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Seriously, showing stock photos or shit drawings pales in comparison.


Why is your friend rolling his eyes? The teacher is showing a digital representation of areas.

The people who created the game did a shit ton of research to get it as accurate as possible. It’s really a great way to show people a live digital demonstration than just a stock photo.

Tell your friend to grow up.


Who is the girl in the middle with shorts?

“Work a job that your disability will let you!”

Charged for prostitution at the least. Fraudulent charges as well.

It takes two to tango.

She is okay on a all dark team, but not great on a rainbow team. Might help for dark ruins.

They are suppose do make bright a series, so this could be the continuation

X-ray finish

*doesn’t jnow

So does your Jom

ItsKrakenMeUp commented on


Give him a few months lol. It’s been 3 days.

Easy. Let him have his fantasy. Kid only lives once.

I have 9 inches and i always hear this complaint

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