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joshmickelson commented on a post in r/StudentNurse
joshmickelson 4 points

Wow the first two comments in this thread were negative, sorry.

First off - congrats! Secondly, this is going to give you some amazing skills that you will take with you for the rest of your career. Learn a lot and look for opportunities to stand out as a hard worker!

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joshmickelson 2 points

I've also opted out of "overdraft" protection with my banks, so if the money isn't there, it just denies the transaction. I'm not sure if banks do this any more, but it seems like it would be a good option for you.

gawktopus 1 point

So contrary to what it’s name implies, “overdraft protection” doesn’t really protect you from overdraft fees?

joshmickelson 1 point

Correct, it typically means, "We won't deny the transaction at a convenience fee of $35". aka it is basically a joke.

Some banks have a protection that puts the overcharge on a credit card or automatically pulls from your savings as well.

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stylepeterson1 21 points

Generally, if you open the back center seam of the lining, you have access to the two side seams and the rear center seam of the jacket. You usually take in the back seam or the two side seams and then close up the lining. I'm still pretty new at this so I take my time. I would say it was about two hours total, including mistakes that had to be corrected such as crooked seams that had to be removed and resewn. I then close up the lining using stitch witchery seam tape to save time. To remove a center vent takes me under an hour. The more you practice the faster you become. Get a couple of cheap thrift jackets to practice on. It's not difficult.

joshmickelson 2 points

Just out of curiosity - why would you remove a center vent?

stylepeterson1 5 points

Italian suits generally have no vent and look better on a slim physique. Center vents are traditional in American business suits that look boxier overall look and don't look as elegant overall. I wanted to give the silhouette of this jacket a more Italian style.

joshmickelson 1 point

Interesting. Most high-end Italian stuff I have found while thrifting is dual vented and early 90s stuff is many times unvented. Either way - your alterations look great!

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joshmickelson 2 points

I have the same rod and it has been wonderful to me. Have fun!

joshmickelson 1 point

I lied, I have the Carbon, this is way nicer haha.

turpidude 1 point

How do you like the carbon? I actually went in there for it, but they were fresh out, so I went ahead and blew the budget on the rod and reel and will be bank bound a few weeks before I can splurge on some waders.

joshmickelson 2 points

it, but they were fresh out, so I went ahead and blew the budget on the rod and reel and will be bank bound a few weeks before I can splurge on some waders.

It's been great! I dinged it and it snapped, so I had to make use of Echo's wonderful warranty. $35 later, they had my rod back to me in two weeks with a new 3rd and tip section and a bonus tip section. Awesome company - you made a great choice.

obotisGroup 1 point

I've never had a second tip but you should be able to fit it into the slot in the bag that holds the other tip section. Maybe not.

Also I'm an Echo fan although I've not had to deal with their customer service. I just find their price / performance to be very good.

Thanks for sharing your story!

joshmickelson 1 point

I was leaning toward just keeping it in the same slot, seems like it would be more susceptible to damage in my closet or garage...

obotisGroup 1 point

I keep my rods in their tubes until I reach the water so keeping it in the same slot would mean I'd have the spare with me in the event I break the tip. I know some people are able to transport their rods assembled and leave the tubes at home. How do you do it?

joshmickelson 1 point

Good point about the rod vaults. I store my rods in the tube, and either store them under my seat in my truck, or in my closet. I think I will just keep the extra tip section in my tube, like you said, then it's there if I need it out on the river.

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mud074 1 point

For bass in relatively clear MN lakes, mornings are everything! You want to be on the water before the sun is up and be fishing as soon as you can see. The bass fishing will slow down heavily around 9-10 and shut down almost completely by 12. You can get some in the evening, but it's never as good as it is during the morning as the bass go deeper and don't bite as well. Go for pike during the daytime as they don't seem to give a shit about the time of day. Just drag big flashy things over the top of weeds. If that doesn't work, the lake has already probably gotten too hot for the larger pike and they might have moved deep. Not sure what you can do about that with a fly rod.

If the lake has reeds (tall, spaced out pencil reeds like this, not thick cattails) fish the edges of those. My best MN bass lakes all had large beds of reeds with cabbage beds in the slightly deeper water around them. The bass would swim the area between the reeds and the cabbage beds in the early morning while hunting.

As for non-bass species, search for cabbage beds! I am not sure about the area you are fishing, but if the lake hasn't been taken over by eurasian milfoil and has somewhat clear water, the best fishing is probably going to be deep cabbage like the last picture linked. Crappies, bluegills, bass, and pike all love that stuff.

You have a shot at a very rare fly fishing species, the bowfin. They are pretty common in MN lakes, but surprisingly hard to catch. I never got very good at catching them, but it seems like they live in the thickest, hardest to fish shit around. They also seem to be even better than pike at cutting line and destroying lures/flies and are one of the hardest fighting fish I have ever caught.

joshmickelson 1 point

Very thorough, thank you so much!!

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FerrisGotA9to5 1 point

Where do you suggest Bear Creek? I was told to take Upper Bear Creek road past Evergreen lake and could find nowhere to fish as it's all private property.

How's Lair of the bear?

joshmickelson 2 points

Lair is mainly where I fish! I go just past the park entrance to morraine park and fish up in there.

FerrisGotA9to5 1 point


Isn't Morraine up in Estes though?

joshmickelson 2 points

Sorry I mis-spoke, I meant corwina park:

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