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ceestars 207 points

Me neither. Looks like we need to install Samsung's Sound Assistant app- "Allow you to control the media volume instead of ringtone when pressing the volume keys"

*edit- Assistant, not Experience

j0be 0 points

I'm gilding this so I can always find it whenever I update my phones.

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CedarWolf 2 points

Pssssh. I don't hold a candle to folks like /u/j0be, who manages to be a good mod, an excellent guy, and has millions in karma.

j0be 3 points


chuchubott 3 points

How does this even happen?

j0be 2 points

For me? It was a bad breakup where I needed something to focus on, so I gave myself a challenge and then vastly exceeded it.

I'm no where near as active on reddit as I used to be, but I still find it enjoyable. Just different priorities in life now.

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itsreallyreallytrue 417 points

Ding ding ding. Here's a streetview look at the same spot or at least close to it.

j0be 228 points

I knew it looked too familiar. I've stopped at that exit a few times as a pit stop on my way to Pittsburgh.

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xXTheCitrusReaperXx 1 point

Oh I kill it. I never got into Royale

j0be 3 points

What he meant was

"still cool"?

As if you were at some point.

The_Necromancer10 1 point

I don't recall seeing either of you (u/WinterCharm and u/j0be) on r/ClashRoyale (maybe it's that you guys don't comment very often). Also, how the hell did you get 3m karma in 7 years?!

j0be 3 points
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j0be 4 points

Bloody Wolf from the guide with corrections:

buy heavy machine gun x5, stimulant x2, advance guide x1

there will be 7 creeps on floor

use machine gun on right upper creep x2

use gun on right middle creep x3

use manual guide, use potion, use skill on boss

use potion, use skill on Frank (mid), attack till die, get diary

use killer proxy to get 500EP, buy machine gun x3, handgun x2

use machine gun to clear remaining creep

use handguns on boss, continue attack until boss' your hp is less than boss' attack

use diary, attack boss till die - WIN

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quarteronababy 4 points

it's a very common script. A lot of people use it. especially in the alt-right area. You'll see if when you look up someone to find out their history and their history is just the same text over and over again

"This comment has been overwritten by [script] to learn more [Link]" basically that."

It's an interesting innovation because it counters things like being caught with bad things you've said in your past. Even if you use Ceddit to try to erase them you'll only get that rewritten message. It's fairly effective.

There are many variations on these scripts if you don't like that one you can try this one

which based on what i skimmed doesn't need your password at all.

j0be 4 points

PDS runs on whatever account is currently logged in on your browser, so it doesn't require a password ever.

If you have any background in computer science, I tried to make the code as readable as possible to try and make it simple to check that it's not doing anything weird under the covers.

[deleted] 5 points


j0be 8 points

Plus you don't need to have every comment visible on the screen for it to work like it does on op's script, that would annoy me so much.

Full disclosure: I wrote /r/PowerDeleteSuite, so I'm biased.

j0be commented on a post in r/proED
OneRedSent 5 points

Would someone link me to this bot? Sounds useful.

j0be 5 points

Set up any key words you'd like to have it ping you when it occurs.

areyouinsanelikeme -8 points

Have you been forcibly hospitalized? I'll admit that I was clouded by anger at watching pants get comforted over something that clearly hurt her husband more and play the victim. However when I say people don't get better by being forced to do so, I say that with a lot of experience, both mine and the people I've met. Nothing makes a person more spiteful and determined than the cold and calloused process of a psych eval. 99% of psych wards are depressing places where every ounce of joy left is taken from you. I sat in a room with glass walls 24 hours a day with security guards outside my door. I left the hospital the last time with flashbacks and an obsession that drove me to the brink of suicide several times. I went in sick, and I left sicker than I had ever been. My anorexia didn't go away, my depression didn't go away, but my sense of agency over my own life did. The ambulance is the worst part of it all. Lying on that stretcher, often restrained as they take you to what is essentially a prison is the most treacherous journey one can take. Then you're in the ER, praying they won't admit you. The hospital was the worst time in my life, and perhaps the worst part was the sense of betrayal by the people who were supposed to be my loved ones. So yes, I got angry, and yes anyone who does that to someone they claim to love deserves that anger.

EDIT: I sort of blurred my experiences, it was the medical unit with glass walls, the psych ward was just a long hallway with dull rooms and ugly lighting. Both are awful.

j0be 14 points

Your experiences do not translate to every situation. Your experiences are entirely separate to her husband's experiences. With situations like this, medical advice should be at the sole discretion of a medical professional who has a working knowledge of that patient's medical history and situation.

Also, any advice given with the amount of hostility you had in your messages is always a bad idea. Please keep this in mind when trying to approach situations like this in the future.

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titaniumhud 591 points

Well I am sure the can is still there

But the soda... is everywhere

j0be 265 points

Hmmm yes.

But what does the decorative item in the back mean? 🤔

j0be 10 points

Probably Greek letters for a sorority.

Edit: as pointed out below, there is no W in Greek letters, so I was wrong

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j0be commented on a post in r/gifs
neon_overload -1 points

This thread is so full of links and screenshots showing the woman's real Twitter account, I just reported like 4 but there's tons more. Are the mods asleep??

j0be 4 points

I tried to find most of them, but also, it's basically exactly why I stickied this comment. The tweet says that the guy was her friend and that it was a joke

[deleted] -2 points


j0be 6 points


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j0be commented on a post in r/gifs
Karljohnellis 62 points

I work at a petrol station and last year a guy filled his tank, a panel van and after watching the footage back, he literally just pumped gas in and it was like a waterfall coming from underneith his van, it was pooling round his feet and he just didnt react to it at all, when it hit 100 litres, the pump automatically cut out. He then came inside, short changed my colleague 20 quid and left quickly, went back out noticed the fuel and got in his van and just sped off. Thing is, he didnt seem to understand that he didnt have any fuel in his van so he stalled behind our building, the police came, the fire brigade came, it was in all the drains so hes getting heavily fined cause of how much he'd spilled. A special sand spreader and floor cleaner had to be brought out to clean it, he had to pay for it all (plus the fuel he'd shortchanged us)

j0be 5 points

Yep. This is one of the reasons why you need to pay attention while pumping gas.

SternLecture 85 points

Were they at all embarrassed? Because when crap like this happens to me the smug bastards try to pretend like its just a simple mistake and don't even apologize.

j0be 73 points

It didn't seem like they were. It almost felt like they were trying to make me feel bad for not realizing it was disconnected.

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j0be commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
Confident_Male 20 points

Is this not grounds for a lawsuit?

j0be 15 points

It's an at will employment state, so... IDK? I'm not a lawyer.

ChuckinTheCarma 130 points

The reality of how fragile employment is actually helps me sleep at night.

If I’m gonna lose my job, it’s definitely not going to be my fault. I can live with that.

j0be 57 points

Sometimes all it takes is that management needs a fall guy. The only job I was fired from was a Target I worked at in college. I came in on my day off to buy a TV. We had a TV that was marked as discontinued clearance and that we didn't have any more in stock. I had the manager even ring me up. I got a $1300 TV for $300 in the end.

But it turned out someone had just mislabeled it from the stock team as the previous model and it wasn't even on clearance. They needed someone to take the fall for a $1000 store loss, and it for damn sure wasn't going to be the manager who rang me up. The next day I came into work, they pulled me into the office and just explained that I was being let go since they couldn't prove that I wasn't the one who mislabeled it.

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sneakpeekbot 27 points
j0be 25 points

Aww, I remember getting the top post of all time in that subreddit a long time ago with this post

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