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jasounseebourne commented on a post in r/toronto
Leafings -64 points

This is what happens when we have mass immigration from a country that, according to this globe and mail article, has "a climate of widely tolerated sexual assault".

pizza_gutts 50 points

How come comments like this don't pop up when white guys randomly stab people through the cheek with a toothbrush.

jasounseebourne 8 points

Because they are white?

jasounseebourne 13 points

If you are going to generalize more than a billion people, at least do some research otherwise you don't come across as very bright. Hint: not Indian.

jasounseebourne commented on a post in r/india
_Yuyutsu_ 9 points

There's nothing wrong in taking pride in one's community; it is problematic when everything about you revolves around that identity.

jasounseebourne 1 point

Such type of pride is mostly for people who have not achieved anything else in life.

jasounseebourne commented on a post in r/india
JeffreyLeb0wski 73 points

This is sickening to watch. How can a head of a government utter such stupidity?

jasounseebourne 15 points

And who tells him to do these cringey acronyms in the first place?

throwawayillidan 36 points

B stands for bullshit

u is ullshit

l is llshit

s is shit

h is hit

i is it

t is tea get it i'm the tea guy

jasounseebourne 6 points

> t is tea get it i'm the tea guy

cue tears.

jasounseebourne commented on a post in r/thinkpad
jarenhavell 1 point

How does one do these three-region thingy? I see the acreenfetch in lower left.... how does one do the rest?

jasounseebourne 3 points

It's i3, a tiling window manager It's really easy to do that as it automatically tiles the windows like this without even having to touch the mouse.

This is a short introduction if you are interested.

jarenhavell 1 point

Very cool. So, I assume this in place of a desktop interface like gnome or xfce?

jasounseebourne 1 point

You can use this with either gnome or xfce, or even without. If you search for "i3 without desktop environment" you will find many people already doing that.

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jasounseebourne commented on a post in r/india
sjain75 -34 points

Better than wasting away at call centers ...

jasounseebourne 22 points

What a stupid comment. All this hate of call centres is by people who are privileged enough to not have to work in them. Let's see, which is more useful. Will going to the RSS branch give you money to feed yourself and your family?

jasounseebourne commented on a post in r/india
notabotAMA 141 points

Bc army itni emotional hogi to border pe mera baap jaega?

jasounseebourne 16 points

Do you have anyone in the Army in your family? I do. The ego and the disdain they have for "civilians" tells me everything I need to to know about their emotional fragility.

jasounseebourne commented on a post in r/india
RamRamBhaooo 151 points

Because Ravish's show works like a charm. He can make trains run on time, he can make government release letters of appointment, he can make Bank managers change attitude towards employees and every other thing which the government is supposed to do instead of making rallies and slogans. People are following a worst person like Modi for his words. Here Ravish can make people change overnight. The real 56inch chested man on TV right now. He gets death threats daily, even he knows his time is short, so he is doing much as he can and tells people to wake up and smell the bullshit and not to get busy on Hindu-Muslim debate.

jasounseebourne 42 points

He talks about issues. Bhakts don't want to do that. They want to talk about Muslims. Their obsession with Muslims borders on the unhealthy. I ask some of the bhakts I have the misfortune of knowing why don't they talk about corruption, adulteration or perhaps the thousands of other issues in the country. No reply.

Pick any bhakt profile on Twitter especially those followed by Shri Shri Modi Ji Ji himself. ZERO mention of issues but full of fake news, conspiracy theories, Muslim hating. All day all the time.

die2code 36 points

The right wing bigotry is a stable stool with three legs : 1)Worship-and-blind defense of its leader, 2) Bigoted cultural attitudes, and 3) making villains out of anyone who is liberal or dares to question, here Ravish is a prime example.

You as common sense wielding, rational citizens who refuse to turn into idol worshippers are the last line of defense.

jasounseebourne 11 points

Bhakts are the scum of the earth. They could care less about the country. It's all about the ideology.

jasounseebourne commented on a post in r/india
jasounseebourne 7 points

It's astonishing how much fake news the BJP and its leaders peddle day in and day out and refuse to issue any redaction or apologies. It's going to become a norm. Not surprisingly, this pattern of consuming fake news is common among the right-wing across the world. I guess when facts don't work for you..

Low-quality, extremist, sensationalist and conspiratorial news published in the US was overwhelmingly consumed and shared by rightwing social network users

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