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sevletor 12 points

The strategy is basically to buy as much VeChain as you can afford. Save you reading folks.

jbuuuush 0 points

Lol, VeChain is mentioned alongside a list of other platforms such as Ethereum, NEO, Cardano and Lisk.

Thefriendlyfaceplant 2 points

Big deal. Any coin can end up being a platform. A 'platform' is what's tacked on top of a blockchain. The real difficulty is getting the blockchain itself dispersed and accepted among a broad array of users. Something which Vechain isn't failing miserably at.

jbuuuush 1 point


nickF1SH 0 points

when are people going to understand passive income doesn't exist? certainly not the coins listed....

jbuuuush 2 points

How do you figure?

ToTheBlack 7 points

For public delegates, this is best:

Though this is much simpler:

Better than 9% APY right now. Over time, it will gradually decrease.

jbuuuush 2 points

Awesome thanks!

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markr5 0 points

Sorry, this is a ridiculous list. I am a huge fan of Maker but it is no where near a top 5 DEX, nor I think do I think they care to be at this point. And it Is no where near 'recently created'. There are so many blatant absurdities in this article that nothing can be taken of value.

jbuuuush 1 point

I found this article to be well written and backed up by facts as opposed to opinion. A 96% upvote shows that most people feel the same.

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