some young couples with kids and cats and stuff.

I could understand sitting out the front if one had no back garden (ive got a bit of concrete big enough for a couple of people to stand next to the wheelie bins), but I've never had any problems with the people that do.

Honestly the only 2 confrontations I've ever had in Snienton were Sunday at the pub, there was this drunken twat with his shirt off, a bottle of cheap amaretto and no friends going around and butting into conversations, I nearly punched the knob! And the chap I caught fly tipping outside my house; "doing a bit of fly tipping are we?" "no, i, err just dropping these things off for a friend" "you wont mind if I take a couple of photos of your license plate then?" he left quickly

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Piers Morgan should stick to his job hacking dead kid's phones as he's clearly no good at this one. Horrible cunt

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His job is to bring in ratings, in that respect he's fucking great at it.

I'm not saying he's not an insufferable cunt.

Daft Punk's "Get Lucky". Sound of the summer.

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Thank's Limmy

How could it "live long" if it was dead...

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Don't worry, it's not dead

It has largely moved out of mainstream radio play, which as far as pop culture is concerned is a death sentence.

And please don't tell me Imagine Dragons is a rock band...I'm usually not someone who goes around saying a group "is" or "isn't" a certain genre but I just can't abide by that notion

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Metal is rather disconnected from the mainstream music industry and indeed you aren't going to hear any of that on regular radio stations, but that doesn't mean it's dead in any way. You just have to look at the amount of bands and festivals there are everywhere, how many people go to these gigs and festivals!

I'm going to a 3 day grindcore festival next month that sold out in less than 30 seconds (disregarding people not paying and tickets going back on sale).

Also, I don't have a clue who Imagine Dragons are....

Yeah, fuck that guy for making plans around the expectation that a service provider will actually do what they say. Amateur.

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Who shows up to an airport with only 40 mins to go before their flight? That's madness!

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Sadly, the problem with iron on is that they never stay and always fall off in heat or in a pit. I ironed mine on and then sewed them on.

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For a couple that have switched jackets they were ironed on, ripped off, had the glue backing ripped off anf then sewn on.

I also find the gue makes them quite inflexible

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Sweet vests, man! Where’d you get the Acid Witch patch?

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Original Poster3 points · 14 days ago

Roadburn! Best festival!

Original Poster6 points · 14 days ago

The first one is mainly patches I've had for years, a lot of them have been on about 3 jackets now because of damage or me getting fat.

The red marks on the backpatch are now faded signatures from the band in about 2004, they were hanging around at the worlds end bar in camden before their show downstairs, so I said hello!

I'm also not really into a lot of the bands on the first jacket anymore but I still bust it out for the odd thrash gig.

The second is my main, it's mostly doom and that, and mainly patches from Roadburn!

I've got a pile of patches ready to go, they were on a pair of cargo trousers that ripped all up the crotch, I have some cargo shorts I was going to put them on but I only bloody ripped them yesterday too!

You can buy a portable ash tray from amazon for much less than this fine.

Littering is disgusting. Fuck these guys.

It'll be legalised in our lifetime I'm pretty sure, 100% it'll be decriminalised officially in the next decade.

Guarantee it

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RemindMe! 10 years

Does it find Ghosts? I'll leave that up to you!

No, no it doesn't. Ghosts aren't real, stop being silly.

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Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool. Shooting some smack outside the school

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When a couple of chavs who were up to no good

Just for reference you need to put a \ in front of # to show the hashtag.

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i put a couple of spaces in front and can see it...

It looks right on old.reddit, but not on normal reddit. Weird.

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I'm not keeping up with new changes as I use reddit is fun and res (on mobile & computer respectively) and I think they are still using the old formatting!

I've edited my post regardless, thanks for helping me keep up the bantzzzzz

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It has one big edge that’s shaped like a sphere, and you’re standing on it

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so if I just throw you in the air, I've thrown you off the edge of the earth right?

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Courtesy of u/generic_brand_cola:

Christine and The Queens - Saint Claude - France Poppy, trip-hoppy, not too much interesting going on but it's alright, quite relaxing

Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches - Sweden Poppy, almost hip-hop, lots of lyrics about the singers body, it's quirky and catchy but doesn't do anything for me

East End Badoes - Poplar Boys - England Nice guitar tone, punk beats, pretty tame though. Yeah, this is just old punk from london, sounds like you might expect.

MØ - Don't Wanna Dance - Denmark More poppy, trip-hoppy stuff, better than the first i think but still doesn't do much for me

Shakira - She Wolf - Colombia Funky, poppy, she sounds just like she did when I used to hear her music on tv and that when I was a kid, i mean, i don't think it's any good though.

Quite possibly the most generic list of pop songs I've been sent on here!

Other things: saw a gig friday night, was pretty good, mates band were suprisingly good (Mordhau) and his frowning on stage was pretty great.

Bristol psych fest this weekend, the heads and the cosmic dead? yes please.

Not as often as I should!

I have a famine patch on the back of my hoodie though and I'm usually in that

Bismuth <3

See them a lot, they're from (near) my town

Mario doesn't have any tattoos mate (not as far as I've seen anyway)

Sick of people complaining about the heat. The weather's gorgeous best summer in yonks. You'll all be crying for the sun once the usual weather comes back.

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I ain't complaining at all

Except about these blisters because of these shitty sandals....

2 points · 18 days ago

Death by Carb - OP's new band name.

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Death Carb for millsytime

I’m sitting here pretending I know what vegetable fat is.

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It's what happens when your veggies don't get enough exercise.

Never heard this, sounds like rubbish to me

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