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ion-tom commented on a post in r/OpenSpaceProgram
ErikBjare 3 points

Not involved in the project, but being completely open source enables modifications not otherwise possible or practical to develop for KSP.

By editing the source code directly people could implement what they want (graphics, networking, mod hooks, planet/procedural generation) thanks to the public source code that people are free to modify and can redistribute themselves.

It would be a little bit as if the mod community were the ones who ran the project.

ion-tom 2 points

You hit the nail on the head. Once there is sufficient codebase, modders would ideally become involved not just with content production, but with improving the actual mechanics of the game.

I for one would like to see a few new features:

  • Better approach to "Level of Detail" (LOD), allowing for MUCH larger structures but keeping polycount sensible. (for gigantic orbital shipyards & logistical stations)
  • Improved IVA modelling, allowing for large stations, full of stuff, with rotating habs that have artificial gravity and the like
  • Option for real Multiplayer, with Eve style in-game asset markets. Possibly this could be built on top of some novel technology in crypto/IPFS so it's cheap to run
  • Marching Cube style voxels - for cave systems and 3D modelling of icy oceans like Europa, as well as for accurately modelling resource excavation and radiation shielding.
  • Better methods of calculating+implementing trajectories+'burns' for high ISP, low thrust electric spaceships. (very hard, but I have worked on the problem before)
  • ProcGen universe - yep, I would love to have realistic solar systems that relied on actual accretion modelling parameters and physics/chemistry modeling for density and atmosphere, so that places like Proxima-b could be modelled as accurately as possible and then landed on. Space Engine does this somewhat, but it's closed source and lacking somewhat in terms of accurate planetary science.
  • Modular "loadouts" for resource systems, life support, colonization. Just figuring out someway to have multiple compatible systems for different difficulties and player preference

The list could go on. I tried building out a game like this on my own, but hit limits in terms of being able to buy enough of my own time to really make any serious headway. Hopefully, the talented folks working on this will continue to grow, and some of those cool expanded features will gradually be worked on.

The real goal is player control. My dream is to accurately model slower than light colonization of other stars, with real physics (not fake sci-fantasy stuff), as one gigantic multiplayer sandbox. I hope one day that's possible.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/conspiracy
ion-tom 1 point

Not really buying into the secret asteriods theory as I've worked with IAU datasets before and have friends with asteroids named after them. We are going to continue to be largely in the dark until LSST and Sentinal are both operational.

What I think WOULD be interesting is if that 4chan post was somebody who knew about the botched Chinese space station launch that ended up stuck in a decaying orbit.

Sure looks like Michigan is within that cross-section of latitude. And if a Chinese space launch burnt up over US soil, it might be a few days of tense negotiation and secrecy about recovery of anything that may have survived.

5ting3rb0ast 1 point

botched chinese space station launch? are you kidding? it was launched in 2011 and operational for 5 years.

why are you lying?

ion-tom 1 point

Okay, I guess I got the detail wrong. I thought there was a station component that had a bad launch, but I misremembered - its the full Tiagong-1 station is on a decaying orbit. Space stations (and low orbit vehicles in general) experience drag against the upper atmosphere and need occasion boosts to stay at the correct velocity.

Here's the latitude range of a projected re-entry though.

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ion-tom commented on a post in r/ethtrader
Deloit 5 points

Yeah they're all doing it simultaneously on at the same time that bad news about government regulation is coming out. Makes sense.

ion-tom 1 point

Which bad news? The Korea thing?

ion-tom 9 points

Don't you mean tax season?

ion-tom commented on a post in r/ethtrader
TheElusiveFox 12 points

I really want to see these tokens start to embrace being a security instead of running from it - the fact that these guys did everything they could to stop being designated a security really upsets me as a holder... ICN isn't the only company that has done this, TenX is another example and there are plenty others...

I strongly believe that the idea that a token can act as an ownership share and give out dividends is a great idea and is worth exploring, and companies shouldn't be surprised that the government sees this as something similar to securities... But they should embrace that and not run from it. Work with governments to make it work legally and I think we can get some really powerful tokens out of it. I am really dissapointed that these companies took the other road and ran from the challenge... and now these tokens are not as interesting to me.

ion-tom 1 point

You might want to look into Aragon then.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/YesCalifornia
andyfuckingkaufman 11 points

You’re out of your mind, and literally none of that lunatic screed you just typed is true.

Life is not a dystopian anime.

Go outside.

ion-tom -4 points

Surely, nothing is wrong with the world right now. Racism isn't a real big deal, money belongs in politics, rich people have your best interest at heart, global warming is a liberal conspiracy. The NSA doesn't really spy on people. Congress loves you.

Everything will be just fine if I just shutup and pretend things are okay. Thanks! Everything happening in the world right now is fine!

You really persuaded me to change my ways.

andyfuckingkaufman 6 points


bye bye now

ion-tom -1 points

Last comment, tag you're it, no backsies.

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ion-tom commented on a post in r/ShitPoliticsSays
ion-tom -9 points

OP here, I don't want any of that, nor do I in any way support it. It just seems like the inevitable course of history given how difficult it has become to overthrow tyrannical governments that posses significant technological infrastructure.

What good can a million person march do when the political establishment can monitor every phone call, crash the car of activist leaders, spy on congress, fabricate false narratives to indict key progressive politicians. That's before you get to the militarization of the police force. None of that is a conspiracy theory - it's all been provably happening. You can ignore it, but that doesn't make it go away.

I'm not saying to stop being activists - just that I think that the opposition to progress is very very powerful. Exponential trends in technology have had very negative consequences politically. The biggest probably being domestic psychological warfare, the second being the ability of police and Homeland Security to basically shut down communication networks and go after political organizers directly.

I also may have been watching a lot of Handmaiden's tale at the time. That show is so believable and terrifying that it gives me annurisms to watch it. I am truly afraid that we are plunging towards a dark age.

eunit8899 14 points

Based on that fear you have of tyrannical government, are you a small government conservative?

ion-tom -2 points

Nope, I'm a bleeding heart Progressive. I love my state government. I just think that Ike's warning about the MIL was quite well founded.

And not just because of the cost - but because having any agency capable of spying on and blackmailing all three branches of government... Will never be forced to put national interest ahead of organizational interests.

Edit: here's some current events to add some context.

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ion-tom commented on a post in r/Simulate
ion-tom 1 point

This is fantastic! I was just looking at an older project where the demo had fallen out of date.

Also - you may want to consider the transvoxel algorithm if you ever want to add a third dimension - and I've heard of using RNNs to match against real world terrain data. (Big scope - but it would make an amazing combination of effects.)

I'm going to crosspost this to /r/OpenSpaceProgram since it might be useful reference for doing planetary terrain.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/CrazyIdeas
ion-tom 1 point

I'd love to see this done as a cryptocurrency. With exponentially higher transaction fees as you approach the zero date, and also a limited number of accounts (proof of identity).

ion-tom commented on a post in r/Physics
ReverendWilly 2 points

Do we not need the CoF for the ice? (And also the CoF of the octopus? And maybe how squishy it is?)

I feel like Vi for parts of the octopus will be 0m/s, and the parts that make direct contact with the puck will very nearly equal the speed of the puck (approaching puck speed as a limit) until the rest of the octopus gets pulled by it.

Or am I overthinking this, and it’s already compensated for in standard formulas? (Except the CoF, pretty sure we need that... I’ve tested it; if I run into a parked car, V=0)

ion-tom 0 points

This - I was thinking the same thing. An octopus will likely be pretty wet and probably will also immediately freeze to the ice. Which will mean a very large amount of static friction.

ion-tom commented on a post in r/circlejerk
ion-tom 14 points

Posting more shit anime memes on/r/astrophysics that's what

BetaDecay121 7 points

/uj Wtf is wrong with that sub? I was going to sub until I realised that it no longer anything to do with astrophysics

ion-tom 12 points

/uj yeah, I got banned for asking politely for them to restore it to a normal sub that respects the most awesome field of study.

/j Neil deGRASSe Tyson Neil deGRASSe Tyson Neil deGRASSe Tyson Neil deGRASSe Tyson Neil deGRASSe Tyson Neil deGRASSe

ion-tom commented on a post in r/conspiracy
SLOpokin 15 points

This gets to the heart of what's wrong with the media, from an operational standpoint. The fact that there is no longer sincere investigative journalism is a huge problem when it comes to the system of checks and balances society has created for itself.

Others have mentioned the onset of 24/7 news being the reason why investigative journalism is dead; but what about shows like 60 minutes, 20/20 and dateline nbc? They used to do years long investigations into serious issues, but they have later shifted into more propaganda, murder mysteries and interviews with powerful people.

Nobody seems to care either, and that's even scarier!

ion-tom 5 points

The MSM is bought and owned by he same people who own the defense companies

ion-tom commented on a post in r/ArkEcosystem
biz_classic 13 points

Yes if every Unreal Engine game was automatically networked with every other UE game for seamless multiplayer out of the box :P

ion-tom 2 points

Go look up "High Level Architecture" and "simulation ontology." What you're describing could is a REALLY good use case for Ark, or any other chain with highly available networking. It wouldn't just be games that we're networked, but also complex simulations of everything from terrain erosion to agent based modelling.

If I wasn't a wage slave with zero property or free time I'd work on something like that. Keep making Ark more valuable though and maybe hat will change. Thanks for all you do!

mariapaulafn 1 point

Large scale tensor models or big data analytics tasks do not fit the current use case addressed in Brass, this seems like a feature that, if implemented at all, would come way down the road. So I believe we are a bit far for someone to write about these.

ion-tom 1 point

Yeah, I think I read something about Clay Golem having a tensor model of some kind.

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