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jcdragon49 1 point

Olive Garden.

My fiance and I love it there, but one time we went and our waiter was nice at first but as the meal went on he spent more and more time talking to us, and not just small talk but shitting on his job and his bosses and how little money he makes. It got real uncomfortable real fast and I'm pretty sure he was drunk.

I think we have like 5 whole minutes of our meal away from this guy. At the end he grabs the receipt out of my hand to check and make sure I gave him a tip which thank God I did because I didn't want him to make anymore of a scene than he was already.

We complained on the website about it but nothing ever happened. Haven't been back since.

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Billboy381 9 points

I've been told his phrasing was racist. Can someone explain to me what racial group is discriminated against by the term "shithole"? Asking sincerely.

jcdragon49 1 point

Because he implied that people from those countries aren't good enough to be let into ours.

Matthew212 3 points

What store are they located?

jcdragon49 3 points

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

ClevelandAccount 2 points

I believe that’s just the name for all goodwill stores in the area. Do you know which store specifically? Address?

jcdragon49 2 points

10633 Glendale Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45215 United States

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jcdragon49 1 point

Do wallets update balance in real time? My toast wallet almost never matches up with how much I should have when I check the exchanges

E_W_Warrens 3 points

Toast isn't linked to any exchange. Just have to go off your total and what the price is on your exchange of choice.

jcdragon49 1 point

Ok cool, just wanted to make sure I wasn't being shorted somehow. Thanks!

Oaden 129 points

A few seasons ago, the people at /r/arrow found the then ongoing season... utter shit and as comedic protest, swapped to Daredevil, with weekly discussion threads about daredevil, and a lot of complaining about how much daredevil was than arrow.

Now recently, the anticipated punisher was released, and people like it, and it coincided with show Arrow doing... weird shit that the reddit fans don't like. Which include Felicity and Oliver getting married by hyjacking a ongoing marriage ceremony

So the /r/arrow redditors have decided to just watch the punisher in protest

jcdragon49 19 points


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GodFeedethTheRavens 31 points

I don't know if a movie series will ever be as successful as the MCU within the next 30 years, but I'm happy we get to experience it.

I don't own a single film on DVD, because since Iron Man, I've been waiting for the Box Set containing the entirety of the Infinity War series.

jcdragon49 8 points

Same. Whatever it costs I'ma get it on 4k ultra HD.

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