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Kamwind 2 points

It has become a standard naming convention for APTs that you cannot identify but because of the complexity or range of the attack you believe it is an APT.

So if you are writing up a report on an APT level attack and you cannot currently who it is, the people will use the TEMP. to indicate that. If they later discover the APT is know some places will go in and edit the report and change the name others will indicate near the top that the TEMP.* is know as some other name.

Then in those cases where it is a brand near APT they will drop TEMP. and name them with the rest. For example TEMP.reaper was discovered to be an APT which worked under a known APT but has now started working on their own, so places are calling them Reaper now.

Then in other cases you will have various companies use thier own name; which is why some APTs have a long list of names.

jeff597 1 point

Thank you for you reply.

And is there an authority of naming? something like CVE.

idkwhttodo 2 points

Do not be ashamed of not wanting to be married. I've been with my partner for 7 years. We are not married (but it feels like we are) and we do not have kids.

For the first part the reason is that we see no difference a marriage would bring relationship wise. We are just as committed to each other. The marriage however does come in set of financial rules which we can not afford atm. It includes tax being higher due to two of our incomes end up being above minimum, you no longer get support from the government for having low income etc, a lot of single person benefits go away. We are both still young and both trying to get to school to increase our income. Only then there will be a point where it will be more beneficial for us to become married to gain financial benefits instead.

We do not have kids because we are young but we both still arent sure if we want kids at all. I have about same reasons as you and my partner he is sensitive to busyness and loud noises. We enjoy each others company a lot and I have a fear the kid would ruin it. It is however something you should be very open about from start because some people REALLY want kids and it can really be a deal breaker.

Most important part about relationship is having same core values. If one of your core value is to not have kids and hers is to have. The relationship just wont work nomatter how well you guys can get along. If the kid topic is something that can be changed in your mind then that is not a core value to you.

Tldr: Marriage is just a paper, depending on where you live it can be beneficial or not so it shouldn't play a big role in your life more important is a relationship and both of your core values in that. Keep in mind kids can be a core value to some people so you have to be open about such topic and always express your reasoning and listen to them as well.

jeff597 2 points

I see, so the most important thing is to share similar values.

InspiredHippie 3 points

I'm young and married. Here is my 2 cents.

Plenty of people wouldn't ever cheat. Love is real and falling in love is possible for you, if you are open to it.

Children need loving homes not expensive toys. Don't assume you can't afford kids (or that your future spouse can't either).

The chances of you having an evil kid is extremely low. If you are a loving parent your kid is very unlikely to murder you or whatever else you are afriad of. Assuming you provide a loving and nurturing home, your kids will likely be completely normal and average.

Marriage is hard work. Being with someone for life is tough but it can be so worth it.

I say ditch the fears. Let go of expectations. Open yourself up to the possibility of falling in love and just see where life takes you.

jeff597 1 point

Thank you very much. It seems that I'm a little bit obsessed. It's a big responsibility.

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binbin07 1 point

Welcome brother! Glad you came here, it won’t always be easy but you’ll live your life as it is meant to be lived!

jeff597 1 point

Thank you :)

HorsePucky1 2 points

All the best! God sent you here for something really good

jeff597 2 points

Thank you very much,

I hope reaching a higher level with you ;)

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Ebouc 1 point

I get you. You're too much in your own head. Get out and volunteer at a homeless shelter. I'm dead serious. Volunteer and meet others that really have it bad. Learn their stories and care enough to help. Build karma, build self esteem with selflessness. You got this.

jeff597 2 points

If I understand, isolation weakens us, and makes us oversensitive. right ?

All what I feel is because of my isolation.

[deleted] 1 point


jeff597 1 point

According to you, the solution is to make effort to become more social ?

xDizz3r 3 points

The link provided by /u/madmike78 is correct.
SLAAC = Stateless DHCPv6
Take a look below to understand from where the host receives the addressing information when using Stateful vs Stateless.

Stateful DHCPv6

  • IPv6 address: DHCPv6
  • Prefix length: DHCPv6
  • DNS: DHCPv6
  • Default gateway: NDP (RS,RA)

Stateless DHCPv6 (SLAAC)

  • IPv6 address: Prefix from NDP (RS,RA) , host-id from EUI-64 or random
  • Prefix length: NDP (RS,RA)
  • DNS: DHCPv6
  • Default gateway: NDP (RS,RA)
jeff597 2 points

Thank you for the reply.

I think there is difference between SLAAC and Stateless DHCPv6. When you set M and O to zero. How can a client know the DNS server ?

Using different combinations of the M and O flags, RA messages have one of three addressing options for the IPv6 device:

  • SLAAC (Router Advertisement only)

  • Stateless DHCPv6 (Router Advertisement and DHCPv6)

  • Stateful DHCPv6 (DHCPv6 only)

In the case of Stateless DHCP, you can do it by :

ipv6 dhcp pool poolname

dns-server ipv6-address

interface type number

ipv6 dhcp server poolname [rapid-commit] [preference value] [allow-hint]

ipv6 nd other-config flag


xDizz3r 2 points

Hmm, i might have confused you a bit.


  • IPv6 address: Prefix from NDP (RS,RA) , host-id from EUI-64 or random
  • Prefix length: NDP (RS,RA)
  • Default gateway: NDP (RS,RA)

Stateless DHCPv6

  • DNS: DHCPv6

With pure SLAAC the host has no way to get DNS information so in most cases DHCPv6 is used to provide DNS so "SLAAC + DNS from DHCPv6 = Stateless DHCPv6".

Stateful DHCPv6 uses both M-bit and O-bit.
SLAAC uses only the O-bit.
However if you only enable the M-bit on the router it understand your doing Stateful so it also enables the O-bit.

jeff597 2 points

Thank you for the explanation. That's what I wanted to hear, SLAAC alone can't do all the job.

Note: According to the course, Stateful DHCPv6 doesn't need O-bit.

The M flag indicates whether or not to use stateful DHCPv6. The O flag is not involved.

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fractalnerd 1 point

exactly my situation right now, running a think-pad with 4 gigs of stock ram. I recently switched from Ubuntu to Xubuntu (ubuntu on xfce) and removed everything that I do not use.

Currently, 2 tabs in Firefox + Spotify streaming uses about 1.2 gigs of ram and I am able to use a single VM and a second one without GUI.

I am planning to upgrade to 16 gigs of ram soon and would suggest you to do the same. ( but them current ram prices. )

jeff597 1 point

What about processors ?

fractalnerd 1 point

It has an i5 from 2012, never gave a problem. Max usage I reach is about 50 - 60%%.

jeff597 1 point

I think that the main problem is with RAM. Perhaps, all what I need is to upgrade the RAM.

Thank you :)

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aloisnoob39 1 point

Hi, this is interesting. What did they have to remember? What amount? What type of data? What age?


jeff597 1 point

It's not detailed, all what was said :

Take a gaggle of college students and teach them obscure trivia, like “Who invented snow golf?” Then let them practice recall once, and test them six months later.

the-packet-thrower 2 points

You can see the out of the boxes differences here

SW01(config)#do sh cdp ne g3/0 detail
Device ID:
Entry address(es): 
  IP address:
Platform: Cisco ,  Capabilities: Router Switch IGMP 
Interface: GigabitEthernet3/0,  Port ID (outgoing port): GigabitEthernet3/0
Holdtime : 174 sec

Version :
Cisco IOS Software, vios_l2 Software (vios_l2-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Experimental Version 15.2(20170321:233949) [mmen 101]
Copyright (c) 1986-2017 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Wed 22-Mar-17 08:38 by mmen

advertisement version: 2
VTP Management Domain: 'virl.lab'
Native VLAN: 1
Duplex: full
Management address(es): 
  IP address:

Total cdp entries displayed : 1
SW01(config)#do sh lldp ne g3/0 detail
Local Intf: Gi3/0
Chassis id: 5e00.000b.0000
Port id: Gi3/0
Port Description: to SW01
System Name:

System Description: 
Cisco IOS Software, vios_l2 Software (vios_l2-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Experimental Version 15.2(20170321:233949) [mmen 101]
Copyright (c) 1986-2017 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Wed 22-Mar-17 08:38 by mmen

Time remaining: 109 seconds
System Capabilities: B,R
Enabled Capabilities: R
Management Addresses:
Auto Negotiation - not supported
Physical media capabilities - not advertised
Media Attachment Unit type - not advertised
Vlan ID: - not advertised

Total entries displayed: 1
jeff597 1 point

From lldp output, I can find the information mentioned in the question :

type of device that is discovered,

System Capabilities: B,R

the names of the devices,

System Name:

the number and type of interfaces.

Port id: Gi3/0

jeff597 commented on a post in r/CEH
jeff597 2 points

I took the official course from EC-COUNCIL that was 5 weeks (five 8-hour-days)

I think you mean 5 days, right ?

I wanna congratulate you for the certification, and to thank you for the notes, I find them very useful for my preparation for this exam.

One question, before passing the exam, Did they ask you if you have any experience in the field ?

K1ngsIndian 1 point

Sounds like the activity has the wrong answer! I believe will be allowed through

jeff597 1 point

maybe - ? ... 191 won't match because :


and 63=00111111

K1ngsIndian 1 point

doesn't 191= 01111111?

jeff597 1 point

No, that's 127.

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zanfar 1 point

Your question isn't really clear, and you provide no context for your quote, so we don't have any idea what you are really asking. This is probably why you haven't received any responses yet.

I've never heard of "Cisco Bordless Networks" especially at the CCNA level, nor have I heard about "aggregating L2 domains" in the context of "L3 boundaries". Please elaborate, provide a description of what you are trying to solve, or page and book title if this is a quote.

jeff597 1 point

Sorry. It's about Cisco BORDERLESS Networks. It can be found in CCNA routing and switching essentials under the following path:

Chapter 4 Switched Networks 4.1 LAN Design 4.1.1 Converged Networks Cisco Borderless Networks

I quoted directly from the course material :

Distribution Layer

The distribution layer interfaces between the access layer and the core layer to provide many important functions, including: ... *Aggregating Layer 2 broadcast domains and Layer 3 routing boundaries. ...

_chrisjhart 5 points

The PoE power port on the 1921 is used to supply additional power to the router so that it may supply PoE via its own network interfaces.

For example, if I want to power a phone or an access point via the 1921 interfaces, I would need to plug an additional power supply into the PoE interface labeled in the diagram you linked. Once that is done and the power supply is powered on, then PoE devices can plug into the router's interfaces and be powered successfully.

jeff597 3 points

Thank you very much for the explanation you provided to me.

So, without this additional PoE supply shown in the picture, the router can't empower other devices through PoE ?

cmorgasm 1 point

What model switches? If they're all Cisco, and the supported functionality is on, you should be able to use their network map tool to get a basic map of the network.

What issues is the physical network having?

jeff597 1 point

It's hybrid. Some are Cisco 2960, there a lot of TP-LINK very basic switches, and there also other vendors. it's a chaos ! Sometimes, the access to the Internet become very slow. Ping works, but loading pages become very slow.

[deleted] 1 point


jeff597 1 point

Your situation is very similar to mine.

Most of my friends are gone to redo master degree. I don't want to do like them, because It needs a lot of money, and it isn't a guaranteed way to get a PhD.

[deleted] 2 points


jeff597 1 point

you understand me better ;)

Thanks for all persons who replied.

Gantzer 1 point

i took my test monday 8/8 and there were no routing protocols questions, there were a couple on nat/pat and one on acl's. my particular test was heavy heavy on subnetting. which was a good thing because i rock at it.

jeff597 1 point


the-packet-thrower 2 points

The exam topics are gospel

It seems that Cisco is making the CCENT easier to get without experience and the CCNA harder to get without it.

jeff597 1 point

I understood.

Thank you :)

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