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jedberg commented on a post in r/MurderedByWords
pied-piper 1 point

I'm sure they do. They probably have many varying degrees of study and now they all work on a comedy late night show. Almost as if grown educated adults are capable of holding opinions on fields they didn't major study in!! What an odd idea?

jedberg 1 point

Yep ya got me. I admit that someone who studied poly Sci, a subject that requires you to observe the world and write about it, transfers to comedy, a profession where you have to observe the world and write about it.

Which is totally the same as a model and actress using her skills to study science papers about immunology and then apply her deep previous knowledge of immunology to those studies to come up with novel conclusions.

No wait, that’s not quite the same is it?

pied-piper 1 point

You’re arguing that you have to have a degree in something to have an opinion on it. That’s simply not true no matter how much you try to dance around the point. I can have an opinion about what I put in my body. Doctors do not have ultimate say on that. My brother is a doctor. I know first hand they don’t know everything.

jedberg 2 points

No, I was arguing that having a degree is a proxy for having the necessary experience to have an informed opinion. And that no experience is necessary to have an uniformed political opinion, but experience is necessary to have and informed medical opinion.

Doctors don’t know everything. And you do have a say as to what goes in your body. But being anti-vax is still wrong, as has been proven thousands of times over in valid studies and never disproven by a valid study.

And using bad science to convince others that you are right is both dangerous and immoral.

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jedberg commented on a post in r/sanfrancisco
phantasic79 -1 points

But...if you are a homeowner new development means newer buildinhs and nicer streets and maybe a whole foods and hip coffee shop. All these things add to you current home value. Why would you not support this?

jedberg 2 points

If they actually build enough housing, basic supply/demand rules apply, and property values go down.

Also crowds go up which lowers property values.

midflinx 17 points

That's how he acted as mayor of SF. Wouldn't sign or advocate for anything that would really make things better because that would be politically controversial and imperil his future run for governor and then president. I'll still vote for him in November but I don't expect particularly noteworthy changes during his time.

jedberg 3 points

Interesting. Newsom is the one guy I’m pretty sure I won’t vote for. He didn’t seem to be a very effective Mayor.

jedberg commented on a post in r/daddit
jedberg 1 point

The day she was born was pretty cool, but now that she’s three, every day is even better. She my coolest friend and I love hanging out with her.

jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
This__Sub__Censored 12 points

No, the standard is just anti-DRUMPF.

The goalposts have already shifted from "Colluded with Russia to steal the election" (treason) to "allegedly paid money to keep people quiet about his awesome sex life" (not even a crime).

The crime (or lack thereof) doesn't even matter to these people. They just want to impeach DRUMPF for anything because the media has riled them into an absolute fit. Who cares if he is bringing North Korea to the table, getting trade concessions from China, toppling ISIS, cutting taxes, and strengthening our military; Colbert told me DRUMPF was bad.

jedberg 5 points

allegedly paid money to keep people quiet about his awesome sex life" (not even a crime).

Actually, in New York, it is a crime. Not the paying people part, but the cheating on your wife part.

Also, people aren't upset that he paid others off to keep quiet, or even the fact that he committed the crime of adultery in New York. The problem is that the payments were illegal campaign donations.

jedberg commented on a post in r/AskReddit
fucchy 3,827 points

he wasn't always the greatest guy to his family..but he really softened up after having grandkids. all my memories with him were great. now he's almost 90, and recently got diagnosed with leukemia. he probably has a few years left in him, but he's still active and cheery. i think he's come a surprisingly long way since getting nuked. i'm sure the free healthcare helps too ;)

jedberg 3,030 points

i think he's come a surprisingly long way since getting nuked.

This was humbling.

jedberg commented on a post in r/GetMotivated
adamthescrivener 194 points

I know this is about the motivation quote, but my wife was in that movie! She was an extra (softball superstar), and she played on the Racine Belles.

This was in the early 90s. They paid her $100 week, and they paid for her hotel and meals every day. She was a second-year teacher and had to miss a few weeks of school, but her principal thought it was the coolest thing ever. So did I!

Edit: Wife just informed me she got paid $80 a day, but only on days they actually filmed. But combined with the meals and housing, it was probably better than her teacher pay.

jedberg 25 points

Did she get to keep the uniform? That would be sweet.

jedberg commented on a post in r/meirl
Rivkerfuffle 0 points

A week ago I got an ad on FB for a company two colleagues did a shoot for. I didn’t contact that company, don’t have those colleagues on FB. Didn’t have any digital connections with the company, still got the ad. That to me feels involvement beyond the normal. If these things happen on a political level....

jedberg 5 points

You share an IP address with them. Or have mutual friends. Or have been tagged in photos together. Or they allowed Facebook to import their contact list.

There is 100 totally reasonable ways that could have happened.

jedberg commented on a post in r/nottheonion
lenzflare 1 point

What if you knew you could get carpools whenever you needed to, and so never bothered with a license.

Or, you feel strongly enough about getting cars off the road you never drive a car in the first place.

Intent of the law has to bump against various practicality, annoyance, and incentive concerns.

jedberg 1 point

Even if those things were true, you should probably still have a license, so that you could drive in an emergency, or if you were really such an activist, it wouldn't be that hard to get a license so that you could be a carpool buddy.

You already have to get a state ID anyway.

Or if you really are worried about it, we could always say "you must be a licensed driver or an adult with a state ID who would otherwise qualify for a license".

lenzflare 1 point

You're not one of those "everyone has a driver's license anyways, or else what are they hiding/what's wrong with them" type people are you?

jedberg 1 point

No. There are plenty of reasons not to have a license. I have a few friends without one. They use public transit.

But they still have a state issued ID because they like to be able to get into bars and use their credit cards.

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jedberg commented on a post in r/TalesFromRetail
PinkPearMartini 622 points

I'm dumbfounded by this.

If any company claims I didn't pay for something that I know I paid for, the FIRST thing I'm going to do is get the statement or other proof that I paid on my end.

Secondly, do they not balance their card statement? How can they not notice a $1000 discrepancy? They are just begging to have their financial information stolen. Aren't old people paranoid about that stuff anyway?

jedberg 48 points

I probably wouldn’t notice $1000 missing from the statement. When I see a charge come through I just make sure it’s a valid charge, especially one that large.

But if it didn’t come through I probably wouldn’t even think about it.

Eventually it’ll come through and then I’ll make sure it’s legit and wasn’t already charged earlier.

jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
anddicksays 18 points

Is securing the border with military illegal?

And advocated for police brutality? Haha okay

jedberg 54 points

Is securing the border with military illegal?

Yes, yes it is actually. Since 1878.

jedberg commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Amazi0n 6,293 points

Fuck those ads for real though. I wouldn't mind just the video, but the sounds is tinny and piercing and I already don't want to be standing in the cold pumping gas. They probably only get like a dollar per day from those, too.

jedberg 4 points

Our gas station guy told us the reason he can sell gas so cheap is because he makes more from the TV than he ever did selling the gas.

jedberg commented on a post in r/beyondthebump
jedberg 1 point

Wait till you have your second kid (although I see your flair says one and done, so maybe not). Your husband will seem like the quietest person in the world in comparison to the toddler who doesn't give a damn about their little sleeping brother.

jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
GershBinglander 58 points

I think you'd have to move to a different country.

jedberg 8 points

Or the Bay Area. They don't seem to own any stations here.

zkathnel21 7 points

None in Boston either. I'm guessing they know where susceptible audiences live.

jedberg 7 points

Reading through the whole list, it looks like they are mostly in areas that are already GOP strongholds. So they're really just trying to keep the base fired up.

jedberg commented on a post in r/TalesFromRetail
mizzbrightside 87 points

I work near a German car factory, so we get a lot of Germans, Russians, etc., that do this. It’s so much easier than them trying to figure out the change themselves. And they’re so sweet, too :)

jedberg 4 points

People pay for their cars with coins?

jedberg commented on a post in r/ProRevenge
Aegi 93 points

That's a bit silly. I lent my friend my car for a trip to the store since I was sick, but I totally wouldn't give it away.

jedberg 8 points

What would you Have done if your friend crashed the car and it was unusable and your friend couldn’t afford to fix it?

That’s where it comes from. If you couldn’t handle losing the car you probably shouldn’t have lent it out.

jedberg commented on a post in r/bayarea
jedberg 1 point

I didn’t know that! Very good.

bruntfarce 1 point

Yup, like I said, slow!

jedberg -1 points

That’s usually a feature of government, not a bug.

It’s usually a good thing for the laws to lag so they don’t stifle innovation.

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jedberg commented on a post in r/politics
yes_its_him 126 points

It was on the 2000 Census long form. Edit: This form went to approximately one-sixth of households as the only census form they received; it replaced the short form in those households.

So lie is actually in the article. This is not true:

"The citizenship question has not been part of the census since 1950. As Michael Li, a voting and redistricting lawyer with the Brennan Center for Justice, explained, a citizenship question has been included on the ongoing American Community Survey, but not on the full form, decennial census since the middle of the twentieth century."

jedberg 4 points

It hasn’t been on the short form since 1950 and they were talking about the short form. The short form is the only one that counts. The long form is informational.

So she did lie.

jedberg commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
warscarr 900 points

People who post this need to remember that at some point you need to spend your money, or die having not spent it. Save well, and save proportionally to your means, but enjoy your life as well. Being an incredibly wealthy 90 year old who never did many of the things they wanted to because they were too busy saving is almost as depressing as having not saved at all.

jedberg 1 point

You have to find the balance. If you spend everything on life experiences, you end up old without being able to pay for your house or food anymore.

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