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Never understood the hate this game gets. It's almost as good as Uncharted 2. But people also consider Uncharted 4 a good game sooo... yeah.

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I've had this exact thing as a kid. I don't know anything about it or why it happened. I just remember getting scared whenever I used the noclip cheat in games - everything looked scary when flying through walls! But it hasn't happened ever since. In fact, I've grown to be completely immune to fear when playing video games. I tried every kind of horror game you can think of - they didn't scare me one bit, and yes, I played at night, with headphones on etc. Never heard of anyone else like this either.

PR agency does not post things which are direct words of the Employer. They do post which are an indirect influence from the person from behind.

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"Say something nice about that Vinicius kid"

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•My players constantly start making a run only to inexplicably stop or change direction as soon as i go to make the pass

This is what I like to call the scripted run. The game is baiting you into giving a good pass forward, only for the player to stop running and make you look like a moron; like it's your fault somehow.

Also another problem I often experience: If the CPU sends a long through pass forward and you switch players to the closest defender to their player that runs towards the ball, your defender will STOP RUNNING just because you switched to him, and then start running again. This completely kills his momentum and any chance you have at defending. When this happens, I just switch sides and shoot the ball out of play. If the CPU cheats, so can I.

On another note, the CPU's decision making in attacking is horrendous and no amount of slider tinkering will ever help them. I pretty much never concede more than 1 goal per game because of that, even if they have plenty of chances.

What does it do? Double the scripting?

I'll never understand game trailers. You say it looks perfect? The trailer was full of cinematics, cutscenes and scripted gameplay. They even hid the HUD from those sections. How can you tell anything by this stuff? The game can literally turn out to be a Telltale type of game and it would still be true to the trailer. But somehow trailers convince millions of people to preorder. I just... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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there is no support class in KOTOR

Except that's bullshit. Consulars have Force points and Lightning, but they have MANY useful support skills that they use better than most due to their Force Point Pool, and focusing on those in anything resembling a passable RPG is not "playing it wrong", it makes the RPG shit.

Consulars are better at force powers, and the purpose behind skill trees/progression trees is that a player can customize their build with limited access to points; this means that unless I guessed the EXACT correct route of skills to learn(excluding role play skills), I end up with a skill set not suited to my situation.

It's like saying I'm playing a life cleric wrong in DnD just because they have access to some offensive magic. It's almost as if clerics are better suited to a PARTY or something.

Which is why the finale of KOTOR 2 sucked: They even took that away.

Also, what makes you think I DIDN'T use force lightning? It still didn't prove to be enough, unless I KNEW AHEAD OF TIME that I'd be going up against the final mission, ALONE, and needed the extra kick that my party would have normally provided for me, which no player could reasonably be expected to know.

And why the heck would you re-start the game because you can't beat the final boss, instead of just using cheats to pass it?

...are you some kind of idiot?

That's exactly what makes it a bad game. If it can't be completed without cheats unless you play it ONE way(while giving you options and fooling you into thinking there's more than one) AND disregards player builds, funneling them towards specific ones(and pissing on preference and style), then it's an even WORSE game.

It's a RPG for christ's sake, nobody cares about the gameplay. It's all about the story.

Looks like someone doesn't know what the G stands for in's game...duh.

As in, NOT a book? or a movie? or a screenplay? A game. Those have gameplay, and people who like games should care about gameplay.

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I've never heard of anyone praise the gameplay in the KOTOR games. I don't even know if anyone even likes it. Yet they are still great games and some of my favorite RPGs.

You seem to care too much about these gameplay things that you complain about (even if you are right about them). The vast majority of RPGs have garbage gameplay, including my favorite ones. Thus, they are far better with cheats and mods. I think I've only played each KotOR once without cheating or save editing. And a million times WITH. Much more enjoyable this way.

I think you need to look at them like you would look at Planescape: Torment - cheating or using a character guide for min-maxing being mandatory for enjoying the game. In that game, I couldn't beat the second to last boss because it was designed to be immune to all magic. I was a mage... so it was impossible to hurt him in any way. Bad design, yes. But I used cheats to pass him, so problem solved. I wasn't bothered by it one bit because it's an RPG - you either play for the story or uninstall.

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Then read a book; leave people who actually expect a GAME out of an RPG out of it.

Seriously, if that's your main gripe, then read the wiki entry/plot summary or watch it on youtube. Some people actually like the game part of an rpg, and it having a good story doesn't excuse it having shitty gameplay.

Also, you majorly contradict yourself; first you have the gall to say I played the game "wrong", and now you're saying the gameplay isn't supposed to be good, which entails that it was never a matter of me "playing" wrong in the first place; maybe throw out the nostalgia filter so that even you can see the point you're making more clearly?

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Where's the contradiction? It's both bad at the gameplay and you were also probably playing it wrong. I remember the best way to play as a Jedi Consular/Sith Lord was to spam Lightning with every single action. Anything else would be a waste of time in comparison to an extra Lightning, maybe except for Force Heal if you are in need of it. Alternatively, "Destroy Droid" for droids.

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Yep, long time ago. I can honestly say that every single online game released this decade is not even a 5/10 for me. Everything just sucks hard, but millions of people play them. I don't get it.

An RPG or adventure game where you play as a Nazi officer and get to make choices regarding the fate of lots of people.

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More Jared Harris / Dawes. One phenomenal actor.

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Agreed. He steals the show whenever he's on screen. Can't believe he only appeared in 7 episodes - he feels like such a big deal.

I thought the ginger guy was a magician and was pulling some magic trick on Santi Cazorla, then I re-read the title a few more times... turns out, Cazorla is actually the magician... and he is doing... wait what the fuck is going on in that picture again?

Mechanically it's nothing special, it succeeds through storytelling.

I'd agree with the other guy though that it's one of the best levels in the history of video games primarily because of the story context and framing. The game is extremely effective in building up towards the finale and making a big deal of just how dangerous the whole situation is; even if you're playing on the lowest difficulty it still "feels" dire because of how the whole things is presented to you. Seeing the whole team work together and having to make choices along the way is especially exciting.

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one of the best levels in the history of video games

story context and framing.

Pick one. Anything that falls under "best levels ever" should only be so for gameplay reasons only, not story crap.

Obviously coming from someone who's never touched a story-driven game and would not be intelligent enough to appreciate it.

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I played lots of those, including Planescape: Torment. I just don't think "level design" and "story" should ever be in the same sentence.

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Welcome to modern gaming where almost every AAA game is a copy-paste of Ubisoft games. Unnecessary crap like open world and RPG elements are in every game now, making them worse games of course.

People who are anti-piracy are hypocrites. If they grew up in countries with low income, they would be pirating too. But because they didn't, they don't, and can't see the other side of the coin. It's really as simple as that.

You said "argument FOR piracy"? To me, there are no arguments AGAINST piracy. More people should pirate things. You should pay for the product to support the authors if you liked it enough... after you're done with it, not before.

I'm quite the opposite. When I play alone, I can afford to fuck up or play less seriously or try some weird ideas because I have room for error; I can just try again if I lose anyway. When playing in front of other people, there is no room for error. Don't want them to see me fail, so I have an extra motivation to take it super seriously and not fuck around at all.

I beat the Orphan of Kos in Bloodborne (hardest boss in the game) on the first attempt on my first playthrough. Hard fight, had 0 healing left. On my 2nd playthrough, it took me an HOUR of fighting him to finally beat him again. I had to learn his moves really well this time. Guess I just got really lucky the first time lol. On the subsequent playthroughs, I always killed him on 2nd attempt, but at that point I knew him pretty well.

I've noticed fighting games keep getting a bit worse in this territory every year. Supers used to be this quick little animation, maybe 1 second long with the background changing to indicate and some additional effects.

Now you have these like 5-10 second long super cutscenes that, IMO, take away from the core of the fighting game experience. I love Soul Calibur but the recent inclusion of the "reversal edge" mechanic involves this cutscene that lasts up to 6 seconds, and these can happen multiple times a match.

Super animations are cool, but they should really focus on keeping them short, no greater than 5 seconds.

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I played the new DBZ fighter game (forgot its name) a month or two ago and holy fuck. Any combo you do or whatever is followed by some cutscene thing where the game ZOOMS IN on the character doing it, and you are stuck watching him do it for a few seconds. Instant uninstall.

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Why did Half-Life not use the Unreal engine which came out in the same year and looks objectively better in every way? Why Half-Life 2 did not use Cry engine? Why did Halo 3, Human Revolution and COD4 not use Cry Engine 2? Why did Deus Ex not use Quake 3 engine? Why did Demon's Soul not use Uncharted 2 engine? They are just lazy, amirite.

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I have no idea what you're trying to say. None of those games have trash engines like the Delta Force games.

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You do know tactical openworld FPS that came out in 1998 made by a dozen people would require a completely different engine than Half-Life, which was a heavily linear and scripted game.

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Maybe but that doesn't excuse how bad they made it.

Btw, I just reinstalled DF1 and Land Warrior yesterday, since I got them on GOG a while ago but never bothered to try them. My god, they're even worse than I remember... You can snipe the entire map from 200 meters with a single assault rifle bullet for each enemy - every shot has perfect 100% accuracy. I'm speechless.

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He had other good saves in this match, this was just one of them. I'm impressed with him already.

Ronaldo never played the sole striker position consistently. I completely disagree but only because it's impossible to say he is better when we've never seen him play that role

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Isn't Mandzukic going to play as the nr 9, while Ronaldo is on the left wing? Or something like that?

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I completely disagree with your praise of the gameplay. The world is huge but there is not much to do in it. Everything that you can do, you could also do in previous GTA games, and they were much better at it . Vice City's map was 10 times smaller... and 10 times better. It was densely populated with locations that were used in at least one mission. GTA V's world is 80% open space that you will never visit unless you're going out of your way to explore it for the sake of it.

Not only that, but the diversity and variety of GTA III & VC 's missions make V and IV look like uninspired crap in comparison. There are a lot of missions in them that cater to the story, instead of the other way around. Example: drive a guy somewhere. Okay...? For what? GTA IV was full of this shit. Where are the boat races? The plane races? etc...

Worst in the series for me. Did not enjoy it one bit. I'd rate it 6/10.

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