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jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/NEO
KingPin300-1976 0 points

To be honest I expected more of the meet up in January. Seeing Dean program a smart contract is interesting if you're a developer, not for me.

jiwiwastaken 1 point

What did you expect when going to the developer presentation? It was clearly stated on the program the first presentation was for developers

KingPin300-1976 1 point

They sold separate tickets for the development meet up, I assumed that there would be 2 different presentations. Developer first, then for investors/ interested.

jiwiwastaken 1 point
jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Grandwhish 2 points

Ivan on tech.

jiwiwastaken 1 point

Ivan is good for tech. He tries to do other things with the morning stuff. But imo that's not so good, he should stick with tech

Grandwhish 1 point

Generally, Ivan knows if a coin/ico is a scam by examining the code while he teaches us how and what to look for.

jiwiwastaken 1 point

Yeah and he does that good. I consider code reviews most of the time still as 'tech'. That was excatly my point

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jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Linckus 1 point

no. it's weird to just list the amount of tokens. The amount does not say anything.. 0.001 can be much more worth than 1000 tokens. So i have to list the price per token too (sometimes 0.0000001$). And then the user may calculate the only interesting part about it all - how much does he get in the end..

jiwiwastaken 2 points

How about both? So X amount of tokens worth Y.

Linckus 1 point

sure and then the user can calculate things like 0.0157 x 55.836 to get to the truly interesting value. The $ price reflects both combined and you don't really need the specifics

jiwiwastaken 1 point

I prefer i know how many tokens i get. X amount with total worth of Y dollar also does both. I give it as feedback to you to do with as you wish.

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jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
_CrackBabyJesus_ 1 point

I don't think you can yet. Their website states the public network will be launched in 2018, so I'd assume sometime next year. Doesn't sound like they're going to do an ICO, so they might be distributing through faucets like Rai.

jiwiwastaken 2 points

Radix will not do ICO. Radix tokes can be bought on their own DEX when it goes live

jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
GeekGrind 0 points

Lightening network's, sidechains, and drive chains are rolling out now and fix this problem.

Edit: I am not trying to talk negatively of any alts, I am a big alt coin supporter. But the criticism of bitcoin for the things I listed above is old hat and have been for years now.

The reason some of the issues still persist is due to the diligent scrutiny the protocol endures before being launched. But the fixes have been in development for a very long time.

Edit Edit: To put plainly, devs have had the for sight of scaling and block congestion dating back to 2010-2011. That is when work began on improvements to the protocol. Anyone who acts like it was a surprise or that there was never a plan to fix this are being disingenuous or are uninformed.

Keeping the block size the same has more to do with backwards compatibility than anything else. Anyone running the latest version of Bitcoin can communicate with anyone using the first version. That is done on purpose and is very important.

jiwiwastaken 2 points

With LN bitcoin is going to be even more centralized than it is now. I know there are other options for bitcoin to scale, but i dont like the ln

jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
JonRubio 21 points

There are people who do not even know what Litecoin is and are investing in it. I have friends that buy stuff just because its on coinbase.

jiwiwastaken 0 points

This sounds way to familiar. Some of my freinds got into crypto. I asked them what they had, he said 'i have 0.003 blockchain'. I turned around and walked away

[deleted] 0 points


jiwiwastaken 1 point

Maybe tomorrow. Kinda tired now..

make_love_to_potato -2 points

Are these accounts trying to farm more karma so they appear more legit when they shill their coin?

jiwiwastaken 9 points

Look at my posts, not a single one about shilling a coin. Im just a lurker, if i really wanted some karma i just could go to /r/bitcoin and thrashtalk bcash

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jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/binance
Mediamedula 8 points

Good point, not just Binance but in all Exchanges, Coinbase included

jiwiwastaken 2 points

I can see ur not on Kucoin. I had some dust there. And the keep giving me divident which turns out to be more dust. Total amount is about 3$ but its in VERY small amouts in almost all the crypto they trade lol

vvtaps 6 points

thats awesome. what did you tell them exactly?

jiwiwastaken 1 point

I started by explaining what a ponzi scheme is, as they didnt seem to know what a ponzi scheme actually is. Afther that we talked about the principals if bitcoin. "The guy said he didnt trust the system of crypto, what if the company just stopped bitcoin and ranoff with your money?". Then i replied that is excectly the point of crypto. You dont have to trust anyone, you can control it all yourself. Explained abit how the blockchain works. No third party's involved. After that i gave a few examples of how bitcoin can be used against poverty and corruption. They had never heard of that side of crypto before. I think that was what really threw them off and opend their mind. Afther that their were like, but isnt it really hard to buy cryptos??? Thats how it got to them installing coinbase. Ofcourse they didnt start investing immediately. They said they are gonna take another look at it and give it a shot. Good enhough for me :) As you might have noticed english is not my first language but im trying

jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
750lucklord 1 point

He does have a wallet but the sweater is a good idea or maybe some socks too?

jiwiwastaken 3 points
Infiniteexpression 1 point

Bought a sweater from this guy. Still waiting for it but his customer service is great. Replied to my emails quickly.

jiwiwastaken 1 point

Nice, im still waiting for a IOTA one

blevok 1 point

If you trade crypto for anything, even other crypto, it is either a gain or loss tax event. Technically you need to keep track of every trade and transaction. If you were to be suspected of tax evasion, or even if things look a little off, you could get audited, in which case you would need to prove everything or face fines and possible jail time. No matter how anonymous or unknown you think your crypto funds are, if you're not paying according to the letter of the law, you're committing a crime.

jiwiwastaken 2 points

This is the point i dont understand. How does anyone know i have crypto's? I could just say i have none right? Or have multiple accounts, wallets and only show 1 or a few?

will_it_play 1 point

At some point you had to convert your fiat to crypto, which is a transaction, no?

jiwiwastaken 2 points

I actually started crypto because my brother talked me into it. Afther alot of research i wanted some crypto for my own. I gave him some money and he sent me the crypto. So there is no 'official' record of me moving fiat into crypto.

jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/Iota
jiwiwastaken 8 points

Great news incomming, cant wait for the crash when all the news will be public

site-manager 1 point

How come it is crashing when the news announced 🤔❓

jiwiwastaken 1 point

It was a refference joke to another thread on this sub. Not sure how to link it correctly. Link:

jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Mikemc59 5 points

Same pattern I've seen in my just one year of experience in crypto..

  1. Shill a cheap coin
  2. Fomo
  3. Shilling continues or gets worse because so many people now hold bags.

So many people gonna get burned

jiwiwastaken 1 point

So when a coin is getting shilled, get in. And get out when the FOMO starts?

jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
jiwiwastaken 6 points

Why is there no exchange that has all of the crypto on it? Alright maybe all is abit exaggerated, but top 100 for example. Now i have to sign up to different exchanges and keep track of them all, which is kind of annoying.

jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
5thEditionFanboy 1 point

Are Bitcoin transactions still getting stuck?

jiwiwastaken 1 point

Stuck? They just take a lil longer to proces.

shelune 1 point

So you're using Bitstamp now?

jiwiwastaken 1 point

I have not yet used Bitstamp. But if i wanted to get fiat into crypto right now i would use bitstamp.

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jiwiwastaken commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
cee604 7 points

How something of this magnitude and scale isn't even getting a blip of news coverage is beyond me.

jiwiwastaken 1 point

Exactly this, probably there are other big things like this happening withous us knowing..

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