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ion-tom commented on a post in r/todayilearned
OneAttentionPlease 228 points

8 hours Sleep.

3 hours (1.5h each) commute (not including issues with public transportation)

8 hours work, plus mandatory 1hour lunch break.

1-2 hours grocery shopping and preparing food.

That's about 2 hours that remain and everywhere you go e.g. to the gym for 1 hour you have to commute to and from too. That doesn't include other chores.

Edit: It's really nice that a lot of people want to tell me what to do but I don't really need that unsolicited advice. I'm well aware of that stuff. I just gave an example of what can be common. I have a slowcooker and switched to a soylent like product and work towards getting a drivers license and a car, since I don't have parents gifting that to me.

I actually have even less time since I'm doing my degree next to my 40-45 hours job but didn't add that because it wasn't too common / relatable.

Also it is somewhat insulting that you suggest common knowledge methods. If they would be usuable they would have been applied already.

ion-tom 1 point

It's too bad technocracy failed to reach wider adoption.

According to the movement's calculations, it would be enough that every citizen worked a cycle of four consecutive days, four hours a day, followed by three days off. By "tiling" the days and working hours of seven groups, industry and services could be operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Indon_Dasani 98 points

A suspiciously anti-Democratic poster in a forum that exists specifically to reform, not mock, the Democratic party is called "the OP".

ion-tom 78 points

Always vote blue over red, but only volunteer/donate to individuals who are in support of campaign finance reform and do not take lobbyist money.

Repeat this message whenever you see division.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/Political_Revolution
butwhyisitso 66 points

Headline: Bernie says Democratic win needed to beat Trump!

ITT: Yeah! Fuck democrats! False flag! Lyin media!

Me: oh shit...

Priority #1: Defeat Trump. Priority #2: Elect progressives. Our chances of fixing this shit depend on a clear intent to remove RED reps so we have the numbers to stand up to McConnels obstructionism.

ion-tom 4 points

Here's a rule:

  1. Given choice between R and D, pick D
  2. Don't donate any money to a Dem just for being a Dem. Donate time(phonebanking)/money only to Dems who are pro-finance reform and who have not in the past taken lobbyist money.
  3. Repeat until there is no lobbyist money. Get others active in volunteer political activism.
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MightyAdam 374 points

Can anyone explain to me wtf is up with r/politics? during the election they saw through the veil of bullshit and lambasted HRC. now, it seems mixed, at times hateful.

they despise Bernie, and claim he would divide the party again if he were to run in 2020. how is the guy that is the most popular politician in the US today dividing the party?

i swear to god, that sub will be partially responsible for re electing Trump. they are talking about Warren, Harris or Booker for 2020.

they still havent learned their fucking lesson, and they idolize HRC.

ion-tom 3 points

they despise Bernie, and claim he would divide the party again if he were to run in 2020. how is the guy that is the most popular politician in the US today dividing the party?

It's called gaslighting. It's where you pay talking heads to repeat a narrative until enough people believe it. And yes, I've been to tons of parties and political events in the last year where if you mention supporting Bernie, you get called a traitor and responsible for Trump. The brainwashing has worked on a huge number of people. We are trapped in neoliberal hell. Rentier Capitalism and marginal consumer power forever, yaay!

ion-tom commented on a post in r/redditdev
GoldenSights 3 points

As of April 1, no. R.I.P.

However, a user by the name of /u/Stuck_in_the_Matrix runs with public access to his entire dataset. You can query it like:

before and after are unix timestamps in the UTC timezone.


edit: By the way since his database catches posts right after they are made, the scores are usually obsolete and the text body may be edited too. If you need current post information I recommend passing the IDs you get from pushshift into reddit's /api/info in batches of 100.

ion-tom 2 points

Thanks, yeah I found that same solution. It would be nice if the BigQuery access from them still worked and was recent.

Jesus it's annoying though. Did they specify any legitimate reason for the change? Was it the political bots thing? Because it also impacts stats for mods and other essential services.

Actually, I think I read they wanted to do sweeping changes to remake search - but they should have at least one query method for submissions that works.

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SpaceMonkej 186 points

For anyone still interested in using Blender as a Game Engine, there is one currently in development and it's called Armory3D:

ion-tom -3 points

How can a game engine be written without any real C/C++? Is Haxe that good? Does it compile easier?

ion-tom commented on a post in r/redditdev
ASMR-tingles 1 point

Did you ever find one? I'm looking for the same thing.

ion-tom 1 point

Yeah, I used Pushshift, I didn't even use their python lib, I just did the query string for the JSON

url = ''+str(UTstart)+'&before='+str(UTend)+'&subreddit=futurology'

ASMR-tingles 1 point

Between then and now I've begun to rig up something that looks similar, thanks.

ion-tom 1 point

Ah, that's bizzare. Were you using pushshift or PRAW? I've heard weird things about limit with PRAW

general-misquoti 1 point

It would be neat, we would need to figure out how to do it

ion-tom 2 points

Well, if it was on Ethereum or similar you could use Tic-Tac-Toe as a starting point. Then modify it to build something like that old school cannons game.

You could even make it in 3D and add wind resistance and put a bunch of castle/trebuchets on a spherical world. Then you might encrypt the exact Lat/Long of each castle so that only the renderer knows where to put it but it doesn't get logged. That way players have to guess trajectories and bots would be tough. Your goal would be to take down all the other castles/wallets.

general-misquoti 1 point

by sending an amount at them? If Trebushekel had no value, this would be pretty cool

ion-tom 2 points

Uh, well, you might spend Trebushekels to upgrade your castle, and proceeds go to miners. Then, people fling various payloads at each other, and each payload is a token for a particular trebushet meme.

Each Trebutoken might have special types that are better at worse at destroying certain castle defenses. Then to issue a new Trebutoken, you have to create a meme and hit a certain number of upvotes, or have some supply function that incentivizes the maximization of memes in circulation.

Just some thoughts - it could be anything crazy!

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ion-tom commented on a post in r/askastronomy
RushLimball 2 points

There was another one this year, but with a black hole and a star. Don’t have the arxiv number on me and on mobile, but I’ll look for it later!

ion-tom 1 point

I'm surprised there aren't any on star spots. You might have a very a planet in stable orbit with nearly zero eccentricity - but just crazy all encompassing starspots that have some periodicity. Plenty of lower mass stars have lots of spots.

My bet is still on magic though.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/atheism
everythingskulls 726 points

And he blames it on immature young people. The guy is in total denial.

ion-tom 1 point

I wonder what Ken Ham would do if he found out that big bang was first formally studied by a priest?

Then again, some evangelicals hate Catholics so who knows.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/ethereum
ion-tom 0 points

You can't send information faster than the speed of light, thanks to Bell's Theorem.

However, you can have coordinated networks that react to signals faster than light by distributing a model to servers around the globe, mostly to play on margin trades.

I don't know if that's what they're refering to here. All the release notes mention is something called "Warp."

5chdn 1 point
ion-tom 1 point

Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with this stuff. Tell me when we figure out negative energy.

Woodward effect might hold some promise (not so much the cannae drive though.) It would still be slower than light, but without reaction mass you can go much faster/farther.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/relationships
KittyGrewAMoustache 607 points

Yeah that's what it feels like. It also feels like he wants me to be punished, almost like nothing I can do or say can possibly ever make up for this. He won't even try on the socks to see if they are actually ok - he says he 'just knows' that they are ruined, and that now he's going to be in agony going for this run on the weekend. It's so weird to me, but it's like I can't say anything back about it because I AM the one who messed up by putting it in the dryer.

ion-tom 12 points

Instead of order new socks, order him a punching bag. Put it in your bed when he's gone and go spend the weekend with your family.

Wait for him to apologize, or watch him fall apart when he can't.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/worldnews
putin_putin_putin 4,215 points

If you really want to poo or pee but are not allowed to, how productive can you be?

ion-tom 1 point

My friend worked on a nuclear sub, they weren't allowed to go for like 8 hour shifts. It's nice to think, that somewhere out there right now, all the stands between the beauty of life and absolute nuclear annihilation is how well some sailor can clench his rectal cavity. God bless those uptight assholes, God Bbless.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/deveryofficial
Tosma00 1 point

Thank you, I was thinking of doing that, combined with twitter, reddit and bitcointalk searches. Did you browse by market cap or something particular ?

ion-tom 4 points

View All -> Market Cap Descending Order, Open a million tabs and do the research.

Tosma00 1 point

Thank you. I may work on automating some of the these tasks in the future. Good hunt and see you on the moon

ion-tom 3 points

Yeah, some you can automate with their API, like looking at what markets they are in. I've been working on sentiment analysis bots too - but progress is slow.

Still, at the end of the day, automation works better for trading established tokens while qualification of new assets still takes a lot of intuition.

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[deleted] 4 points


ion-tom 1 point

I can almost guarantee there'd be a use case for blockchain on the moon too. Just think about smart contracts for resource management when you have dozens of habitats and transportation units.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/politics
VaultBoyNewReno 1,300 points

It's good that someone from the republican party is calling them out on the double standard.

ion-tom 1 point

He probably just had to be bought. I think he only way we can really impeach Trump is a bidding war.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/collapse
ChipAyten 1 point

Except in America the gub'mint can't legally arrest you for unsavory speech even if they see it.

ion-tom 9 points

Nope, but they can throw you in a dark cell without cause or due process. Or shoot you and plant evidence afterward.

Worship the dollar or die.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/BasicIncome
ion-tom 1 point

Where's the argument here? I just see a bunch of incoherent cursing and links to rap videos.

There are strong cases for and against UBI, but the smart arguments are mostly about how. Jeff Bezos would implement it as an infinite low interest credit system, while more Socialist implementations would consider adding additional mechanisms for rent control and various indirect subsidies.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/ethtrader
ion-tom 2 points

I like what they're doing, it's a good idea and has huge potential if they ever dip into putting software on peripherals like scanning guns, or having an interface with existing national customs EDI systems.

It's at a great entry price point, they have a good foundation and just sealed the partnership you mentioned. I'm betting it's a 10x, but just don't know the timing. The biggest challenge is their competition from TRAC.

lawlruschang -1 points

shilly post and shilly first comment. sus

ion-tom 2 points

Well, I have no affiliation, but I am invested. Just stating why I am on here. A low cap is always a big opportunity, but it is still a big risk.

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