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The 64-year-old Republican official also referenced “critical information” about Arlett in the letter that he alleges “will eventually derail his candidacy.”

Now I wonder what that is?

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Dead girl or live boy?

This helps my Scrabble game when I have no vowels.

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Jill Trenary’s one-foot Axel - triple Salchow.

It’s a tie between my favorite final 2, Danielle and Joanie.

It kind of looks like Pedro Zamora from the Real World San Francisco, which aired in 1994.

Is URS the Unified Russian States? I think I remember a "Unified" team when I was little

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No, URS was the country code for the former Soviet Union. The Unified Team competed at the 1992 Olympics (winter and summer).

It’s natural to feel this way when the consequence is large, like losing a job. For instance, let’s say I ask you to say the alphabet. Whether or not you do it successfully, nothing happens.

Now let’s say that if you can’t say the alphabet correctly, I’m going to chop off one of your fingers. Do you feel different knowing the stakes got higher?

Now try to say it with consistent tone and rhythm, and no hint of the alphabet song. Good luck.

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