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milkkkbabe 1 point

I hate myself for this, but where do I buy this brand? Never thought I would be asking about overpriced pre made wraps on reddit. The falafel one on the right looks really good. And it is a lot healthier, the traffic light label on it shows green for sat fat, salt, fat etc.

insanityarise 2 points

I don't know where that is, but Tesco (near me at least) have just started stocking a range of vegan sandwiches and wraps and stuff so I'd recommend looking in there. I had a "Smashing" Pumpkin Falafel sammich today that came with grated beetroot and some other bits, it was rather nice!

milkkkbabe 2 points

Thanks for the recommendation dude. Is it Wicked Kitchen? Because I've had two of their pizzas and I've been checking all the Tesco's near me like a crazy vegan hawk, hoping for their sarnies and wraps to be there.

I read about the range in an article and I have been hyped ever since! I seriously recommend their pizzas, i got them a few times on sale for like a quid each! The BBQ one and then the one that comes with green salsa, are my favourite.

Also there is a limited edition vegan sandwich in Morrison's atm, it's sweetcorn fritter falafel with some sort of sweet tomato relish. Part of their limited edition Mexican range. Seriously recommend!!!

M&S also have some hidden gems, there's a few wraps that are really nice.

Sainsbury's and Tesco also have the best cheese. The fake Philadelphia is spot on.

insanityarise 1 point

Thanks for the tips!

Yeah, wicked kitchen, thats the good shit.

Morrisons sweetcorn fritter sammich is bottom tier compared to the previous special, the onion bhaji sammich, that was glorious.

I'd happily campaign to get that sammich back.

I really want to eat an onion bhaji right now.

insanityarise commented on a post in r/CasualUK
FlabbySatchel 2 points

At this point, if it's on YouTube, I've seen it. I've binged everything on there, and Netflix, and bought 3 of his Comedy Vehicle dvds. Finding a new comedian, band, video series etc is so great; especially if they're established

insanityarise 1 point

Been watching any of his old mate Richard Herring?

FlabbySatchel 1 point

I haven't, is there anything you can recommend in particular?

insanityarise 1 point

RHLSTP is usually a laugh, there's loads of them too!

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insanityarise commented on a post in r/CasualUK
RoseTheOdd 4 points

my biggest concern is: Who the fuck uses cassettes anymore?

insanityarise 1 point


Edit: Sorry I did want to clarify a bit. With the return of vinyl there's also been a bit of a resurgence in the tape trade! I've not seen many more mainstream artists doing this but then I haven't really been looking. I've picked up a bunch of grindcore and psych tapes from all over the place (even found some while I was out in Australia!). Bandcamp have reported a huge increase in tape sales in the past few years too.

It's an interesting format, it sounds bad and not many people make stuff for it anymore, you can still buy a shitty cassette player from places like amazon and argos and that, but ebay is the place to go! If you have the equipment anyway from yesteryear you might need to change the belts, but if you've kept it pretty clean it'll probably still work alright.

I managed to find a refurbished Sony TC-WE805S (not my video) with new belts and all cleaned up and it actually sounds amazing compared to my portable cassette deck. I've been experimenting recording to tape using Dolby S and honestly the drop in quality is fairly minimal, my portable doesn't have Dolby though, at all, and it's brand new, pretty silly if you ask me.

I used my new rig hooked up to my laptop to record 30 tapes for a friend who is selling them for charity, it's for some Bristol based homeless charity but I forget the name.

I don't really know why I like tapes so much, I guess it's because I want physical media and vinyl can be quite expensive. There's also something interesting to me about it being analogue, so CDs just don't really cut it. Both my desktop PC and Laptop lack a CD player anyway!

insanityarise commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
naryn 4 points

It lies with O2s system. It should be double checking any cards printed for slurs and have someone double check them

But yes of course also the edgy child (no matter how old they are) that sent them but the system shouldn't have allowed for it at all

insanityarise 1 point

I know marmite has a system for this with their custom jars, but the validation is (was?) done only on the front end, one could easily suppress it.

insanityarise commented on a post in r/CasualUK
Lord_Punchings 1 point

Cybergrind and extratone have been dead for a while, 4chan got hold of them and they became weeb-fodder, as you've noted. The new Catasexual Urge Motivation stuff BLP are putting out is awesome, though. Heard any Haemorrhaging Alien Fetus? His stuff is ok.

insanityarise 1 point

I know CUM but not HAF, cheers for the tip!

Also, I don't mind being late to the party. I think the majority of the current powerviolence scene is about 20 years late anyway! (Not that I'm knocking it!)

Can't wait to see Infest in August, even though I only heard of them within the last couple of years!

Lord_Punchings 1 point

NP. When was Shrykull's shoot? Saw them with Primitive Man the other week, they were positively cheerful in comparison.

insanityarise 1 point

It was on Sunday at Stuck on a Name. I grabbed a few cheeky snaps.

I was a bit drunk

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snookpower 2 points

Hockley is a really nice area, very trendy with lots of shops and restaurants. I lived in Nottingham for 2 years as a brown woman and and encountered maybe a handful of racists. More than the area of London I was in but overall you’ll be fine.

insanityarise 1 point

I lived in Nottingham for 2 years as a brown woman

What are you living as now?

Also, Nottingham is great, I live just down the road from hockley in snienton and I've never had a problem except for all the fly tipping and dog shit, thats less likely in hockley, just keep your eyes down in snienton as there isn't much grass to wipe your shoes on. I've probably heard a couple of people spewing racist shit but it's not a regular thing. You should have seen the crowd for the opposition for the Britian First march!

insanityarise commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
greyslate99 7 points

Couldn't agree more. Beautiful place!

insanityarise -6 points

I've been, I wouldn't say it was the best though, we went at a weekend and by the time we'd trekked up we were all soaked and knackered and wanted something to eat, so we go into the cafe thing and holy shit it's absolutely rammed full of people who got the train up in their best clothes to get drunk.

It was surreal, and it took an unbelievably long time to get served some food (nearly an hour I think), we sat and ate, couldn't get around the summit because there was like a hundred people scrambling around it taking selfies.

After that we used the loo and then went back down the mountain.

I wouldn't go again, not with that many people there.

Cheese-n-Opinion 16 points

That's Mount Snowdon you're on about. Snowdonia is the whole national park around it.

insanityarise 3 points

Point taken

insanityarise commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
iinavpov 3 points

'The sky was the colour of a television tuned to a dead channel' is one of the best opening sentence ever...

I'm not sure people will understand it in a couple years, however.

insanityarise 1 point

Or even now, didn't TV static used to have a red hue? It's just black and white now isn't it?

insanityarise commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
insanityarise 11 points

I wonder if our government will ever understand how the internet works?

  • There are far too many sites to police
  • Anything you block people will create proxies for, they haven't even managed to keep a single website blocked (pirate bay)
  • VPN's exist
  • People won't want to buy a wank card from their local news agents with ID, that's hardly anonymous.
  • Simply the fact that these anonymous cards exist means that children will get hold of them and use them.
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blackmist 5 points

Yeah, to be fair the centre is mostly OK now.

Have they removed that begging tunnel under the main road that was the main way into the city centre if you came by train? That was always a nice piss-smelling and potentially stabby welcome to the city.

insanityarise 2 points

There is still a tunnel that I go through if I'm going from pride park to the bus station but I've never seen anyone begging there.

I don't recall a tunnel going from the station to the centre though, and I've been coming here for a couple of years now for work.

Not been stabbed or mugged yet! (I could say the same about Nottingham, it has quite the reputation for that sort of thing too)

insanityarise commented on a post in r/CasualUK
fozzie1984 2 points

Ive found the 34 now and i have found so much music that i enjoy a hell of a lot more than what i liked in my 20s

insanityarise 1 point

30 here, was into doom/stoner/psych for much of the last decade, currently almost exclusively listening to grind/powerviolence and extratone.

Great fun!

Dafman 1 point

You've listened to the new Sleep album though, right? It's amazing!

insanityarise 1 point

Yeah it's alright, had a few listens to it while I was at Roadburn this year (on 20/4 of course!)

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insanityarise commented on a post in r/youtubehaiku
insanityarise 27 points
Fuck_Alice 6 points

I've missed so much, why is there some metal sounding riff before he says "subliminal in plain view"

insanityarise 2 points

It's a grindcore band taking the piss out of Alex Jones and it's amazing.

insanityarise commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
RizzoTheSmall 32 points

See, I was all happy and accepting of travellers until some came to my town.

Holy fucking fuck - they wrecked shit for like a mile around their camp site from cars to house/shop windows and when they finally moved on they left so much rubbish and damage that it took fucking weeks to get the place back to normal.

Fuck them all, the selfish violent fucks.

Edit: - Their dogs were a pain in the arse too - running about barking at/chasing kids and shitting all over the car park they were living in. Don't think anyone got bit, least not that I heard.

insanityarise 6 points

See, I was all happy and accepting of travellers until some came to my town.

I always thought the same as most of the prejudices I hear usually came from the direction of my parents and their peers, so I always took it with a grain of salt. Now as an adult I'll stop that prejudice behaviour before it really starts.

Then, a few years ago a group decided to settle for the weekend on my old works car park and holy shit did they fuck that place up. Shit all over the floor (and I don't think it was just dog shit), rubbish everywhere, left bits of clothes and nappies and empty bottles etc and the smell was awful. The place I worked had to get the car park professionally cleaned twice before it stopped smelling so bad, I can't believe how quickly they destroyed that place, literally 2 days.

insanityarise commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
insanityarise 1 point

No shit.

I finished at 7pm yesterday but got roped into working until 9pm for some company that wanted out of hours support.

I'm not even on call, didn't really seem to have a choice in the matter, if it happens again, I'm going out and they can fuck off.

But is it really a shock? People come in sick and infect everyone then everyone just works through their sickness. 40 hour weeks with added commute time, so more like 50 hours a week, if my shift starts later than 10am which it regularly does, there's no point going out after work and I can't really do anything in the mornings either.

Drop it to 30 hours a week as standard, we'll probably see improvements in mental health and productivity.

insanityarise commented on a post in r/CasualUK
Moominpappa 1 point

I actually have no idea. I've got a tiny pot which has a little plastic spoon built into the lid... which to be honest doesn't offer many clues as to "best practice" for this. Might have to google for tips.

insanityarise 2 points

cling film over the toilet bowl did it for me

having to slide your poop off of the cling film afterwards isn't the nicest, but it works.

dagonesque 7 points

I'm super demotivated today and I just want to go home and work on my stupid vampire novel.

insanityarise 7 points

Is it a stupid novel about vampires or a novel about stupid vampires?

I for one hope for the latter.

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fezzuk 2 points

Name that country, because I am very well traveled and the UK is generally very clean even compared with most EU countries.

If you have seen a cleaner beach in the EU look for the staff emptying the bins every hour, we don't.

insanityarise 1 point

I was gonna say Japan but you said EU

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