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jedberg commented on a post in r/movies
OmarBarksdale 26 points

This is why Superbad to me is the realest high school movie. Shit like American Pie where you got ~20 year olds always seemed off

jedberg 3 points

They were all pretty close to 18. In fact the scene at the end of the lovemaking on the pool table had to be audio only because the actor was under 18.

jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
BoogieSaurus -64 points

Federal employee on furlough here. It’s totally fucked the Democrats are holding us hostage over DACA. Reddit can dick around all they want but no one believes this is a good look for the democrats.

jedberg 1 point

When someone gets laid off at a private company, they don't blame the CFO, who holds they money. They blame the CEO, who couldn't figure out how to prevent it in the first place.

You should blame your CEO, the President, not Congress. It's the President's job to shepherd through a deal that he's willing to sign.

Just like 2013 was Obama's fault, this is Trump's fault.

The buck stops at the Oval Office.

jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
TwoBionicknees 32 points

Except if this were being held at a local hotel he didn't own, the rooms the secret service take would probably be comped or at normal rates, like $200 for a room and 5 rooms, and some set up areas for security around the place.

At Mar-a-largo he massively inflated the costs as he became president, the secret service have no option but to rent rooms because Trump is refusing to give them free rooms. So instead of spending a few thousand in a bunch of rooms at a local hotel they are instead spending 10-20-50x as much to rent those rooms direct from Trump.

Not only do they have to go where Trump chooses but because he can force this he can up his fees and directly profit from this.

Any other president without a resort or hotel couldn't do this. He's straight up ripping off the government.

jedberg -5 points

Trump is refusing to give them free rooms

One of the few illegal things he's not doing. It would be illegal to give them free rooms, it's considered a bribe.

He could of course create some sort of discount program for repeat renters. As long as he offered the same program to everyone who rents a room for 32 weekends a year, it would be legal.

skyrimfistfighter 4 points

I'm bribing the guys paid to protect me so they will protect me more

jedberg -1 points

The intention doesn’t matter. It’s just plain against the law to allow anyone from the government to have a free room if you charge others for the room.

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jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
Apprentice57 6 points

Clinton was president until January 2001. There were good aspects to his presidency, though in general I'm not a big fan.

jedberg 4 points

Technically he was only President for 20 days of this century. And the most significant thing he did in those 20 days was pardon a bunch of people, some of whom really shouldn't have been pardoned.

So even if you liked President Clinton, I'm not sure what he did in this century makes him much of a bright spot.

jedberg commented on a post in r/AskReddit
PeanutSlinger 8,432 points

Flying for 5 years as an FA ...

  1. Not on my flight, but a man took a shit in the middle of the aisle and wiped his ass with the curtain that separates the business cabin from the rest of the cattle.

  2. Had a rather large lady come up to the galley and ask me to help her fix her bra strap. As a female I obliged and figured it would be a quick little hook job. Nope. She took off her shirt, her tits hung in my face, and I had to stretch her bra around her back and clasp it up... I should mention we have cameras in the galleys, so the pilots got a nice little show.

  3. Had a 21-year-old male come to the back galley, puked all over it twice, then proceeded to projectile vomit on the aircraft door before heading into the lav and then puking again. There were 2 of us in onboard "hazmat" suits cleaning it up, while a lady is demanding for a cup of water.

  4. A man had explosive diarrhea which flooded the lav and soaked into the carpet down the aisle. Had to divert because of the stench.

  5. It was moderate turbulence (some pretty bad bumps) so everyone, including the crew had to be seated. A mother had her son piss in an airsickness bag and hand it to me in my jumpseat.

This doesn't even include the shit you see on layovers ... The list goes on and on.

edit - since some people were so offended by the use of the word "cattle"... a passenger actually came up with this term years ago - before I was even born. To emphasize how AIRLINES (not crew) try to herd you all into tiny little spaces. Do you think we enjoy watching a 7 foot man struggled to fit inside his seat? no, we didn't make the seats, not was it our say to make everyone agitated or uncomfortable for 2+ hours. I always try to accommodate larger passengers and ALWAYS recommend people stretch or move around. Just let us finish our service and you can have the entire aisle/galley to move :)

jedberg 4 points

Not on my flight, but a man took a shit in the middle of the aisle and wiped his ass with the curtain that separates the business cabin from the rest of the cattle.

I too call it Cattle Class. However, maybe he was shitting in protest of being thought of as cattle. :)

kwaje 1 point

I wonder if he flicked the turd so it rolled into business class.

jedberg 1 point

That would be tough. The way planes work, the front is always a bit higher than the back during level flight, so it would have to roll “uphill”.

jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
sebash1991 22 points

Yeah makes it so much easier. It hurt the first time I threw away a brand new toy I just bought that cost me like 40 bucks. But my son knew I was serious next time I told him to clean up his room.

jedberg 38 points

Protip: Don't actually throw it away. Dig it out of the trash when the kid isn't looking, hide it, and then "buy it for them again" when they are well behaved.

(or just change the punishment to "this is mine now until you're ready to have it back")

sebash1991 8 points

I tried that before. Since he knew he could get it back from the garage. Where I had put a different toy. Anyways he’s attitude really changed when he saw the garbage truck taking away his new toy. It’s been lovely asking him to do things since that day.

jedberg 2 points

Well it sounds like the $40 was worth it then!

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jedberg commented on a post in r/technology
MingusDewfus 3 points

I’m pretty happy with my Sennheiser HD1’s.

jedberg 1 point

I’ve heard multiple people say that. I’ll have to check them out.

How heavy is the part on your neck? Do you notice it much?

MingusDewfus 1 point

I have the over the ear ones. They’re ridiculously comfortable. Especially compared to my 10 year old headphones they replaced that were much heavier.

jedberg 3 points

Oh. :(

I had over the ear for many years, but they make it really hard to listen lying down, and the weight started bothering me. Hopefully those in-ear units are high quality -- Sennheiser usually is.

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jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
yourbigdaddysuperior 165 points

I hope everyone reads the Konstantin Rykov posts at the end.

This guy was detailing the entire operation w/ Cambridge Analytica on November 14, 2016. I don't know how much was public then but it seems really odd this Russian politician had so much intimate knowledge and it's even stranger that he's detailing it for the public.

British scientists from Cambridge Analytica suggested making 5,000 existing human psychotypes - the "ideal image" of a possible Trump supporter. Then ... put this image back on all psychotypes and thus pick up a universal key to anyone and everyone.

Development as a result cost Donald [Trump] $5 million. But! He got his hands on - a secret super weapon. Who was engaged in targeted advertising .. will understand what it means.


Then it was only necessary to upload this data to information flows and social networks. And we began to look for those who would have coped with this task better than others. [...] A pair of hacker groups, civil journalists from Wikileaks and political strategist Mikhail Kovalev.

Side note: check out this article on Kovalev

Honestly, I think the scariest thing is this guy is claiming that on election night of 2012 Donald Trump sent him a "thumbs up" message, after which this guy began scheming with a bunch of other Russians on launching this propaganda campaign.

This shit may have been in the works for FOUR years, and if true the whole campaign would have been underway back in 2013 when Trump was visiting Moscow and having these beauty pageants.

jedberg 4 points

I don't know how much was public then but it seems really odd this Russian politician had so much intimate knowledge and it's even stranger that he's detailing it for the public.

Russia's goal has been to destabilize the United States (and other democracies). It was never to elect DT. That was just a nice side benefit.

They "leaked" this info because they want to see DT go down too, and if they're lucky his impeachment might cause another Civil War.

jedberg commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Thoughtlessandlost 90 points

God I have no fucking idea why some teachers just become so anal about having to use the restroom. It's a natural biological process and it's not like you can't use the restroom while you are at work in most places either so that"preparing you for the real world" shit they always through at you is complete bullshit. They just power trip on making kids feel pain and misery and it's not like they'll focus on the lesson either. They would be more zoned in if they didn't have to use the restroom instead.

jedberg 3 points

I can tell you that at the elementary level it's mostly because the kids are warned before recess that recess time is when you use the bathroom. If you come in from recess and then ask to go to the bathroom, it means you didn't go during recess like you were supposed to.

jedberg commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
Avehadinagh 741 points

Black Museum.

jedberg 39 points

Based on a short story by Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller.

DoubleCrescent 15 points

Is this true? What's the short story?

jedberg 25 points
jedberg commented on a post in r/technology
jedberg 1 point

They probably won't find anything, but the 20 FCC staffers that have to spend 3 months in Hawaii "investigating" probably won't complain much.

jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
jedberg 2 points

The sad thing is, his supporters don't care. 1/3 of them think, "Dang, I wish I could be so rich and powerful I can have sex with porn stars!", 1/3 think, "Hmm, not very Christian of him, but at least he is against abortion!", and the rest are just happy about their meager tax cut that isn't actually a cut but they don't realize that yet.

jedberg commented on a post in r/trashy
Djackso 181 points

I didn't know pickles were cucumbers until shamefully late into my life

jedberg 2 points

I learned this fact at 37 years old, how about you?

Like, I knew pickles were pickled something because I'd seen my grandma make them when I was a kid. It just never occurred to me they were pickled cucumbers. Which also explained why I don't like pickles -- I don't really like the taste of cucumber.

jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
kalethan 4 points

Honestly? Maybe do away with districts. Let parties compile a ranked list of potential representatives, and divide your pool of representatives as evenly as possible among the parties to as accurately as possible represent the state's percentage totals.

I know it would create a problem where you dont have, say, a specific rep for northern CA which is vastly different than, say, L.A., but it's better than this current bullshit. And even then, the parties could pick candidates from those areas for their lists.

jedberg 1 point

I generally like this solution, but to be honest, in California, it would be a huge pain. I like to actually research before I vote, vet the candidates, etc. It's bad enough with all the local stuff already.

But if I had to vet at least 100+ people for state rep, that would be nuts.

If you're suggesting I just vote for a party, I'm not sure I like any given party enough to vote for it. Also, in a lot of CA districts, right now the race is between two Democrats (because we vote on the top two in the primary regardless of party). How would I express for example which Democrat I do and do not want?

jedberg commented on a post in r/FanTheories
dohpaz42 12 points

There is also the discrepancy in the second BttF when Grandpa Biff steals the Delorean to give young Biff the Sports Almanac, and somehow is able to return to the same exact timeline as the one in which he left.

So it strikes me as odd that Marty and Doc never return to their original timelines, but Grandpa Biff can.

jedberg 3 points

There's a deleted scene that explains that. He returns immediately after giving Biff the book, before Biff opens it for the first time. He immediately disappears from the timeline as soon as he gets back, as the timeline he just left no longer exists.

It's a bit hand wavy but they had to figure out how to get the time machine back to Doc and Marty. :)

jedberg commented on a post in r/pics
jedberg 1 point

Isn't that from the Lego Holiday Countdown Calendar?

jedberg 1 point

Fair enough. I just remember seeing something very similar. :) I guess there are only so many riffs on the MF, eh?

Keeponrocking613 4 points

He lIves in my county about 22 miles from manhattan/rockefeller center. It wouldn't be that hard for him to show up every weekend if he wanted to. Same with baldwin only he's not 22 miles away, he's 45 blocks away.

jedberg 3 points

I thought there was a rift between him and Lorne for a long time or something.

BeAMedici 19 points

He was on about a year ago after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series (I think? Don't know anything about baseball) and sang Go Cubs, Go with them as himself, not in character.

It was the episode with Benedict Cumberbatch.

jedberg 4 points

Oh yeah! Totally forgot about that. I guess it hasn't been as long as I thought.

jedberg commented on a post in r/todayilearned
ddaug4uf 7 points

He’s also savage to people he believes aren’t really looking for a deal but just looking to profit from the exposure of being on the show. “Gold diggers” he calls them. He has indicated that this behavior annoys him because they stole a spot from an entrepreneur who would have truly been looking to make a deal.

jedberg -1 points

Which honestly is kind of a loaf of crap. Most people don’t realize that regardless of if you make a deal or not, the sharks get 3% of your company just for your appearance on the show.

ddaug4uf 5 points

No, they don’t. Initially they did and it was in fact, Mark Cuban who lobbied to change that to not dissuade entrepreneurs from coming on the show.

jedberg 2 points

Well, TIL. Last time I looked was apparently before 2013.

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