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it looks amazing, I have to pass by! But, reading from the online menu, I see the same problem of many other ramen restaurant in The Netherlands: the price. 14 euro average for a bowl it's kind of crazy. I was in Berlin last week and I paid 10 euro for a tonkotsu ramen with so many noodles that I barely finished. At this point I'm wondering why is so expensive. Is it the rent for the place that make increase the final cost?

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Original Poster4 points · 4 months ago

Hi! There are multiple factors at play unfortunately. Buying good quality products is pretty expensive in the Netherlands. Especially when it comes to meat Germany is wya cheaper than the Netherlands. Also Utrecht is turning into an expensive city that has high costs for both rent and staff.

Stel je voor dat ik ook een shop zou willen openen in het vlamingen land. Enige tips?

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Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

Teveel om op te noemen! Beginnen met het tonen van je enthousiasme en verzamelen van de juiste mensen om je heen. Dan hopen dat het allemaal bij elkaar komt! Mocht je vragen heb stuur maar een pm!

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Original Poster1 point · 9 months ago

The weird thing that is on the other side of the bottle opener. It's not wide enough to go around the neck of a bottle. You can't seem to open anything with it that I use on a regular base. Please help, what is thing used for?

Utrecht bij de Dom net na zonsondergang.

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Als de baan dusdanig weinig betaalt dat je er geen woning van kunt huren, is het loon dan niet ver onder marktconform?

Dat valt je nog vies tegen. Zeg dat je in Utrecht voor 700 euro een vrije sector woning kan vinden. De meeste verhuurders hanteren dat je bruto ongeveer 4x de huur moet verdienen, dus 2800 euro per maand bruto. Een gangbaar startsalaris voor HBO ICT zit zo rond de 2100 als ik me niet vergis.

Edit: comment werd 4x geplaatst, vandaar de deleted comments. EDIT2: wakker geworden en rekenfout aangepast

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Je berekening klopt helaas niet helemaal aangezien 700 x 4 = 2800 euro is. Rekening houdend met dat bedrag wordt het al een lastiger verhaal.

Ik zou zoeken naar gedeelde woonruimtes. Je zal nog steeds moeten knokken met 30 anderen op een plek maar dat is volgens mij de enige manier om als starter in Utrecht te kunnen blijven wonen als je niet verregaande connecties hebt.

I would like to add AURORA to the rest of the list. Very soothing voice and similar to Florence and the machine!

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The "Grote Zaal" is the most well known concert hall in Utrecht. It was part of the old Music Palace built in the 50s. The Music Palace in it's original structure has been demolished and replaced with the Tivoli Vredenburg. The new building is completely built around this iconic room with excellent acoustics and unique design.

A better view of the concert hall: Maps

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The "Grote Zaal" is the most well known concert hall in Utrecht. It was part of the old Music Palace built in the 50s. The Music Palace in it's original structure has been demolished and replaced with the Tivoli Vredenburg. The new building is completely built around this iconic room with excellent acoustics and unique design.

A better view of the concert hall: Google Maps


I've just finished both books from Yuval Noah Harari and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I would like to continue this non-fiction path with books that are easy to read but provide insights into everyday topics. WEWIL?


Hi I have collected loads of stuff over the time and was looking to see what I can trade for other stuff. Leave an offer for anything you like and we'll see what we can do!


Beret: Purple, Yellow, White

Bowler: Orange, Sky Blue

Brodie Helmet: Crimson

Chainsaw: Crimson, Saffron

Chef's Hat: Grey (yes really)

Crimson: Derby, Titanium White

Devil Horns: Burnt Sienna, Pink

Hornburg: Titanium White

Pirate Hat: Orange

Pork Pie: Lime

Unicorn: Sky Blue, Cobalt

Visor: Black, Purple

Wildcat Ears: Pink


Alchemist: Saffron


Lobo: Capable Victor CERT


Neptune: Purple

Octavian: Cobalt



Spyder: Black

Stern: Saffron

Sunburst: Black, White, Purple

Trahere: Lime, Titanium White

Tunica: Crimson



I also have most non black market decals and all the cars!


Would you like troika for the grey chef hat?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Add me on steam jeroen2303

1 point · 1 year ago

interested in full chef hat set?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

What would you like to have for it?

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I approve. Especially of those Pioneers, they look beautiful. I will say, though, getting a little bit of some anxiety looking at that left speaker placement. But, looks like your options are limited. Other than that, what do you really enjoy listening to on this setup, what really makes it shine?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Yeah I live in the city centre and sadly don't have much room. However anything for good quality, even if the position is a bit off.

My recent favorites has been the soundtrack of Whiplash and kamasi Washingtons album. Especially the drums are excellent. I also enjoy Fink's live concert with the London Orchestra.

me too.. Picked out several pair. not all of them are "established audiophile brands" there are a LOT of speakers out there. even some chinese wholesale speakers that also go under "white van" brand names sound pretty competitive with other entry level floorstanders. And look good too. So be open to the many choices out there. :-)

I went from cheap all in ones to components over 13 years. I still am not an audio snob but I know what decent sound is, and a lot of unknown gear has actually turned out to be pretty good!

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Original Poster2 points · 1 year ago

I prefer buying older stuff second hand. In my experience there has been little improvement over the years and if you manage to find someone who took care of their audio stuff you can't go wrong!

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looking for good offers, don't want crates

Original Poster7 points · 1 year ago

Genomen vanaf de Moreelsebrug een week of twee geleden.

could someone explain to me what those grills behind the wheels do?

Those are aero rake. They're used for measuring air speed, angle flow, pressure (Pitot-Static probe) and even temperature of different elements on the bodywork.

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Thanks, very helpful video!


In the latest video of Veritasium it is stated that around 50% of a cars lifetime pollution is caused by the production of the car. this is the video in question: After this video I have taken some time to find some evidence supporting this argument but the results seem to be varying wildly.

It also seems to me that this percentage should be dependant on the amount of kilometers that are driven with a car but none of the sources I can find state such a thing. Can anyone shed some light?


Maar frhtggs/told ls

Nu mum f


683 points · 1 year ago

Seriously? $300-500 at my school. It's a ripoff.

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That jawline is absurd.

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It is LITRALLY, the greatest jawline I have ever seen

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Hime H

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Ik heb een aantal maanden geleden contact gehad met een aantal coöperaties die zich bezighouden met antikraak en mij werd verteld dat door de grote vraag naar woningen in utrecht de kans op een antikraak woning nagenoeg nul zijn.

Als je bereid bent om iets verder uit het centrum te zoeken (Zeist, Maarssen ed.) waren de kansen wel groter!

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