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itijara commented on a post in r/TheDepthsBelow
stuntobor 153 points

Oh COURSE that motherfucker is in Australia.

itijara 123 points

They have them in Florida as well, but I guess that is just the Australia of the U.S.

Razorwave099 9 points

Thanks for that because now I get to look forward to these on my first holiday to America soon from the UK (a place that doesn't contain anything this terrifying from my knowledge)

itijara 4 points

They are very endangered so it's unlikely you'll see one, but you might see Alligators or Crocodiles so there are still things to be afraid of.

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itijara commented on a post in r/television
wineandcheese 239 points

One of the common traits of narcissists is that they are able to appear super charming in front of other people. Tangentially, that also indirectly works as a form of gaslighting because it makes you feel like you’re making up and/or exaggerating the emotional abuse you experience privately. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if his friends/colleagues didn’t know any of this.

itijara 108 points

This is also what makes it so difficult for people to believe victims. Some people are so good at appearing kind and charming to others that people cannot believe them capable of being awful to people in private.

itijara commented on a post in r/TheLastAirbender
pikablob 253 points

Nah, Toph is best girl.

itijara 23 points

Don't let Toph here you say that. She's fine being the best, but she is hardly a girl.

Edit: Spelling

koakova 11 points

why is she hardly a girl? bc she's rough and badass?

itijara -17 points

I don't really want to get into a long conversation on gender but yes.

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itijara commented on a post in r/talesfromtechsupport
[deleted] 705 points


itijara 38 points

One of the ways they determine if someone is brain dead is something called an apnea test. It consists of turning off the ventilator (or turning it down) then waiting for a bit to see if the patient can breath on his/her own. Basically, turning it off and on again is exactly what they do when they suspect someone might be dead.

itijara commented on a post in r/AskReddit
M0untainWizard 2,304 points

Friend ask me if I can recommend a cheap notebook just to watch videos and browse the internet.

I tell her she can have my old HP Pro book fresh installed with Linux Ubuntu for 20$.

No Linux is to complicated goes off and buys a Mac Book pro. facepalm

Edit: the point i was trying to make was that she was on a budget. Max 200$. My old notebook with linux was the best i could offer her since linux is free. And she ending up blowing over her budget 5x by buing one of the expensives solutions.

itijara 0 points

I would have suggested a Chromebook or maybe an old version of Mac. I actually agree that Linux IS too complicated for most end users who just want their computer to "do the thing," and linux is only free if your time is worthless (or you enjoy messing with your computer like I do).

Don't get me wrong. I love Linux. I have a Chromebook that I hacked beyond recognition with new firmware and a bespoke OS (r/GalliumOS). I have a billion shortcuts and crazy customizations that simultaneously make my computer easier for me to use and impossible for anyone else to use. BUT Linux is not good for most people. It can do anything, but often you need to spend hours futzing around with it to get it to work. Can't stream Netflix? Just spend an hour reading stackoverflow replies for some tidbit of information on a chromium plugin that is three years old and you have to build from source by cloning the github repo, installing GNU dev tools, and running Make. Want to store your Dropbox folder on an SD card and not have it annoy you every time you start up saying it cannot find the directory? No problem, just learn how run the mount command on startup with root permissions and make sure to get it right or you might end up making your machine unbootable. Linux is great, but it really is not for everyone.

itijara commented on a post in r/ProRevenge
youtheotube2 696 points

Maybe you could be a private investigator on the side.

itijara 26 points

OP would make a good skip tracer. This is exactly the sort of stuff they do. She seems to have a lot of emotional intelligence as well, which is useful in persauding people and in understanding how they think.

itijara commented on a post in r/AskReddit
[deleted] 10,975 points


itijara 7 points

Had this done 3 times as a teenager. It was more than mildly painful, and after the third time the doctor said: "oh, it's pretty common for guys going through puberty. It should clear up in a few years on it's own". It did. Why the hell did he not tell me after the first cauterization? I would not have chosen to do it unless I thought it was totally necessary.

itijara commented on a post in r/MurderedByWords
Krankenschwester1 2 points

No, but it is fair for us to assume that that religion had a profound impact on culture at the time, be that good or bad.

itijara 1 point

True, but fortunately they wrote things down. I know as far back as 70 C.E there were people referring to the story of Noah as allegorical (e.g. in the Mishnah), although there are probably records before that as well. It's weird that biblical literalism is making a comeback.

Krankenschwester1 2 points

I thought it was something about women being stoned? Like if a woman is raped and doesn't marry the man?

Regardless, another lesson Genesis teaches is that when WE consider our children wicked, we apparently should drown them all except for two.

itijara 2 points

BTW you were correct in your initial statement, although the circumstances are more complex than that (Deut. 22:13-21):

In the case where she married someone either: explicitly stating she is not a virgin, or he is the one who took her virginity before they married, she would not be stoned. Not good by today's standards, but there was not an expectation that all brides would be virgins either.

I actually forgot about this case. My bad.

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itijara commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Mitra- 20 points

It does however reduce its duration.

itijara 17 points

Only as a regular supplement, not as a treatment

Regular supplementation trials have shown that vitamin C reduces the duration of colds, but this was not replicated in the few therapeutic trials that have been carried out

itijara commented on a post in r/thalassophobia
stposey92 44 points

Water moccasins are not chill... They are considered to be significantly more aggressive than any form of water snake. I cannot count the times I've been chased my moccoasin.... They are literally the worst snake imaginable

itijara 7 points

Not my experience fishing in Florida. I've accidentally caught both water moccasins and water snakes dozens of times, and water moccasins will usually stay relatively still and regurgitate the bait but water snakes tend to go nuts and try to bite everything. Never been chased by any snake at all, the closest I got was one that scared the shit out of me by beating it's tail against bushes to let me know it was there. Why would a creature 6in off the ground chase a 6ft tall walking mammal that can easily outrun it?

stposey92 0 points

I grew up in Florida and lived there most of my life. These monsters were everywhere... They were the main thing I was worried about. I went running through the woods in North Florida and saw one and it started chasing me.

itijara 2 points

Next time get it on video.

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itijara commented on a post in r/starterpacks
thatboyfromthehood 208 points

Damn I do 2/3 of those. The earphone thing should be easy (I'll just lower the volume) but what can I do about the improper posture?

itijara 1 point

An easy thing to do is keep any screens at eye level when your back is straight. I'm a programmer and this has done more to help me avoid back pain than anything else.

Laptops are awful because they force you to look down. If you can, use another monitor or place your laptop on a raised platform on your desk and use an external keyboard. I do both.

itijara commented on a post in r/AskReddit
PhobosIsDead 696 points

My family has always ended phonecalls to each other with an I love you, so there have been many a time I've said it to really just about anyone when I'm leaving or whatever.

itijara 4 points

One way to avoid this is to never say I love you to anyone. Win.

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