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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
HeapsieLFC 138 points

Worst Moment: The Gerrard Slip

Happiest Moment: Istanbul 2005

I feel like this will be a common answer

jesuspunk 3 points

I honestly think the biggest heartbreak of that season was blowing the 3-0 lead at Palace.

YesNoIDKtbh 39 points

Why? Even with a win we still would've finished behind City on GD. It was the loss against Chelsea that sealed our fate. The idea that the Palace game had any real effect on the league table is something I've never understood. It didn't.

jesuspunk 15 points

Because Suarez cried :(

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jesuspunk commented on a post in r/pics
Dr_Brian_Pepper 7,682 points

Was a sub when I went to the HS, didnt really have an interaction with her.

She saved a girls life, pushed her out of the way and got shot, and on her dying breath told the girl to "run".

Hero. RIP

EDIT: For those that asked

jesuspunk 0 points

The daily mail is not a reliable news source.

jesuspunk commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
shubir17 2 points

Who was the commentator for this ? I think it is the ox goal v city .

jesuspunk 5 points

I believe it is Darren Fletcher.

jesuspunk 98 points


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