Trying to teach I.T in a Ghanaian village. by The9thKing in pics

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It's considered bad because many cheat and don't actually understand the concepts to which they are memorizing. They will even lie for interviews. I've been able to pick up jobs because the guy they interviewed on the phone is different than the one who showed up for work. This seems to be a cultural issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH-ocxzkY8A

Now don't take this to mean that they are all cheaters and all are bad at IT. But they seem to be the exception not the rule.

Cisco.com New Login Process by jpeek in Cisco

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Probably my add/script blocker

Cisco.com New Login Process by jpeek in Cisco

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Does anyone know who we can report this trash too?

Doing 802.1x for wi-fi in a small company without any directory services? by Princess_Fluffypants in networking

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User authentication is broken security wise. Certificates is the way to go. It would be trivial for an attacker to glean their user credentials. Don't do it.

How every new ark neighbor goes down by Hexatonious in playark

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Had a guy do this recently. But I caught I'm shooting my dinos. He claimed it was because some of the defense dinos killed him while he was in my pen looking for metal.

Disable Gamma Settings on Server? by Isamov in ARKone

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Disable gamma. I'll just turn up tv brightness

Ragnarok update by Barbarian0057 in ARKone

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Probably right after they announce 2x

The fucks this WC - Rip 180 drake by legondz in playark

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Happened to my spino too. I unclaimed it and pushed it out with a diplo.

Is it possible that a Reddit Mod remove an Ad ? by Seh_yoji in ccna

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Sure except you can't trust ad networks not to serve up malware.

Is it possible that a Reddit Mod remove an Ad ? by Seh_yoji in ccna

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Dang, I have ad blocker on so I don't see any of this. I'm not sure, this would be an admin thing.

[LPT] When interviewing for a networking job, if asked what is "ABC" -- where ABC is a common networking acronym -- do not respond with merely what it stands for. by erh_ in networking

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I've had interviewers ask me questions about my personal goals and get pissed when I start talking about things in 10-20 years. It boggles the mind.

Online daters, what’s the least sexy thing people put in their bios? by Night-Changes in AskReddit

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Get off my network you monster. Only 802.1x clients on my network

IGN Gives PUBG On Xbox One a 5/10 by VTFC in xboxone

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Nah it was perfect. Gave me a discount down to $23.

How is the lag on Aberration? by McNoobly in ARKone

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When I move too fast into a heavily populated area frame drops are worse here than island, Until server client and server catch up with each other.

Jabber or Skype for Business by TeacherWarrior in Cisco

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Skype is terrible. Just terrible. Would never wish it on anyone. The chat functionality is pretty much broken. Voice is a constant issue. Joining calls and sharing things is a nightmare.

Man films his taxi driver doing coke, drinking and driving recklessly. Looks really uncomfortable the whole time. (x-post /r/DeepIntoYouTube) by ffff in videos

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coming from someone who's traveled to non-anglo cultures. He hits the nail on the head. This is how you end up dead.