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Check your mail queue (mail.que) file and make sure the drive that file lives on has at least 10% free. If the drive gets full mail will stop flowing or will be disrupted.


Coming from 7-Mode filers where we had nightly.0, nightly.1 etc. Same goes hourly and weekly snaps.

How do we have the same naming convention with CDOT? Right now my snaps are weekly.2018-04-30 etc. I really want to stick with the previous naming convention.

Is this possible?



Guys, we are in the middle of a migration from 2010 to 2016 and are facing a couple of issues.

  1. Internally, our Lync/Skype clients are getting EWS not fully initialized and the client is asking for Exchange creds which it doesn't take. Keeps prompting for them in the client.

  2. Outlook 2016 client unable to connect internally to 2016 CAS servers. The mailbox was moved to 2016. OWA and ActiveSync work fine though. I believe the 2010 clients are doing okay.

Suggestions on where to look?

Original Poster1 point·2 months ago

I have a ticket open with MS.

It looks like #2 cleared up in its own so everyone can access email through Outlook.

Ticket is for #1.

I'll let you know where this goes.


Original Poster16 points·3 months ago

low libido ex partner

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I thought it was "low Life"


Hey guys,

I have an issue where some of our users keep a lot of PST files attached to their Outlook that live on the network. When they are working remotely on DirectAccess, Outlook will frequently crash or freeze up because its trying to communicate to the network share. This leads to PST corruption.

Does anyone have successful experience with setting up a GPO for offline folders? I am open to suggestions as we need to find a solution for this.

Clients are currently W7 but moving to W10 Q2 this year.

Our goal is for the PST's to be local to their machines which would require us to remap their PST's in Outlook but then the PST's will sync to the network share where we can back them up.


I find PST's cause way too many headaches to have not on the machine and the email is way to important to have on a end user's computer with no back up, just bite the bullet and increase mailbox size and incorporate them back into the mailbox. Changing to Windows 10 will not resolve this, upgrading/migrating your mail server will.

We recently went through this process prior to migrating to Office 365. Took some time but it was scary how many 10-20 GB PST's we found with email that can't be lost.

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Original Poster1 point·3 months ago

We are still using Exchange on-prem. IN fact we are about to do a Ex10 to Ex16 upgrade.

Our experience has been that no matter how large we make their mailboxes, people will still take everything you give them and still need to offload to PST. People still use their Outlook as a file cabinet and never have time to do a proper cleanup.


Hey guys, I have an existing 5.3 View environment and am migrating to a new 7.2 environment.

We spun up a completely new 7.2 environment and gave it a temporary dns name for those to test with. Now I am looking to do the final cutover and decomm the 5.3 environment.

As a test I moved over one of the old ESX servers to the new vcenter environment and am recreating the pool for it on the 7.2 side. The pool creates but the VM's are saying that "No network connection between the view agent and connection server. Please verify the desktop can ping the connection server via the FQDN".

I connected to one of the linked clones I spun up and it is on the network and has can ping the the servers via FQDN.

Would the issue here be related to the older view agent these VM's are running?

Anything else I should be looking out for as I try to work through the final cutover?


You are correct. You most definitively need to update the Horizon Agent on all of your Masters for the Connection Servers v7.2 to manage the desktops.

  1. Power on your masters.
  2. Uninstall Horizon Agent 5.3 > Reboot.
  3. Install Horizon Agent 7.2 > Reboot.
  4. Perform any other Master update tasks: Windows Updates, VMware OS Optimization Tool.

Also, if the migration involved updated ESXi hosts you would need to update the VMware Tools and VM Hardware on the Masters. The process for this would be:

  1. From vCenter > Right click the Master VM (power off) > Compatibility > Upgrade VM Compatibility...
  2. Power on your Masters
  3. Uninstall VMware Tools (cancel reboot)
  4. Uninstall Horizon Agent 5.3 > Reboot
  5. Install VMware Tools from vCenter > Reboot
  6. Install Horizon Agent 7.2 > Reboot
  7. Perform any other Master update tasks: Windows Updates, VMware OS Optimization Tool.
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Original Poster1 point·3 months ago

This morning I upgraded the view agent and then it worked as it should. Glad it was that simple.



Hey guys... i have 3 Roku’s in the house but this Premiere+ unit is giving me trouble where the video is stuttering and seeing some ghosting of image. A couple of good examples are watching Planet Earth II and Grand Tour where they gave these panning moving shots of the mountains or cars and the video is just not smooth at all. If I keep my TV settings the same and plug my Roku 3 into the same TV, the video on these same programs is smooth and clear with no ghosting.

What can I do to troubleshoot this? Any hidden menu’s or options I can mess with?



It looks like my basic Universal RF20 blaster is no longer working so I am trying to consider a replacement. Does anyone have any recommendations on a WiFi based remote? I would like to eliminate the physical remote and just use an app on an ipad or smart phone. My equipment is in the basement closet so that was the reason for using RF previously.

Does such a product exist?

Absolutely do with the Harmony Hub. Super easy set up through a cell phone app and it can integrate with your smart home.

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Original Poster0 points·5 months ago

Thanks guys.. I ordered it as its on sale on Amazon as well. Hopefully this will fit the bill. :)

jonboyglx commented on
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Great Deep Penetration

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Go Deep Peeps


I have an old 2003 Exchange server that I restored from a tape backup and I have a need to restore all of the mailboxes for a litigation case.

This server is from a different AD domain which no longer exists.

My production Exchange server is 2010. How would I got about getting to these old mailboxes so I can export them out to PST?



We are using a WLC 5508 with 3602 AP's and when a client is on the corporate WiFi and someone tries to RDP to that wireless client, the wireless client gets kicked off the WiFi. We lose ping to them all together and we have to manually put them back onto the network.

Our WLAN profile is pushed out through GPO and we do not broadcast our SSID.

Anybody have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?


2 points·6 months ago·edited 6 months ago

Your AS rep is out of date. 8.0 is dead because it doesn’t support 5520/3802, 8.2 is most stable, 8.3 is risky but decent (I won’t run 8.3 in prod)

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Original Poster1 point·6 months ago

I had switched to 8.2 because we put a bunch of 3802's in service.

Get the wifi MAC address of an affected computer. SSH into the WLC and type "debug client xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"

Try the RDP into the machine. The WLC should tell you what's going on at the client level.

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Original Poster2 points·6 months ago

I will give this a shot and see what it tells me. I also tested this same scenario in different offices using the WLAN and the issue persisted. So it seems like its something with the WLAN. It is only happening with this one WLAN though. My other WLAN which doesnt use 802.1X isnt having this issue.

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Shes a two face. Some nights she looks smoking hot, other nights she looks like an ex junkie.

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Bring back Tina!

“Near miss?! That was a near hit!!”

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Thanks George Carlin


Didn't find much searching online so figured I would ask here.

Internal user on Exchange 2010 SP3 is unable to send an email to an external client that has an apostrophe in it. Our server gives back:

550 5.1.3 STOREDRV.Submit; invalid recipient address #SMTP

Do you have a proxy? Or external anti spam? Or anything else that is handling the message before it reaches Exchange?

My guess is that it is being processed and then passed on and during the processing, whatever is handling the email can't handle that char and essentially changes the smtp address.

Can you see the rejected email in message tracking logs?

Edit: sorry I'm a little sick so my brain isn't working quite right. Re reading I realize you are the sender, but the advice stands. The message is likely being intercepted by something, processed, and it comes out the other side with no apostrophe.

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Original Poster1 point·7 months ago

I havent checked tracking logs yet but I will.

Our Exchange sends outgoing emails through Mimecast but the failed emails dont appear to even be reaching MC. The errors are coming from Exchange.

Where is the apostrophe?

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Original Poster1 point·7 months ago



How do we prevent this from popping up for all of our internal web servers? I remember something about needing to do something on the internal CA and installing a certificate onto our web servers. Does anyone have the steps?

Again this is only for our internal web pages; things like Cisco Call manager portals, APC portals etc.


We are going to doing a W7 to W10 upgrade across the firm. It looks like we are still having issues with our W10 test pool consistently accessing CIFS shares on 7-mode files running either 8.1.4 or 8.2.4 code.

Does anyone have any workaround for this besides disabling smb2/3on the W10 client or smb2 on the netapps?


I'll be back in the office on Monday and will run some tests - will let you know what I find out.

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Original Poster2 points·8 months ago

How did the testing go?

Couldn't replicate the issue you're seeing, across several systems and SVMs and their associated CIFS servers...

Did you log a case with NetApp? Maybe you're hitting a burt. We're on 8.3.2P9 (cDOT) here...

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Original Poster2 points·8 months ago

I think thats the difference though... you are running cDOT.

I think these issues are only effecting 7-Mode systems.

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I am running the latest 7-Mode OnTap's and my domain is still running at 2003 because we have a legacy StoreVault still in production. I am going to be removing that from the network soon and wanted to find out if 7-mode supports 2012 AD functioning level or just 2008 or 2008 R2?


Of all the dramatic things... JOHN!!!


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oh man... im on a call, read this and laughed on the call.

How about the random selection has to require an AP, AD and tank on each team. It's really annoying when everyone ends up with all ap or ad.

Original Poster2 points·11 months ago


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I know Rondo's history but for some reason I want him on this team. I think he's such a good facilitator that he would open up opportunities to our goto players.


I am going to be replacing an older fiber circuit which has 2 handoffs going to a pair of 1921 routers running HSRP. The new provider is telling me they can only give me a single handoff. What would be my options to retain this HSRP setup or do I need to re-engineer this?


I can not get this to run through task scheduler. The job just sits as running and never completes. If I double click the vbs to run manually it works that way. I have it set to run whether user is logged in or not, run with highest privileges and configured for Windows Server 2012 R2. Any suggestions?

I am getting an error saying: Line: 109 Char: 2 Error: Not Found Code: 80041002 Source: SWbemServicesEx

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Is there a way for us to push the shared secret through GPO to W7 clients? We have hit a roadblock. We can push all the settings that are required except this shared secret. And obviously without it, folks cant connect to the Meraki client vpn. Anybody have any ways around this? TIA

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