Battlefront II's Controversy Is Due To Overreaction; Games Should Have Higher Prices, Says Analyst by Kaladinar in xboxone

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Negative. Price reflects demand. What people are willing to pay. That's it. Cost of materials and production help one figure out what your breakeven is, but the price is whatever people are willing to pay.

Searched couldn't find the answer for wyvern hatching by whoyou-scoobyboo in ARKone

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Check this post out - https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/343785574521557726/

Looks like you can farm a single wyvern but just spacing it out over an hour or so.

So RIP PVP by Robo1 in playark

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Seriously I'm already considering how to make the base as dense as possible and taming as many defense dinos as possible.

2x weekend live by xdatz in ARKone

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also 2x maturation this event, for those wondering

Discussion On The One X Enhancements and HDR colors, Things I have Noticed. by GhostlyCrowd in ARKone

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Flying into base on my Wyvern, I land and get off before the base finishes loading from the server. Makes it pretty humorous.

Free Wifi: Is it common to give unrestricted access to visitors? by xkgt in networking

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A lot of places will implement rate limiting and at least block things like bit torrent.

Couple questions about microbursts by thosewhocannetworkd in networking

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So you're saying it's the second best option?

Ark movie Xbox one x trailer by thehoveside in ARKone

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Yikes, that cgi. If this is the trailer which is usually the best foot forward I can't imagine how bad the real movie will be

Jerry by AFRO_GINGER in ARKone

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My experience has been as soon as someone sees me they try to murder me. Ok second half is a little more realistic lol

This "Event" is disappointing. by xFishhhh in playark

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like you're eating from your inventory.

Why isn't capitalism essentially good for consumers? by ShoutLF in CapitalismVSocialism

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Lol micro hard drive. also this is like 1/1000th of the technology that runs an iPhone. Also lets not forget that a lot of signal technology was actually developed privately but was classified by the government during wars.