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It’s my all time favorite anime, I’ve seen it through at least 6 or 7 times

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Same. Its so good

I liked it a lot. While I don't think it'll do mind-blowing numbers on PC I think it'll do much better then the past 4-5 games have.

I've never once even thought about using yelp. What happened to just go out and trying things for yourself

Unless I'm not hearing some details you cant prove murder. Murder means there was an intent to kill. As in she set out that day to break into someone's house and kill them.

Her negligence caused a death which is manslaughter. I'd rather it be a guaranteed sentance than to gamble that she may not be convicted of anything.

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I think I read somewhere that they knew each other so it was less likely an "accident"

I know everyone's upset about the PH-13 rating, but why should it be rated R? I have a very general sense of knowledge about the character and have never read any of the comics involving him. I'm genuinely curious what about the character needs the extra rating push.

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Venom is normally depicted as much more violent and lethal then spider-man but not as bad as Carnage.

This is my favorite cover with Venom which better shows what I mean.


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Goodfellas opening line was great.

"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster."

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I knew this would be on top before even opening the thread.

Who made the cars from Cars?? Why do they have doors? Or steering wheels? Why does the city have sidewalks at all? It's insane all of it.

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Fuck that. It's a shitty change for a useless reason. There 0% upside. Bluetooth audio is still garage in comparison.

As far as I've seen this is an issue that's been happening for a while. There's tons of post about it.

I got sick of it last night and downloaded a new app but dammit if Relay isn't still the best looking one. Oh well. Hopefully the Devs fix it soon

Didn't she say in an interview that her and Cap were together during the "Secret Avengers" gap between Civil War and IW?

Two double cheeseburgers, large fry and a big ass Powerade from McDonald's.

Its a post on an internet forum. If he wanted legit sympathy and understanding why would he go to a place that is 100% anonymous. Pathetic.

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The only thing pathetic here is you.

Why are you getting downvoted?

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Because the one point she got for that wouldn't have changed anything. She got beat the whole match.

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As someone who has no idea, what is expensive?

For like a 5"x5" arm tat, are we talking $1,000? $2500? $5000?

I'd definitely pay $2,500 for something that permanent and prominent

Edit: well apparently tattoo artists can just price gouge the hell out of me

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It really depends on the artist. I have a full sleeve done for around $1500 or so total and it's really awesome work.

Just watched this. So cool. I love new games made in old tech like this.

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I don’t understand how his shirt is on upon exiting the slide and then is put back on upon exiting the water...😵

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He has only the sleeves on with the rest behind his head. Slow it down and you can see.

Yeah id take anything he says with a grain of salt. He's probably been told random stuff since he's been known to blab.

Still doesn’t explain all 3 acting in unison the same afternoon. If there was some recent video that made them act it would make sense, but there wasn’t. Like I said, those reasons make it shady as fuck for me.

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Doesn't matter what looks shady. They can do what they want with their product.

I've been looking for something like this for YEARS. Please keep this going.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this. My son has been unable to access his Mario world on Switch since the other day. He gets an error "Problem loading this world"

Has anyone else seen this?


I'll probably get downvoted for this but can you really blame the poachers? A good chunk of poachers are really poor and only do it for the money. If not for the money, what other reason would they have for the senseless murder of innocent animals? I know people believe that the ivory has "healing properties" and other bullshit but these poachers know that people will pay for it and that's all they can think of to make money.

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Being poor isn't an excuse. Laws don't just apply to people with money.


I recently upgraded to a Pixel 2 XL and while I used to get the "Network Error Cannot load comments" error sometimes on my only phone, im now getting it like ever other thread I go to and am forced to exit and restart the app.

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