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sPOKoOne 4 points

Sweet bike, that was my first bike too. I put around 15k miles on it.

joshreid45 1 point

Scored it with just 1200km on it. Basically brand new.

DrumasaurusRex 1 point

Cbr300? If so, that’ll be my next bike too

joshreid45 1 point

250r! :)

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Oliver_Cockburn 8 points

Growing up I always thought fishing was best when it was raining because that was when my grandpa always grabbed a couple of cane poles, dug up a handful of worms and took me fishing for brookies in the stream nearby the farm.

Sometime in my 20’s I realized that as a farmer, the rainy days were the only days he got off to go fishing.

joshreid45 7 points

Miss my grandpa... Tight lines dude!! Treasure those memories.

daleyboy1234 9 points

Of work due to rain, go stand in a shed load of water!! Looking good!!!

joshreid45 1 point


joshreid45 commented on a post in r/flyfishing
sthomps30 7 points

Awesome gift from your dad! Sounds like they're working well. I'm only a week behind you & should be pulling into Jackson about this time next Friday. Who cares that my buddy bailed, I have 8 days in Yellowstone!

joshreid45 5 points

Hi, I'm you're new friend.

joshreid45 commented on a post in r/flyfishing
brockmontana 2 points

Yeah, I definitely think it was the heat. I nearly always catch something in the fishing hole I mentioned, and I can always see plenty of fish down there. This time, there wasn’t a single one. I caught a handful of smallmouth bass from shore by the marina though, so I didn’t lose all respect.

joshreid45 1 point

Smallmouth are extremely edible.

brockmontana 2 points

How do you cook them? Breaded and fried in oil? I’ve always heard bass was mushy

joshreid45 1 point

You can cook them any way you cook other fish. I often just do egg and flower. If im camping I just use butter and pepper. It depends on your location. Sometimes they can have worms in smaller rivers or shallow lakes with high temperatures. I don't find them mushy at all. I've never eaten largemouth but in Ontario smallmouth bass is plentiful and lots of people eat them and even prefer them.

joshreid45 commented on a post in r/canadaguns
[deleted] 1 point

Dont hate me and yes, I have no idea what Im talking about but I was always under the impression that banana clips were illegal in Canada?

joshreid45 4 points

What in the fuck is a banana clip!? Whoa!!

joshreid45 1 point

HA! at least this image link is calling it a magazine and not a "clip"

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Section_Thirty_One 1 point


joshreid45 2 points

Yes sir.

Section_Thirty_One 1 point

It looks really good and makes a big difference from the original factory configuration.

joshreid45 2 points

I 100% agree. And magdump has a price you can't go wrong with. I can't stop looking at it now.

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