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jesuspunk 1 point

My question is different. Mine is specific to the situation in the US and why it's happening. The other user just wants to know what a government shutdown is in general. They weren't specific.

FuzzyStorm 6 points

Offside decisions are so hard to make a lot of the times. I think this is perfect even though i'm wondering if he was offside and not called, and scored, would they still check the VAR?

jesuspunk 8 points

Yes. If the review happened and he was confirmed to be offside they would've disallowed it. They did a similar call earlier in the game where the ball went out of play and the VAR just confirmed it was out.

FuzzyStorm 4 points

No sorry i didin't explain myself right.

What if the same play happens but he's offside. Assistant doesn't call for offside, goal is scored. Is VAR used if they don't ask for it?

jesuspunk 7 points

I think the VAR can contact the referee and say a mistake has been made.

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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/soccer
phukovski 10 points

I think it's fine - finger to the ear just means he's speaking to the VAR or waiting for the VAR to watch the footage. Only when a decision is being changed does the TV symbol get shown.

jesuspunk 3 points

I just prefer the rugby system I guess. Draw the TV to show a review is needed. Then just blow the whistle and signal what's given.

Would be interesting to be able to hear the ref also.

ModricTHFC 26 points

How about putting the whole thing in one video. Including the delay in awarding the decision. Because that's the interesting thing.

jesuspunk 15 points
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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
jesuspunk 159 points

People on twitter are so fucking disrespectful to our players sometimes.

letushaveadiscussion 106 points

People on twitter are so fucking disrespectful


jesuspunk 7 points

To be fair there are positive comments on there and people defending him to those that aren't.

jesuspunk commented on a post in r/jailbreak
Pain_x0 7 points

SCOthman actually does have this feature. It’s under the chat settings and you click on “Read chat without their knowledge”. So you can click on the chat and back out and it will still look like you haven’t opened the chat

jesuspunk 2 points

Oh wow, I'd heard of SCOthman before but never looked into it. How does it hold up with features compared to ++ or Phantom?

theskullsmasher 5 points

Not as many features, mainly just the necessities like viewing without marking as read and similar things, definitely worth checking out though

jesuspunk 3 points

How is it for DRM checks? Does it get caught often? I've been banned using ++ before so haven't gone back to tweaked versions due to the possibility of a perma.

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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/soccerstreams
notsoyoungpadawan 13 points

Make sure you label those acestream links with their quality.

jesuspunk 2 points

I am still getting these ads. Did you contact /u/buffstreams about this?

Freezes Safari and extremely difficult to close out of due to the constant alert pop up that comes up anytime you reopen safari.

notsoyoungpadawan 2 points

Cheers. I did contact him about it. Will follow up with him after the match today.

jesuspunk 1 point

I can't get the URL because it freezes my device but it's something like

Just in case that helps.

Might be fixed now as not getting that ad. I'll report back if that changes.

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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/soccer
simz1437 249 points


98 goals in 135 games for Spurs. Unreal.

jesuspunk 1 point

I've been wondering. Why are non of these big clubs like Barca or Real looking at Kane? There has been no talk of him being looked at that I am aware of but you'd think someone would've been interested in signing someone of his quality.

kirikesh 28 points

Quite a few reasons (although I'm sure they are looking at him).

A) Buying from a PL club, especially one that has CL football is ridiculously expensive. Look at how much Coutinho went for, and Kane is more important for Spurs, both in a totemic and footballing sense than he was for Liverpool. Not to mention that Coutinho refused to play for Liverpool again and still went for such a huge fee, whilst Kane is a boyhood Spurs fan, which may mean he acts differently.

B) The price means other players might be better purchases for the top clubs. If Madrid are looking for a galactico signing in the summer, then Hazard (unless he signs a new contract) would almost undoubtedly cost less - as, possibly, would the likes of Lewandowski.

C) No release clause unlike players in Spain - obvious example is Neymar, who probably would've cost a large amount more than his actual transfer fee, otherwise.

D) English players tend not to move abroad, and have often not been particularly successful. I can't imagine this is a terribly huge consideration, but it might play a part - especially when you compare it to Brazilian or Argentinian players, that will have a lot less of a culture shock.

E) He's nowhere near as marketable as the likes of Neymar or Ronaldo. Not just from an image perspective, but also from a playstyle perspective. He's nowhere near as flashy or as exciting as some of the other top players, which may have an impact on who the biggest clubs bring in.

jesuspunk 6 points

Great response. Thanks.

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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/soccerstreams
[deleted] 15 points


jesuspunk 5 points

You press cancel and it freezes Safari. So you close safari and reopen it and then the alert comes up again. You have to be super fast to close the tab before it has time to show the alert again.

I'm not an idiot. I wouldn't be reporting this if you could just close the ad.

Berktheturk09 2 points

I have the same problem, the ad will literally freeze safari and I have to go into settings to close all my tabs. I don’t know why he’s acting like that when you’re trying to show him in actual problem. Have you tried using an adblocker from the App Store? Maybe that will help.

jesuspunk 5 points

Thank you. I know I'm not alone with this issue.

Honestly I just use a different streamer because I shouldn't have to go out of my way and download a separate app or browser to use someones site. Should be an easy fix for /u/buffstreams really. I just felt like I needed to report it so other people know its not just them. This guy is always the top voted post on match threads, he should have ads that don't freeze your device.

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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/soccer
jesuspunk 43 points

This is hilarious. What are Partick thinking?

Newsy-Lalonde 26 points

It was designed by a local artist if I remember correctly.

Edit:Not local, but Turner Prize-nominated artist David Shrigley designed it

jesuspunk 18 points

Reminds me of doodlebob from spongebob.

jesuspunk commented on a post in r/worldnews
KhalifaKidV2 11 points

Can somebody ELI5 what Bitcoin is actually used for? Seems more like the stock market than an actual usable currency.

People who have bitcoin, do you spend it? Or is everybody just holding onto it as the value increases?

And if the value increases so much, doesn't that just mean the prices of things purchasable with bitcoin increase too?

jesuspunk 3 points

Barely anything worthwhile. Not many major retailers accept it (Microsoft do) but Steam removed support from it recently.

Dark web stuff is probably the biggest usage but that isn't really a good measure of a currency that wants to grow.

I think the price is just increasing because of the buzz and the fact people are holding onto it.

And if the value increases so much, doesn't that just mean the prices of things purchasable with bitcoin increase too?

The price is usually set, so if bitcoin changes in value then the bitcoin price will update to a higher or lower value. It doesn't actually change the price of the item.

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