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Notevenspecial 1 point

You are saying it is alive?

isjustme1986 1 point

It is expanding! That what makes me concern

[deleted] 1 point

I wouldn't say it's mold without looking at it in person, but how wet is that area in general? I think you might need to work on drainage first.

isjustme1986 1 point

We have dome rain but nothing crazy, This area is always under the shade of the roof it barely gets any direct sun

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Deymious90 1 point

Hmm do you know if Amex still carries these things

isjustme1986 2 points

AMEX is great with these benefits, their purchase protection progrM is top notch.

snoos_antenna -3 points

Honestly, if nobody was using these benefits then I don't blame them. Did you ever use these benefits? If not, then this really doesn't impact you.

isjustme1986 4 points

I have used the purchase protection benefit before, not with discover though. I don't think I will make any electronics purchase with Discover going forward, even if you don't end up using is like having insurance.

isjustme1986 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
isjustme1986 1 point

When I was in high school (1998) my biology teacher gave a class about how certain pharmaceutical products could have serious genetic consequences after a couple generations (i.e your kids, grand kids etc.) she then said there was a very known case about a medicine that they released in the 80's where they found out that deformations might occur in the 5th generation (great great grandkids?) . She was a very respected teacher so none of us questioned the lesson. A couple years ago, for no reason I remembered what she said and realized It made zero sense, how would the track and monitor 5 generations in 20 years. I felt kinda stupid.

66666thats6sixes 1 point

Toto makes a 19x12-3/8 sink that could probably work. Some overhang is normal and intentional.

19x13 sinks are also pretty common.

isjustme1986 1 point

I did look at this brand but I can't find this size on oval undermount models.

getapuss 1 point

If you talk to someone at Home Depot's kitchen and bathroom remodeling department they can help you order something that's a custom size if you can't find it on their website.

isjustme1986 1 point

Yeah, I didn't really talk to anybody, I will try this. thank you

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isjustme1986 20 points

I think there is a reason why your grandfather never made a genuine effort to recoup the money, you even mentioned that when you brought it up he told you to hold on to it. My perception is that he wanted to give you the money but he didn't want you you to think it was "charity". I would keep the money. If you want to give something back maybe you could make a small donation to a charity or a cause that your grandfather liked.

these-things-happen 1 point

When we file taxes next year do I just start using her SSN or should I notifiy someone about the change?

Assuming your SSN appeared first on all joint returns, you won't have to notify IRS of the change. She will eventually receive a notice advising her to renew the ITIN, and then she can advise IRS she has a Social Security number at that time.

When you electronically file next year, her prior-year Adjusted Gross Income will be zero.

isjustme1986 2 points

Awesome, couldn't find any info about this anywhere but figured it wouldn't be a big deal, thanks for the help!

6gunsammy 3 points

Just start using her SSN.

isjustme1986 1 point

thanks for the confirmation!

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