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AcidBettyNeedsASpank 18 points

Is this a big deal? Not trying to be shady I just have no context for what this is.

jumbleton 52 points

It’s the Oscars of food.

jumbleton 81 points

The video for those who haven’t seen it:

jumbleton commented on a post in r/politics
Rayraywa 49 points

Apparently there is a sex tape. Oh lordy, I hope it is released

EDIT: Not for my viewing pleasure, but to help end this fools presidency

jumbleton 14 points

Evangelicals keep moving the line. They’ll find a way to rationalize their ongoing support for him.

jumbleton commented on a post in r/NoStupidQuestions
jumbleton 2 points

The New York Times released this guide recently:

But just like with smoking or any other addiction, if the person isn’t ready to quit there’s not much you can do.

jumbleton commented on a post in r/ANTM
shalkamal 17 points

There are a lot of ANTM non-winners on project runway. Lisa is on a few seasons (cant remember which season she was on....the one with Saleisha? The one who was told "you think Americas next top model is gonna be an exotic dancer?!") And Aminat has definitely been in a few seasons. There have been more, just cant remember off the top of my head.

jumbleton 3 points

Leslie from Cycle 6.

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