Trump set a record for White House staff turnover in the first year by cogit4se in politics

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And that oil is from McDonald’s french fries and Big Mac grease.

Why a life-saving drug still isn’t at hand: Bureaucracy by jumbleton in politics

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People like LePage who think people addicted to opiates should simply pull themselves up by their bootstraps and quit, and if they can’t quit, are better off dead. This is the same person who got bariatric surgery because he couldn’t pull himself up from his own bootstraps and stop eating so much.

WV DHHR: 4 of nearly 900 TANF applicants test positive for drugs by jumbleton in politics

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They spent $50,000 of taxpayer money, predicted they'd get 390 to test positive in the first year, and got 4. FOUR.

Porn Star: Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Invited Me to Their Hotel Room by tt12345x in politics

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Unless Mueller goes after him, too. Grab the popcorn; we shall see.

International Destination C24? by Ziegenkaese in ANTM

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I’m surprised they’ve never been to Berlin before given Heidi Klum’s connection to GNTM, they’re both on America’s Got Talent, and they did Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated together for many years. Plus, Berlin is such a fashionable city.

Porn Star: Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Invited Me to Their Hotel Room by tt12345x in politics

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Pence must be dying inside to be forever associated with this administration. I’m fine with that.

ANTM All-Stars casting theory by kermit54 in ANTM

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They needed someone from Cycle 1 to show how long the show's been on, and there was no way Adrienne or Elyse would've done it, Kesse and those who finished lower than her wouldn't have been memorable enough, so that leaves Robin and Shannon. I'm guessing Robin said no.

I wonder if the contestants got paid different amounts to be on.

Exit Interview with the Second Team Eliminated! by AMikeBloomType in TheAmazingRace

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I guess it was, and/or maybe it was farther away from the Pit Stop.