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My friends have flashing lights. They are completely deaf and they are super sensitive to light. I like this idea tho.

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Yeah,pepper spray them so they can't find their way out?

I think the real thing is that children don’t have a say so it’s kind of a fucked up thing to do but that being said I know a lot of people feel the same as you.This law proposes that once 18 you can do whatever you want with your penis which I think is a step in the right direction.

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His body, his choice. It's not medically necessary in most cases so he should have agency over his body. Babies can't make informed choices so it should not be be done on minors. How many grown ass men would opt for it?

As a bachelors in an IT field, it's fine.

The certs you get are kinda shit though, Security+ notwithstanding, so I would 100% recommend getting a real security cert.

As for how WGU is viewed, it's viewed the same as any other non-profit, regionally accredited school. Most of the time, the degree is just to pass the HR filter anyway, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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They are fine entry level certs but you are correct that getting advanced ones are better.

Radpower has some great electric bikes and have a fat tire available.

Didn't they just update this course? It was shit when I took it.

Is Edge actually that much better? It always seems to fall short with media, especially Youtube.

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Youtube coding is shit, that's why it sucks on anything not Chrome.

Switch insurance providers and lobby your senator to pass real healthcare reform

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There are many areas where one plan exists.

Your not even that tall. How low was that shower?

Once you hit 6’1” most showers just suck

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I'm 6'4 and don't have many issues in California and I traveled for work all over the state. Only one place in Bishop was it really an issue. To be fair we did raise the shower heads at my childhood home when we redid the bathrooms and only 1 apartment was too short but my places have been under 20 years old. Nothing where I would.need multiple extensions. Most issues I have had was some bulkhead over the shower.

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Today's word of the day is "cyberdildonics." Find a way to casually work it into conversation with your boss, your neighbor, your mother, anyone!

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The industry term is teledildonics.

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Getting the rail built will mean it can be upgradeable at much much cheaper costs. Building it is the biggest hurdle, upgrading the trains isn’t.

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Let me introduce you to BART, they can't get parts for its customized systems. Also look at MY subways and their dilapidated state. I am all for the train but I am very pessimistic.

I'd be lying if i said I understand fully how they're seismic-proofing the system, but I've got zero doubts that they're gonna over-engineer it to high hell

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Let me introduce you to the already rusty bolt bay bridge.

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Because we didn't pay the premium.

We got it in 2013 with 8k miles on it for only $19k. Came with two sets of tires,full original Rubicon hard and soft top AND ALSO an entire snow plow system (winch and interior cabin controls all included, and a Cold Air Intake too)... For $19k two years later. Garage kept by a wealthy elderly dude in a retirement state.

Yeah...that's why haha. And like 90% of Wrangler owners. Because we wanted that off road rugged SUV look with the far off spoken bs dream of taking it off road one day but never actually doing so like the other 90% of Wrangler owners.

Let's be real everyone. Wranglers are a modern day middle class suburban/urban Mall crawler and grocery fetcher. It's a romanticized dream car that is attainable with Sport Utility and off road features that "may" be useful. Current pic.

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You need a new battery. Batteries in FCA products are good.for about 5 years. I am in my third FAV vehicle, i.had a 2005 Ram, 2005 Magnum and now a 2005 Charger. All V8 and have had 2 issues because the platforms were already a decade old. Usually the infotainment screen is the least of the issues. If your battery is the original then swap it out. FCA electronics do not like underperforming batteries.

You have a failing clock spring, it's a cheap part and you can do it yourself if you are mechanically inclined in the slightest.

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I don't fuck with airbags so I paid $100 to get mine handles.

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I agree with Governor Brown, let the localities decide. We don't need a law deciding everything.

But straws, on the other hand.... Well, localities can't be trusted to make important decisions like that.

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I made no position on the straws. That's a false equivalence and whataboutism all together. There is also less at stake banning straws with a rather large payoff unlike the change in school hours.

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They are doing a ton of hiring so I am.sure their HR is slammed. Reach out to the hiring manager.

What about the Plymouth Trailblazer?

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You mean Trailduster? It also was not a truck, just an SUV. Specifically a Dodge Ramcharger and that grill is still not even remotely correct for it.

What type of atmosphere and age group and atmosphere?

Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

Relaxed & 20s, 30s

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Fox & Goose has bands and is usually pretty relaxed. I don't think these count as relaxed but Coin Op is an arcade downtown that's 21 and up. Punch Bowl is new and popular near the arena. Shady Lady has live music some nights and, R15. The Good Saint owned by South has movie night and other events. I also like the Golden Bear, Flamingo House and Midtown Beer garden but those get busy. Bottle and Barlow has a DJ and good seating.

There are also a ton of new breweries like device in the ice blocks and a ton more i.have not made it to that are great if you are into beer.


It was out for a while but did not sell well.

Do you know stores in California carry these or similar packs?

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I have seen this specific pack locally in Sacramento recently. Ones from other companies as well. Cigar Club Sacramento and Modesto as well as.Tobacco Road. Can't recall the shops in the rest of California that I have seen them in but they pop up.

Bummer. I’m in SoCal .

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I can remember any in SoCal, been a couples months since my last trip.

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Soaking does not remove or destroy toxins. It just helps break down some of the indigestible sugars that cause gas and softens them. There is no real need to do so as science does not back this up.

In my area it varies store to store.

I have pluralsight and lynda but I pay for ITPro.TV. They are expensive but the land it.

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I like the watch but too rich for me. I decided to use a Fitbit versa which reporting is better than Google fit. As far as tablets there is only one. The ipad. All Android tablets are shit!

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I am thinking about the LTE watch for convenience but not sure how much I actually need LTE.

The only thing I could see that being good for is the fall protection and emergency calls.

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I was thinking about streaming music while working out.

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What I'm asking here is if the Captain of that department can make you allow such apps to be installed?

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IT generally does not report to a.captain.

Who does IT report to?

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There would be IT structure that ultimately would report to the chief of police or the city directly depending on department and city size.

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Most of their system is from the late 80s. They (DMV) took ~$200 million to upgrade it a few years ago. Spent 135 million of it and then canceled the project.

They did the same thing back in '94 but only blew $50 million before they canceled the project.

TL;DR: Expect it to get worse.

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This was a network issue and not a systems issue. Unrelated to.what you are pointing to.

This articles says that only "some" field offices are impacted. Not saying you're wrong OP, but I would call the customer service line to determine if your local field office is in fact experiencing problems.

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It was 68 locations.

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Don’t send a cover letter instead of an SOQ. Don’t send the same SOQ out to multiple agencies/positions, especially without proofreading VERY carefully.

Read and follow directions—that’s what they’re screening for.

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Most SOQ's ask.bed specific questions.

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