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I started in January, same age and similar situation. I absolutely love it and am becoming addicted. I have strength to do the movements but learning the proper technique is killer! Also, pacing yourself through a WOD. First month I had no idea and always gassed out. For me learning pace through different movements was difficult to grasp. And last, you’ll be mind blown at how your strength in traditional workouts (squats, bench, etc) will increase without actually training them like you have been for years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and hope your coaches are as amazing as mine have been.

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"It has to be true if it's on the internet."

-Abraham Lincoln

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The movie “The Lincoln Lawyer” was based on him as well, further adding to the credibility of this statement because lawyers are in the most honest profession.


I have read a lot of issues regarding deposits, withdrawals and verification as of late so I wanted to bring a positive experience to light. I’ve been verified for a couple months now and have sent wire transfers a couple times but the most recent one was on Jan 3/18.

I created a deposit on Bitstamp on Jan 2/18 at about 7:00pm EST. I then went to my local branch on Jan 3/18 at about 10:00am EST and wired $2000USD to the address I was given by Bitstamp. By today at about 12:00pm EST it was in my Bitstamp account and available to use. I know a lot of people have been having problems, maybe I haven’t because I have been using the exchange for a while, but I also read and follow all instructions very carefully. I have had no issues with Bitstamp from the very beginning and it has been the easiest exchange to use (I don’t count coinbase because their stupid low limits in Canada are a pain)

I hope everyone’s issues get solved ASAP and if the issue isn’t your fault I’m very confident that you will get results so hang in there.



That’s nice but where the hell is my 3 ETH?

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When did you send it? Yesterday sending ETH from coinbase to Binance took over an hour for me and I’ve read for some it’s taking up to 12 hours

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I cant really talk about this to anyone in my real life so I am thankful for the verge fam as well. Been holding 500k xvg since 1.5 cents and plan to hold at least though Q1 of 2018.

But all this drama recently.... Its the way she goes boys.. Fuckin way she goes.

Edit:spelling is hard, and if even 1 person gets the reference it will make my day.

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It’s not rocket appliances boys

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When you sign up, the app asks you how many workouts you will be doing in a week. If you can't complete that amount for whatever reason, continue your unfinished week when you can. The workouts will change from week to week depending on your fitness level and feedback, so complete each "workout week" before going to the next. If you don't, you're just cheating yourself. Good luck!

The thing I worry about is the fact that you poured the bowl in different stages. When you let one layer dry and pack a layer on top, it becomes a weak point and the concrete in each different later will expand and contract at different rates. It will crack in these areas no doubt. Also, the mixture you "painted" on the outside will always crack and fall off because it is too thin. Try parging it with a thicker mix and using a product called flexcrete. It will move with all those different layers and won't crack and fall off. Great job on the design!

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Nah this works better for cheaper. They did this to an even greater extent for a walkway at my school. They poured concrete and then just traced indents to look like gabs between bricks. It's way sturdier and doesn't get uneven after a year.

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What you're talking about is stamped concrete. It's poured in place and then after its sets a bit, stamps are used to give it a pattern. You can have many different patterns and colours. The only issue is that it will crack over time if not done properly

How much for the regular?

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