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Shimada-undying 1 point

Sick, what kind of slowmo camera do you have?

jboltznation 1 point

I used portrait mode on my iPhone

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icecreamman6314 39 points

I cant really talk about this to anyone in my real life so I am thankful for the verge fam as well. Been holding 500k xvg since 1.5 cents and plan to hold at least though Q1 of 2018.

But all this drama recently.... Its the way she goes boys.. Fuckin way she goes.

Edit:spelling is hard, and if even 1 person gets the reference it will make my day.

jboltznation 5 points

It’s not rocket appliances boys

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jboltznation 1 point

When you sign up, the app asks you how many workouts you will be doing in a week. If you can't complete that amount for whatever reason, continue your unfinished week when you can. The workouts will change from week to week depending on your fitness level and feedback, so complete each "workout week" before going to the next. If you don't, you're just cheating yourself. Good luck!

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jboltznation 1 point

The thing I worry about is the fact that you poured the bowl in different stages. When you let one layer dry and pack a layer on top, it becomes a weak point and the concrete in each different later will expand and contract at different rates. It will crack in these areas no doubt. Also, the mixture you "painted" on the outside will always crack and fall off because it is too thin. Try parging it with a thicker mix and using a product called flexcrete. It will move with all those different layers and won't crack and fall off. Great job on the design!

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antiward 230 points

Nah this works better for cheaper. They did this to an even greater extent for a walkway at my school. They poured concrete and then just traced indents to look like gabs between bricks. It's way sturdier and doesn't get uneven after a year.

jboltznation 1 point

What you're talking about is stamped concrete. It's poured in place and then after its sets a bit, stamps are used to give it a pattern. You can have many different patterns and colours. The only issue is that it will crack over time if not done properly

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