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2 points · 1 day ago

Is this the official submission thread? Line 1 says "Contest shall be run on the Devery subreddit in a separate post that will be started by one of the moderators" so it's a little confusing.

Also, what's the timeframe on this? I'd like to put something together but it will take a day or two, life is busy!

Cheers! Crowdsourcing is really forward and cool! Good luck everybody!

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I can no longer be (im)partial on this specific company.

With that said, I have seen cases in the past where other moderators have deleted official youtube videos from other companies and instead posted a Geekwire page with a link to the same video, with the claim of Rule 9. (I think Rule 9 should be excepted for original sources)

I guess this is a case of... if one person is rehosting, that's a problem, but if another company is doing it as official news, no? I supposed the deciding factor on that is on whether there is infringement taking place, which there could be in this video.

I can no longer be partial on this specific company.

Do you mean impartial?

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2 points · 2 days ago

Yes, derp. Don't type before caffeine.

5.2k points · 3 days agoGilded3 · edited 3 days ago

Anyone else notice that we're starting to see a lot of the classic 2016 talking points being rolled out around reddit?

In the past two days I've seen a lot more of "comments like this are the reason people voted for Trump" and "I'd vote for Democrats if they'd just run an ethical candidate," I wouldn't be half surprised if somewhere on reddit someone was bitching about the DNC and Donna Brazile.

Let me preface this by saying that I consider myself a progressive, was proud to vote for Senator Sanders in the 2016 primary, was proud to vote for Secretary Clinton in the general, and am still proud to call myself a Democrat. I write that preface to let you know that I saw all sides of the 2016 election, including watching myself and my fellow Bernie Sanders supporters being targeted by right-wing Republican propaganda.

Now, as will come as a surprise to no one, I am starting to see the same things again. Consider the gif at the top of /r/CringePics right now, posted by a 19 day old account calling itself u-BeanieRocks, and the +300 hour old top comment discussing the Clintons' loveless marriage.

This is the exact same thing we saw in 2016: Little digs that leave big holes and molehills casting mountainous shadows. The methods have not changed, the media has not changed, and the targets have not changed.

Take a moment, if you've got a strong stomach, have a look at the front page of /r/WalkAway, and tell me if it doesn't seem familiar to you.

WalkAway started off as a grassroots movement encouraging progressives to split off from the Democratic party, and was almost immediately co-opted by Russian hackers and intelligence. (Question: Do the hackers work for Russian intelligence, or are they freelance?)

Here's Hamilton 68's rundown of the situation:

The #walkaway movement, a campaign highlighting alleged discord among the left, got a boost this week from accounts linked to Russian influence operations. The first use of the #walkaway hashtag from accounts monitored on Hamilton 68 was noted in early June (a few weeks after the grassroots campaign began), but engagement remained relatively low throughout the month. Activity spiked on July 2, when Hamilton 68 noted 73 unique tweets using #walkaway, and roughly another 50 using related campaign hashtags (e.g. #walkawaymovement). The late engagement suggests Kremlin-oriented accounts are trailers rather than leaders of the campaign, but the high-level of current engagement indicates an effort to astroturf support for the movement and hijack the narrative. This includes several monitored accounts that have changed their handles to include the hashtag, or that have shared their own supposed walkaway moments. The campaign also received a direct boost from Russian propaganda outlets RT and Sputnik, both of which ran stories on the movement.

So, what is one to do?

Simply: Fight back. When you see misinformation being spread, you need to shoot it down, make it your responsibility. Suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous social media, the downvotes, the angry Facebook comments, and correct the lies. We're not doing this with the intent of changing the speaker's mind, we'll never sway Russian bots or blinded zealots, but we can sway the people who read the conversation.

When I saw stupid shit pop up in S4P, I just ignored it. Downvote and scroll, right? That's just "good reddiquite," after all. In retrospect, I regret that choice, even as a supporter of Senator Sanders (Maybe especially as a supporter of Senator Sanders), I should have called out the lies, and brought light to the truth.

Unless we're going to take the low road, then our only option is the high road, also known as the hard road. Find the links, give sources, use statistics; while they cry about opinions, we overwhelm with facts. It sucks, but that's what we're going to have to do, fight in the trenches, and get close enough to see the whites of their eyes.

Be vigilant.

Edit: Awareness is the key. Spread this information around, and don't be quiet about it. Progressive subreddits will be targeted just like they targeted S4P in 2016, /r/esist and /r/BlueMidterm2018 are likely to be in the crosshairs, so users should keep their eyes peeled and their ears de-waxed. Anything that makes it to the front page is going to be fair game, but that's nothing new. As a general rule, anyone who is telling you to hate someone else is probably not on the up-and-up, both online and in life. Where there is passion, there is opportunity, both for the good and the bad.

Edit 2: An example.

Fuck you for belittling the people who didn't tow the line and vote for Hillary by insinuating they just bought the propaganda. Alleged discord?!? Democrats are in the center of the world political spectrum. There is no true left here. The damning shit from the emails was about Democrats colluding against Bernie. But no one talks about that and now we have to listen to this nonsense from people like you. Republicans are way worse. But Democrats are only relatively better, and by supporting them you aren't really fighting shit.

See, this is what I'm saying, you guys need new material.

We've got a five-fer:

100% not saying that this comment is comes from anyone besides an American, 100% not saying that they aren't completely sincere in their complaints and criticisms. I don't know the commenter, and I think looking at user history is gauche (Fuck... that's why they call us elitist, because I said gauche. Goddammit.) but what I can say is that I've been hearing these exact same points since Senator Sanders lost the primary, and debunked them so many times that I'm sick of it. It's the "But vaccines cause retardation!" of /r/Politics. (Everyone remembers that Donald Trump is an antivaxxer, right?)

Edit 3: An example.

Your position, your attitude is what could drive me away from a straight ticket.

The alternative to "comments like this are why I voted for Trump," this is the "comments like this are why I won't vote for Democrats." It's a play to make you shut up, for fear of doing harm to the cause. Seeing this comment could be a signal that you're striking a nerve... or that you're being a hateful asshole. Unless you're being mean, lying, or making shit up, you're probably okay. Call it out for what it is and move on.

Thank you for the gold! Also stop giving me gold. Give it to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood or ProPublica or if you wanna' be really edgy donate a buck to the DNC, that's right kids, it's cool to give to causes you believe in, only squares use their money to buy CDs. Audiophiles still get CDs, right? Like, sometimes? There's gotta' be a market, they're still making them. Anyway, some people give gold to draw attention to a post, and I dig that too, but there are better ways to bring attention to a post on reddit, if you think about it.

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I will never again donate to the DNC, just directly to candidates that support progressive values. Your entire post smells of social engineering, but you have a few valid points. Please don't consider that as ad hominem, and if you are a consultant, be sure to use more sympathetic language in regards to millennial debt serfdom.

After 2016, I trust no one, no platform, no government, no party. There are disinformation campaigns not just by foreign governments or parties which are very strong, especially here on Reddit (which is incredibly broken now.) The problem will only worsened now that net neutrality is gone too.

So, until things like Steny Hoyer stop happening, or elections in Florida correctly show flat cumulative precinct votes, or even Ocasio being forced into an unnecessary competitive primary... I'm not towing the party line.

Vote Blue over Red, but donate time and money to actual progressives regardless of party affiliation. (Hint: single payer health care, reverse citizen's united, fighting institutional racism with policy rather than speeches.)

39 points · 4 days ago

This is the philosophical question I gleaned from Tolkiens writings of Middle Earth. The hobbits have it all figured out like little Buddhists... live forever....? Die tomorrow....? Just be happy with the time you have been given, find pleasure and meaning in the simple gifts available to us all. What's for lunch......?

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8 points · 4 days ago

They do live to be like 120 though. And dwarves have long lifespans too.

ERC20 tokens still have liquidity, no exchange yet for Quanta although team is working on it

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What are Quanta, and are they redeemable for QRL? I'm out of the loop here.

You'll have to invent an x Ray sheild too if they live directly on the surface. For habitats though that'd be easier.

Hopefully there is one hell of an insurance plan! I always thought though that B stars would make for good trading hubs and research stations. Light on manned habitation, heavy on machine intelligence.

My universe doesn't have FTL, nor does it have propellent free propulsion. If the Woodward effect was real though I'd be super duper excited. It would bring Alpha Centauri down to a few decades, easy.

What I do envision is a laser driven sail network, improved antimatter storage and deceleration/refuel with magsails against the ISM. And colonization ships don't look like the Nostromo, they are 5% payload ultralight whisps loaded with biological seed material. And each colonization target gets hundreds of ships sent.

Some ships can carry a few hundred humans at a slower speed in alternating wake/hibernation cycles. But the interior conditions of the ship are so spartan and ultralight that most passengers spent their wakeful time in virtuality (cybernetic vr). Most colonists though are pure Cognitives, and upon arrival are inserted into synth and biosynth(replicant) bodies. The important thing is to bring a lot of diverse zygote material (sperm and eggs) which of course is also augmented with Geneng(crispr). Of course, the bulk population in most systems in pure Cognitive hyperreality.

Maintaining such a huge interstellar operation between so many systems is very costly in terms of energy. Anything G star or above in the HR classification end up as high value trading centers, but anything over type F tends to be too UV heavy for normal biology on planets. So there are high energy stars with huge trade operations with thousands of orbitals but little planetary presence.

In the early years, only a few organizations could muster the resources to colonize. Most were competing tax exempt foundations, funded by dozens of trillionaires and DAOs. Some national governments still existed during that period (2090-2210), but functioned a lot differently than they do today. These groups were highly competitive, as prime real estate of habitable exoplanets was in short supply. Most high ESI planets are waterworlds or deserts. (Or so suspected from advanced coronograph surveys)

What does it look like in he far future? Ecologies are the key form of economic trade between stars other than pure information. Human beings have wildly diversified, as has language. Plus more exciting stuff!

Original Poster374 points · 5 days ago

This was recovered by a posthuman tribe from a long dead generation ship drifting in space, whose crew died millions of years ago. This document is one of the last artifacts of Earth according to Ummon, the oldest being in the galaxy. The text is written in language that appears to be the predecessor of aengisch. The various pages of the document vary in themes: one of them, for instance, prompts the reader to buy a time measurement device that operates through the usage of cogs and springs. Other pages have a close relation to the "cover" as Ummon calls it. These pages refer to someone named Dr. Johanna and her team, who warns the interviewer about the effects of immortality on society. The other pages refer to objects/things whose meaning is still disputed: USD, NATO (past tense), Soviet Union (past tense), shares, among other things. The text also refers to the EU-Indian-Russian-East war. Another document known as the EU archives also refers to this war. The document is now copied down to atomic level. Radioactive measurement puts it at the age of 3 billion years, even though it is largely subject to change due to radiation exposure.

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215 points · 5 days ago

I don't think a magazine could last 3 billion years.

Radio-physical vacuum and completely sterile it could last longer then the heatdeath of the universe

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24 points · 5 days ago

Plant fiber / wood pulp being exposed to vacuum and cosmic rays would do plenty of damage. Chemical decomposition can take place even when biological decomposition doesn't. Even the flags from the moon landing 50 yrs ago are speculated to have become brittle, bleached and broken.

I wonder how they are doing this, probably machine learning?

0 points · 2 months ago

Probably. But I also dont have the Pavlovian hatred of Eyman that the typical denizen of this sub does. He's just a one trick pony shyster. I don't feel the need to point and shriek like Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers whenever somebody mentions his name

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Have you seen this sub recently, praising ICE, defending gay conversion therapy. There's a very serious effort on here to drive the narrative, paid or otherwise.

11 points · 9 days ago

Last year, One of these losers paid by these folks was handing out flyers in front of a large state agency in Olympia. It was my last week working there, so I threw her flyer in the trash and called her a corporate goon. She gave me a soulless smile...not sure how these people can live with themselves

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I saw a PoC trying to get signatures on Eyeman initiatives. They get paid by the signature, which used to be illegal.

So scary that even the wasps ran away...or were killed.

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There should be an SCP entry about this!

2 points · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Honest question: So you dont believe a country has the right to the space above it to a certain distance?

Edit: To clarify I just want to know peoples opinions on this. My opinion is that it should be held to international standards where there shouldnt be any geostationary objects above another country but only own to a certain short distance (like not above what is considered airspace) so orbiting (esp LEO) satellites can freely pass over any country unimpeded. We have a boundary of 12 nautical miles around any coast according to the UN, so something reasonable like that.

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1 point · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Not sure how you're interpreting this, you know about LEO. However, orbits require motion, you can't just park things overhead, except for GSO and that's only directly above the equator. Any other orbit is prone to precision, you really only have constraint over the range of latitudes based on your inclination from the equator.

Regardless, the lowest satellites are 150mi/240km high, well outside of a country's air space.

Here's a good visualization for you:

Edit - this graphic is also good - as you can see, the earth is rotating under the satellite, so it is always crossing the equator in a new spot.

There's no conceivable way for drawing "borders" in space, other than designated GSO/GEO spots that are administered by the ITU

Alright, hope you learned something! :)

Regardless, the lowest satellites are 150mi/240km high, well outside of a country's air space.

Correct which is why I was saying the standard should be up to max "airspace" only which is only a handful of miles high and out of the area of where any satellites would be flying which should obviously be international space. I was basically just saying that if we dont have rules with standards they lack of such could be exploited against us. I obviously dont know much about this stuff which is why I was asking others opinions!

Why can you only "park" something over the equator? You couldnt have a satellite that looked innocuous but was actually a weapon that would "park/stop" itself for a minute, even if it was a one time use and would then fall to Earth after use ( as I would assume it would take a lot of energy/propellants to stop it)?

Also I would think that a satellite with something like a kinetic rail gun or gravity assisted "bullets" like tungsten rods, could hit anything while it was moving to a certain degree of accuracy right? Im pretty sure this was researched by DARPA in Project Thor so it atleast has to be theoretically possible.

That site is really cool!


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2 points · 11 days ago

Why can you only "park" something over the equator? You couldnt have a satellite that looked innocuous but was actually a weapon that would "park/stop" itself for a minute, even if it was a one time use and would then fall to Earth after use ( as I would assume it would take a lot of energy/propellants to stop it)?

Sure, but keep in mind that's a lot of energy to kill 18,000 MPH. Theoretically, if we perfected microwave laser beamed energy, you could conceivably have a huge microwave reflector, and you could beam enough energy to keep something "afloat" and stationary but you'd have crazy problems in heat dissipation. You'd be counteracting the downward pull of gravity and it would somehow have to lose it's tangential velocity. You could only conceivably do that for a handful of "satellites" as the energy requirements would be extreme. There would also not be much benefit to doing that when you could just use GSO, or stay halfway to GSO with a constellation of spacecraft.

Rail guns could kill tangential velocity too, but their primary use is in maximizing velocities for impact. If you fired at the appropriate angle you could hit the ground at orbital or trans-planetary velocity, which would have a far greater effect.

All of those are pretty interesting ideas. What mostly matters in space isn't position, it's signal protection. The NRO had a pretty cool program, a 100m dish in space. It's the largest satellite (that we know of)


"Damnit, this stuff was all supposed to be below the surface for deniability!"

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0 points · 12 days ago

Except they control all 3 branches of government and are expert at gerrymandering and voter suppression. So they barely need to hide anything anymore.

A thorough introspection is what the rest of us, watching this car crash, are waiting for.

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3 points · 14 days ago

A thorough introspection usually requires a moral foreign power to defeat and occupy a country.

Vive=bad customer service.

I'd rather someone else takes over Vive production because HTC's customer service is reflecting poorly on Valve and VR in general.

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5 points · 19 days ago

Maybe HTC will get bought up? Maybe a coalition buy, with other smartphone makers buying part of the business and Valve taking on the Vive. Although plenty of other phone makers are trying to get deeper into VR. Sony and Samsung are doing okay, but maybe LG or Google would step in.

2 points · 19 days ago

Sorry for being a little short, I try to stick to harder stuff like comment modding rather than queue approvals.

It was tough month being very busy professionally, and /u/Xenophon1 made me go fishing so I blame him. :P

This blows my mind. There are just empty housing developments that were built and then no one moved in.

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Take a look at sea level rise maps and it makes total sense. Plus exponential growth.

1.8k points · 22 days ago

Maybe we should add 9 more states to get a nice even 60 stars....

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I mean, we can get 3-4 more just by splitting California.

Even supporting seniors.

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I mean, that's basically half of Fox's viewership.

What should we do?

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Start protesting long enough to get a free ride to the Glorious American Jobs Program known as privatized prison. In 10 years we'll have 60% of the population on work release for minor crimes and roving bands of brownshirt cops killing anybody who runs away. That's how you boost the GDP!

I know nothing of taxes

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73 points · 25 days ago

Fiscal-year-end gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my final reconciliation. I shall have no life, hold no personal interest, ignore all my children. I shall wear no bow ties and win no interpersonal respect.

136 points · 25 days ago

Yeah either it's cold outside or you're in the Viet Cong.

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55 points · 25 days ago

What about Soccer Hooligans and Soviets?

Yeah I'd like to see him declare Harley Davidson a national security emergency.

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I mean, it'd basically insight a civil war among Harley Riders to have tariffs like that. Support your beloved company, or your demagogue strong-man that wants to control the market.


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