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iz_no_good commented on a post in r/europe
swdeveloper2 38 points

The pilots were awesome. The fire was very close to one of the major highways. Check this video of the precision they had.

iz_no_good 3 points

Is this fire raging for days? Because usually it takes a few days before planes mobilize to another country's aid.

HonzaSchmonza 10 points

Not this fire in particular no but we have had fires here and there all over Sweden for about a month or so. Where I live we have had rain today so hopefully the rain travels up the country. Having the planes here feels good and is super duper appreciated!

iz_no_good 5 points

fires here and there all over Sweden for about a month or so

This really sounds like a typical summer season of most Mediterranean countries. This happening to Sweden seems so weird to me :O

iz_no_good commented on a post in r/greece
iz_no_good 2 points

σημερα παντως η μεταδοση στη web tv δεν ειναι μεσω Youtube, το γυρισαν σε ..

τα τσαλιμακια του youtube στην ΕΡΤ δεν περνανε!

iz_no_good commented on a post in r/europe
Sikran 1 point

Considering that they don't agree with this deal at all, I'd agree that ND has a different stance now.

iz_no_good 0 points

as you correctly said, they don't agree with the whole package/deal. Not the name itself.

πολυ προσφατη ανακοινωση

feel free to point me where ND express objections to the alleged name that includes geographical qualifier.

Sikran 1 point

Point #1 in your link. They scold Tsipras for agreeing to "Northern Macedonia" instead of the untranslated "Severna Makedonija"

iz_no_good 1 point

Thats not objection towards the name, its just accusing tsipras that he announced different things than what is written on paper.

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iz_no_good commented on a post in r/europe
iz_no_good 0 points

During the week, we will redirect picture posts to /r/casualeurope

and so far /r/casualeurope has:

580 readers

2 users here now (then 1 probably being me)

meaning picture posts have no audience on that sub you are suggesting, they are just doomed.

badblueboy146 45 points

and pls upvote my Bled pic

iz_no_good 1 point


iz_no_good commented on a post in r/europe
Tetizeraz [M] [score hidden]

Hi, thank you for your contribution, but this submission has been removed because picture posts are banned during weekdays. For more info check here.

Please use /r/CasualEurope instead.

My hearts say no, but duty says yes

If you have any questions about this removal, please contact the mods.

iz_no_good 2 points

Please use /r/CasualEurope instead.

nobody checks that sub:

580 readers

2 users here now

SkatoMpiftekas 5 points

When we had democracy you still lived on trees τετοια φαση

iz_no_good 2 points

you, in particular and judging by your username, would have had cholesterol lol

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iz_no_good commented on a post in r/europe
RubberBummer 6 points

yeah, that's what the article is about. Orgs and officials always use the full name of a country. But in casual conversation I don't think people will remember to add the 'North'

iz_no_good 10 points

I believe people will adapt too, its not so complex name after all. But will require some time, i agree.

i mean, people don't forget to add North or South when they are talking about one of the Koreas, right?

ceco222 4 points

That's because there are two Koreas. Since it will be North Macedonia and there is no south, no one will bother saying it.

iz_no_good 2 points

I wont argue with that, that's sensible.

But if the media and politicians keep referring to them as North Macedonia, it will stick to the people too. But will definitely need time.

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iz_no_good commented on a post in r/greece
Sapemeg 4 points

αυτό και δευτερευόντως για τα breaking news

iz_no_good 3 points

το app του στο κινητο εχει καλη επιλογη απο εκτακτες ειδησεις, τις πεταει σαν notifications (σε android τουλαχιστον)

iz_no_good commented on a post in r/europe
SpicyJalapenoo 3 points

Protecting Montenegro's airspace from who? Serbia?

iz_no_good 15 points

from ANY aircraft that enters their airspace and doesnt follow international rules of aviation, like contacting ATC etc

SpicyJalapenoo 0 points

Yeah, but the thing is that it never happens.

iz_no_good 8 points

That's great then.

We save on jet fuel expenses (i am told they burn a lot), and Montenegro has a procedure in place in case something unexpected happens :)

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iz_no_good commented on a post in r/greece
SoSp 54 points

Θυμαμαι υμιυπογειο νετ-καφε στη Κυψέλη, κατι καμμένους 50χρονους να ειναι εκει καθε μα ΚΑΘΕ απογευμα και να παιζουν μονο Age of Empires (AOK).

Σε καποια φαση ολη η μαγκαρια πηγαμε σε εναν και του ειπαμε να παιξει μαζι μας (παιζαμε AOE2 & CS 1.3 τοτες και σκιζαμε μπορω να πω).

Μας λεει "παμε ενα 1v6;" Μονος του, εναντια σε ολους στη παρεα.

... Μας ξεφτυλισε.

iz_no_good 10 points

Web cafe στη Φωκιωνος. ;-)

iz_no_good commented on a post in r/greece
iz_no_good 1 point

δεν εισαι στο καταλληλο site για ερωτησεις programming. Φανταζομαι θα το εχεις δει κ απο google searches, ρωτα στο

Γραψε αναλυτικα την ερωτηση σου, και μη ξεχασεις να μαρκαρεις ως σωστη την απαντηση που σε βοηθησε.

iz_no_good commented on a post in r/greece
iz_no_good 1 point

I was wondering if anyone can report something involving a conspiracy, for example what if you found out someone from your home country came to France specifically to target you over succession.

Imagine you and a brother inherited a property in the US, your on a trip to france and you find out he stalked you into the country to set you up with a false arrest or hurt you.

Is the S.A.V.E. system useful to get the info back to the FBI in the US?

EU doesnt let you catch a break my friend :(

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