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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/EDM
DNAABeats 1 point

I actually joked with someone saying they’ll do this all the way up to August.

They’ve started early so I have a feeling we’ll get another pic at 8/9. They’ve changed the times a little today.

Hoping a final announcement tomorrow

jesuspunk 1 point

Just tweeted another one.

Every 3 hours. 3 = SHM???

DNAABeats 1 point

It’s what I’m guessing.

The Gif today made me think they know we’re close. But the latest photo just again is inside a tent.

Either a new indoor arena which is just as big as one of the main stages?

Or SHM to headline the upgraded tent?

Honestly at the moment they’ve through me completely off with the last 2 pics

jesuspunk 1 point

They posted a video last night that looks like it's from /\'s set last year

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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
jesuspunk 6 points

Hilarious but I hate talking about the final like it's a cert.

FrankBeamer_ 7 points

Tbf if we get past Roma that song still stands, either it will be an emotional slow song or a victory banger.

jesuspunk 9 points

Let's get past Roma first is all I'm saying :)

jesuspunk commented on a post in r/videos
jesuspunk [M] 10 points

We literally don't have any rules against reposts on here.

crossmr -7 points

Doesn't mean users can't point out when something is getting posted a lot. There were other posts of this video here during the last week and the "Other discussions" at the top gives an indication of just how much this video was posted here during the week since it's been released.

jesuspunk 3 points

But what's your goal in even pointing that out?

jesuspunk commented on a post in r/videos
ZeroThoughts1 -1 points

i know mate, i think sitewide admins are always on r/videos that's why they ain't focusing on the bug issue. if you can't fix the issue then how about giving an option to roll back?

jesuspunk [M] 2 points

This subreddit is managed by volunteer moderators. Admins very rarely show up here. We have no control over site functionality.

jesuspunk commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
jesuspunk 2 points


jesuspunk 4 points

Imagine supporting a team that cheers for corners like they've won the league.

jesuspunk 17 points

Everton's biggest game of the season and they're playing some of the most boring football I've seen all season.

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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
Masipoten 8 points

Again. I think that's a 352 with Fernandinho as a LWB to man mark Mo, Pep's done that sort of thing before. Sané behind the striker as a free man and Gündogan, Silva and KdB as the triple 8.

Edit: Obviously it could just be a 4141 with Laporte as LB, just can't see KdB on the wing, has never played there before for Pep and he's their best player. Or an easy 352 with Sane wingback but that's just boring to speculate with. Probably that last one is the one I reckon.

jesuspunk 1 point

They played the same team at the weekend with a flat 4

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