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Does it seem odd that no matter who gets to answer a question first, Cruz seems to always be the one giving the final response?

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I'm not sure that these count as "most used," particularly as it applies to flute. At a minimum, you'd want Bb, Eb and Ab scales in there as well.

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One unifying thread I've found across all the stories is how friendly and social everyone is. It makes me slightly nervous because I'm a natural wallflower, but then again, I imagine most of the social people there were probably wallflowers at some point too.

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You'll get out of it what you put into it; nobody will bother you if you want to sit in the back, or by yourself at lunch.

But, you have the opportunity to have conversations with people around a shared interest (ruby development) and make connections. Those connections can lead to jobs down the road (I've wound up getting paying work through someone I met at RailsConf), or new or different ideas on how to approach things you are currently working on. So, make a point to sit at a table full of people you haven't met, listen to what they're working on, and tell them about yourself.

Are you looking for gym pools because you want to use other gym facilities as well?

If not, the City of Raleigh pools may be a better choice for you, for adult Raleigh residents, the monthly pass is only $36.

How high are current prices? We currently pay 70 Eurocents per letter

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Retail looks like it's $0.50 per stamp (1oz letter, standard size). I'm not sure what the presort discount is these days, I haven't worked for that outfit for almost 10 years now.

The US made a switch a few years back to "forever" stamps; prior to that, if you bought a bunch of 39¢ stamps, and the letter rate went up to 41¢, you'd have to buy extra postage to use those older stamps. Now, if you buy a stamp at 50¢, and the letter rate increases to 55¢, you can still use those "forever" stamps that you purchased at a discount, without paying the difference to make up the newer rate.

It's very convenient, but since the stamps no longer have the monetary value printed on them, it's easier for the USPS to slip rate increases past us :)

Here, every postage increase wails through the country like a tsunami and we had two of them almost back to back lately after having no increases for over 15 years or so.

Our country is a lot smaller too... I'd imagine the US would be more expensive

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I still remember when priority mail was "2 days, 2 pounds, $2.90" -- which could get a package anywhere in the US in less than 3 days. Now, the same thing is 2x to 5x more expensive. But, on the whole, the US Postal Service is kind of amazing, even with all the wacky constraints layered on it by the government (things like having to pre-fund the retirement of every employee, causing it to appear to run at a horrible loss on paper). But you can send a letter to any point in the country, six days a week, for half a dollar, and have it get there in just a couple of days.

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I'm thinking about upgrading from a 2014 MBP to the 2018 model this year, but I'm curious about how the Dell 5K monitor is going to get along with it; this is the model that uses 2x Thunderbolt to DisplayPort cables to drive the monitor in 5K resolution. I'm guessing that would mean I'd need to sacrifice two of my USB-C ports on the 2018 MBP to drive the monitor, a third to a power cable, and the fourth into a hub.

Would I be better off selling the Dell display and buying a more modern / USB-C based display to pair with the new MBP?

Are there any users here who have paired the UP2715K to the latest generation MacBook Pro, and if so, what should I know about it?

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I'm also working on that, but my starter didn't mature as fast as I was hoping; it may be ready to use in dough tomorrow, but that means I'm not baking until Saturday morning, and I have no idea if I'm going to have power to run the oven at that point.

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This is really neat! I could see combining this with the arduino-based sound trigger I built, for a combo intervalometer/sound sensor camera remote trigger.

The only change I'd suggest is tracking the interval times external to the main loop, rather than putting the whole loop on a delay. That way, if you altered the timing for a shorter interval, it would immediately take effect instead of not registering until after the long delay finished.

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Seriously impressive streak, nice work! I love the light on the water, and the color gradiation near the horizon.

The worst thing I ever did to my family was to mix a handful of "spiced" jellybeans into a bowl of the regular ones.

The rest of them live in very red states.

Edit: Maybe Richard Burr? Or Dean Heller?

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6 points · 14 days ago

Burr is useless. His term runs to 2022 and he's not seeking re-election. He has thus far proved immune to pressure from the people of NC on less important issues like the tax cuts or net neutrality votes.

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Are you storing your flute in its case when you're not playing it, or out in the open, on a flute stand? The latter could lead to it tarnishing quickly.

Original Poster2 points · 17 days ago

Yes, I do leave it out on a stand, as I play daily.

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3 points · 17 days ago

I was doing the same as you (I was more likely to pick it up and play if I could see it), and the speed at which it would tarnish was astonishing. I'd still swab it out after every session, but I wasn't disassembling it and putting it away.

I've since started doing what /u/Bobsteru recommends, and I disassemble and store it after every session. The amount of newly accumulated tarnish has slowed down noticeably.

If you do decide to leave it on a stand, I believe you can buy or make a slipcover that would go over it, which contains anti-tarnish fabric on the inside. It's not as good as storing it in a case, but it's better than leaving it completely unprotected.

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For budget mouthpieces, the go-to answer is the Rico Graftonite series. You can choose from three chambers (A, B and C, with A being the largest) and three tip sizes (3, 5, 7 with 3 being the most closed) for a total of 9 different configurations. The best part is that they're under $25 each, so you could potentially buy a few, depending on what sound you were trying to achieve.

BBC 5Live and RMF Classic (when streaming rights prohibit listening to BBC 5Live).

For ATS, Usually Heartland Public Radio, but I've also integrated the livestream for WCPE out of North Carolina when HPR gets too twangy.

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When NASA moved Enterprise from Dulles, VA to New York, they didn't have the big gantry available as they would at KSC or Edwards AFB. So they used a pair of cranes:

Original Poster2 points · 18 days ago

A good find! That yellow gantry/support type thing(?) could easily fit in the back of any old plane - so that works!

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2 points · 18 days ago

It's been used a few times; when Discovery and Enterprise were each originally delivered to Dulles, and also when Enterprise was hoisted onto the flight deck of Intrepid. I'd imagine it was also used in Los Angeles when Endeavour arrived out there.

I looked to see if it would have been used when Enterprise visited the Paris Air Show in the 1980s, but it looks like they never unmounted her from the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft at that show.

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It's a vibraphone. There are modern electric pianos/synthesizers that can mimic the sound of them, but this recording was likely made with an actual vibraphone.

I am also a saxophone lover and started learning two months in my late twenties with no musical background. I did a lot of research and read a lot online. I think I have read all the beginner post on this forum. Below are some summarized points which might be able to help you.

  1. To start out rent a saxophone. Shop around, not all the musical rental shops in an area have same rental plan and price.
  2. You can also consider buying a used Yamaha but it is almost impossible to know a good deal as a beginner so renting is good option as you are guaranteed to get something which plays well.
  3. Decide which saxophone you want to start out on. I started on Tenor because I love the sound of Tenor. Alto is easier to start with since it is smaller and needs less air (anyone who says it does not is wrong. I rented both and I experienced the difference. Once you have mastered breathing it might seem like both need same about of breath but they don't). Although as an adult it should not be a significant difference.
  4. I brought a pack of 2 strength reed and had to discard them as I was blowing them out. I play Vandoren 3 (normal blue color box). If you are an adult then 2.5 or 3 will be a better place to start depending on your preference. Note: Rico reeds are softer than Vandoren so Vandoren 3 is like Rico 2.5
  5. Yamaha YAS-23 or 26 or YTS23 or 26 is a good horn to start with. You can find lot of Yamaha Alto being sold used but very few Tenors. Kinda disappointing if you are interested in Tenor like me.
  6. Invest in a good neck strap especially if you are getting a tenor. I was using the basic one which came with rental and then switched to Neotech which was better but it was giving me some neck pain after 30-40 minutes of practice session. I invested in Just Joe and I have to say it is worth every single penny. I don't feel anything even after hour long sessions. Like nothing at all. It has made my playing much more pleasant.
  7. Get a personal teacher. Every here says it and it is completely true. Saxophone is very hard to learn on your own. If you are tight on budget just take few to learn breathing, embouchure and core stuff.
  8. Stick to it. This is the most important thing. My teacher says it all the time that people start lessons and drop in less than month. Music needs patience. I don't think I need to tell you this since you have a musical background.
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2 points · 19 days ago

Note: Rico reeds are softer than Vandoren so Vandoren 3 is like Rico 2.5

I think this part might be backwards; a Rico 3 is akin to a Vandoren 2.5.

This is just silly. Somebody sabotaged the Soyuz in a way that could only lead to a minor pressure loss that was easily fixed?

Just doesn't make sense.

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Maybe it's a Red October scenario? It needed to be just scary enough to justify getting the crew off it and allowing the commander to defect with it to another country?

35 points · 21 days ago

I photographed the launch of NASA's Orion spacecraft on the EFT-1 mission back in 2014. The actual launch took place on December 5, but it was originally scheduled for December 4. A series of holds ultimately led to a scrubbed launch.

The site I was viewing from (Static Test Rd at KSC) was also hosing LeVar Burton, who was recording a segment for something, and I can remember him getting exceedingly frustrated as the launch director kept calling for holds.

He would get into position at about T-5 minutes, and start his narration, and then the clock would make it to just under T-3 minutes before the hold was called. My cameras were aimed at the rocket and the exposure was set for the liftoff, but after the third and final hold, that ultimately led to the mission scrubbing for the day, I quickly panned over and got this photo of the usually unflappable Mr. Burton looking pretty irritated. A few minutes later, he tweeted out this gem.

We later found out that his filming schedule had only allowed him a single day to attempt this shot, and he wasn't able to return for the 24-hour recycle and attempt the following day.

Needs to fold down like an sturdy golf umbrella, and be attachable to (or come with) a standard telescoping-leg tripod base, with a 3/8" screw and/or standard arca-swiss clamp, in a carry bag. It should have room on the side of the bag to hold a clamp-on platform that can support an iPad, small notebook computer and/or keyboard/mouse. The tripod base should be like any good tripod, with a center hook underneath for sandbags, or permit attachment of a rock holder like this one, and legs that can be adjusted for length and spread. Basically, make it so the whole thing could be adjustable: squatty like a tripod used for macro photography so you could sit in a chair, or sit cross-legged on the ground and still use it, or stand up.

If possible, if it doesn't screw with the signal pick-up, the disk/umbrella should have slits in it so the wind can't as easily pick it up like a sail (even a bag of rocks might not stop the topple).

If you *really* wanted to go to town, the disc/umbrella part should telecope waaaaaaaay up, to clear obstacles in the immediate vicinity, if that actually makes a difference for signal pick-up (am not this kind of scientist, so talking outta my ass).

Really want to rock out? Make a fold-able solar panel set to go with, to charge devices. BOOM!

Reddit, do your thing.

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So in other words, this?

2 points · 24 days ago

It's possible that some portion of the blend for EC Small Batch contains 12 year old bourbon, right? But the bottling laws prevent them from calling it 12 year if it's been blended with younger ones. So maybe the tag is just playing up on the idea that "some portion of the bourbon in this bottle is 12 years old?"

I was told that the juice is "90% 11 and 12 year old bourbon, with some 9 and 10 year added to help stretch out the older juice without impacting the flavor too much". Interpret that as you wish!

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2 points · 23 days ago

Got it, 90% 9 year old, with the remaining 10% being 90% 11y and 12y old :)

One of the best things about this intersection is that the train signal is manually operated by the guy standing in the shade at the beginning of the clip. When the train is coming through, he opens up the signal box and turns out the flashing red lights.

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